sabudana khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi | Satisfy Your Cravings with This Delicious Sabudana Khichdi Recipe

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sabudana khichdi is a proper an indin recipe, sabudana khichdi made form sabudana ( Tapioca pearls) thsi recipe usally used when someone oveserve fast during any festival like navratri, shivratri, or any occasion or a similar Hindu religious occasion, sabudana khichdi is famous like madhya pradesh, uttar pradesh, maharastra, gujarat,etc More


sabudana khichdi
sabudana khichdi


Prep time: 10 minutes (excluding soaking time) Cooking time: 10-15 minutes Serves: 3-4 people

#1 Ingredients For sabudana khichdi

  • GHEE  2 TBSP
  • CURRY LEAVES  10-12 NOS.
  • SUGAR  1/2 TSP

So friends once again you are welcome on my new blog so friends today I am making sabudana khichdi This is not only made a lot in Maharashtrian household its made in other household too,

Usually sabudana Khichdi (tapioca pearls) are eaten doing fast, sabudana khichdi aur sabudana bada are made, and I personally really love eating sabudana khichdi and vade,



The recipe that I am making today is a very simple recipe, but whenever you make sabudana khichdi usually what happens is that it can become too dry or too wet, Aur sabudana won’t be soaked properly, aur may stick together and a wet Mushy mess is made,

so how to avoid all these things with some very simple tips which I am going to share in this recipe, and a very beautiful sabudana khichdi will be made, Sabudana ( tapioca pearls) are basically is made with tapioca starch and they are also known as sago, and if made properly it’s texture come out really nice,

#2 How to make sabudana khichadi

So this simple recipe with all the tips lets learn how to make sabudana khichadi,

1. Here I have taken two cup of good quality sabudana and we will add this sabudana into a sieve,


How to Soak Dabudana

2. After adding it to a sieve nicely wash it, renais them nicely with water and mix the sabudana gently to help excess starch come out, if the starch is not removed then the sabudana will stick together while cooking,

3. Once the starch come out you can see that the starch will come out in the water, and discard this water,

4. Now transfer this sabudana into a big Bowl to soak them, and take equal quantity of water to the amount of sabudana, for two cup of sabudana then we will take two cup of water,

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5. This is depending on whatever measures of sabudana teken use same Cup measurement to add equal amount of water,

6. And now cover it and let it soak properly for 4-6 hours,

#4 Pro Tips

It is very important to soak the sabudana properly,what happens is that the sabudana on soacking due to large amount of starch absorbs water and swells up,so when sapudana are nicely soaked then whatever you plan to make be it khichdi aur vade will turn out really good,

The usual time for it to soak properly is 4-6 hours, to be completely sure shot soak it for 6 hour, sabudana will be perfectly soaked, Always the ratio has to be perfect as in 1:1,

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7. If you keep the ratio of sabudana to water 1:1 there will never be any issue is soaking them, and wash it throughly initially the tips that I said before, wash it nicely to remove the excess starch,

8. Once you have nicely soaked the sabudana then you can test them,

9. So now you can see that after 5 to 6 hour sabudana has soaked properly, remember when you mix them there should be no water at the bottom, and should not be to wet too touch it should be nicely soaked and swollen, and it would not feel too wet it will be just moist to touch,

10. So friends our sabudana hai soaked perfectly,


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11. Now firstly to make sabudana khichdi I am going to crush the peanuts,

How To Make Prepare Sabuddana khichdi

12. So I have taken skin less rosted peanuts hare, Angel transfer it to a mortar and pestle and grind it coarsely,if you are using raw peanuts then first dry roast it and remove the skin,and then grind it roasting the peanuts is very important, so you can ground it into a fine powder, I have kept it coarse and that is very important,

13. The texture of peanut in the sabudana khichadi is incredible, I try to keep it Chunky even if a couple of peanutes stay whole or half thats fine, but the texture taste great with the sabudana, at sabudana is very soft so the crunch in a bite taste really amazing,

in Some recipes whole peanuts are fried in oil and added that’s the right way as well, this is how I make it,

14. Once you have ground the peanuts like this the sabudana khichadi will be ready instantly,

#5 How To Cook sabudana khichdi

15. So I am taking a kadai or wok then we will add 2-3 tablespoon of ghee in the kadai, it is very important to add ghee don’t make it in oil once you are ghee is hot then we will add 2 table spoon cumin seeds to it, 3 chopped green chilli, 10 to 12 curry leaves,and I have added to boiled potato diced into this,

16. Now cook the tempering and the potatoes on high flame for 2-3 minutes to get some colour on the potatoes,


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17. you can even add raw potatoes in that case cook it on medium low flames slowly until the potatoes are well done,

18. since I am using boiled potato today we don’t need to cook them just get some colour on them, so I have cooked the potatoes for two three minutes,

19. At this stage I am adding coarsely ground peanuts, and soaked sabudana, now salt according to taste and add 1/2 tsp sugar and we will add as per your taste,

20. And we will add half teaspoon lemon juice that will also depend on your taste, sabudana khichadi should have a sweet and sour taste,

21. Then lightly stir it on high flame for 2-3 minutes, cook nicely for 2-3 minutes while stirring on high flame,

22. After two three minutes cover it with a lid, and lower the flame completely and on low flame cook for 2-3 more minutes, aur cook it covered until your sabudana turn bit translucent,

23. After that remove the lid after two three minutes, you can see that your sabudana is nicely cooked,the sign for properly cooked is that it turns translucent it was white before cooking and see now it’s translucent,

24, Which means that the sabudana is nicely cooked, so friends your sabudana is fluffy it’s not at all dry but is nice and moist,

So friends our sabudana khichdi  turned out perfect,

25. Now just add some freshly chopped coriander on top stir it gently,

So friends our sabudana khichadi is ready now we will serve it,

So you can use this sabudana khichdi with yogurt,

So friends you have learn how fluppy the sabudana khichdi is made, it was not either sticky nor dry, it is very moist and really delicious too,

So friends just follow my simple tips that I have tell you in this blog and each time your sabudana khichadi will turn out to be amazing,

Personally I add a bit more of the potatoes I like potatoes in sabudana khichadi, the rest of the taste like sour sweet salty etc you can vary as per your taste,


sabudana khichdi
sabudana khichdi


So friends definitely try this recipe and tell me how did you like it, and share this recipe with your friend and family have a amazing time with this beautiful sabudana khichdi recipe at your home cheers


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