schezwan fried rice

Schezwan Fried Rice | Veg Fried Rice | Fried Rice | Veg Fried Rice Recipe

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Schezwan Fried Rice is a very popular recipe, schezwan fried rice that consists of stir-fried rice with a mixture of many vegetables . It is commonly served as a side dish or as a main course and is a staple in many Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Indonesian, and Thai and it is a very intersting and famous recipe in hotel and rasturant,

schezwan fried rice
schezwan fried rice

About Fried Rice

Fried rice recipe is a indo chiness recipe and it is very popular all over india in hotels and rasturants fried rice make with fries rice and many vegetable like carrot, capcicum, onion, garlic, green chili, gerrn onion, french beans and many vegetable you can get this fried rice recipe every hotels and rastorents

Prep time: 20-25 minute Cooking time: 20-25 minute Serves: 4-5 people

My Fried Rice Recipe

Today recipes going to really interesting I am cooking one of the most like and most order Indo Chinese recipe veg schezwan fried rice, I love this recipe too, a lot of guys ask me how to cook the perfect rice for fried rice so I am going to share you how to boil the perfect rice to prepare fried rice recip,

One more interesting and important thing in this blog, I am not going to use any chinese sause like Schezwan sauce, chilli sauce etc to prepare these restaurant style schezwan fried rice,

The recipe turn out to be very good each grain of rice would stay in intact and would not stick together, and you will learn all the tips and tricks to prepare fried rice at home by the end of this recipe,

Cooked chilli paste Ingredients:

• Kashmiri red chillies 15-20 nos. (soaked)

• Oi 5 tbsp

Cooked rice Ingredients:

• Sella basmati rice 2 cup

• Water for cooking rice

• Salt a large pinch

Schezwan fried rice Ingredients:

• Oil 5 tbsp

• Onions 1/2th cup (chopped)

• Garlic 3 tbsp (chopped)

• Ginger 2 inch (chopped)

• Green chilli 2 tsp

• Coriander stems 1 tbsp (chopped)

• Carrots 1/2rd cup (chopped)

• French beans 1/2rd cup (chopped)

• Spring onion bulbs 1/2th cup (chopped)

• Cooked rice

• Salt to taste

• White pepper a pinch

• Sugar a pinch

• Vinegar 2 tsp

• Cooked red chilli paste 2 tbsp

• Ketchup 2 tsp

• Spring onion greens a small handful

How to make Schezwan Fried Rice

Let’s start

How To Cook Rice For Fried Rice Recipe

1. First of all I am taking one cup Sella basmati rice, we will wash the rice 3-4 times until the water is clear, And soak the rice for 15 minutes,

2. Now we will boiling water and we will add soaked rice in boiling water, and we will add salt according to test and cook only for 5 to 10 minutes, and stir once and bring to a boil,

3. And now we will lower the flame or two medium heat and cook until the rice is almost cookd,

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4. Now we will check our rice press and check whether the rice is cooked or not, When press the rise should be mashed and should not break, You can also eat a grain of rice and check for its doneness,

5. Now we will use a sieve and strain the rise, and rest for one two minutes in the sieve to drain of the axcess moisture,

6. Now we will fluff of the rise with light hand using a fork to release the steam,

7. Now you will take a large flat vessel and evenly spread the cooked rice, This will insure that the steam escape quickly and the rise does not over cook, and cool down the rice completely

8.The rise Has cooled down And the grain are perfect,

9. The rice for our fried rice have been boiled and each grain of the rise has been boiled nicely and they have not stuck to each other,

Pro Tips

Now I am sharing all the tips and tricks to boil the rice perfectly while preparing fried rice recipe, firstly which rice should you use, mostly Indian restaurant or Indo Chinese style fried rice recipe use sella basmati rice which is easily available, and the green of this variety boil nicely while they do not break and is also used for biryani preparation, so use this variety if you want to cook Indo Chinese style fried rice,

And wash the rise nicely two three times the starch should be washed out nicely, and Soak the rise for minimum 15 minutes, then cook the rice in boiling water, once the water comes to a roaring boil lower the flame to medium, the grains of rice could break because of too much of moment, after 5-6 minute to check the rise there should still be a bite left to it,

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Or press between your fingers the rice grain should mash but not break, check the doneness of the rice accordingly, and the cook it until the rise is almost cooked do not cook it completely, and strain the rise and then use a large plate to spread the rice in it, this will help the steam to escape quickly,

And the rise will cool down quickly and the carry over cooking will get avoided, so spread the rise and cool it down quickly, once the rise has cool down completely you can cook fried rice with it immediately,

Today I am also going to cook the fried rice recipe immediately, but if you have some time in hand then you can cook the rice and then keep it in the phrase overnight the turn out even better, if you want to be completely sure that your rice does not mash  up then you can use this tips as well,

10. I am going to cook the fried rice immediately still they would turn out perfect,

11. From now on whichever fried rice you will be cooking at home follow the same process to prepare perfect fried rice every time,

Next let’s how to prepare schezwan fried rice without using Schezwan sauce,

How To Make Red Chili Sauce

12. Here I am taking socked Kashmiri red chilli 10 to 15 no, and transfer to a grinding jar and we will add some water as required and grind into a fine paste so our chilli paste is ready keep aside to be used letter,

13. Now here I am using a fry pan heat the fry Pan very well,

14. And we will add 4 table spoon oil into fry pan, and put freshly prepared red chilli paste into fry pan, and cook the chilli paste on high flame until the oil separate from the chilli paste, and stir continuously while cooking, red chili paste would turn into a crumble texture, so our chilli paste is cooked and ready,

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15. And cool down the chilli paste and transfer the cooked chilli paste in a well sterilized jar, so the cooked chilli paste with chilli oil is ready,

16. Usually in restaurant they add some vinegar as well into this chilli paste to increase its self life, and I have not added any but if you add two table spoon of vinegar even without the vinegar it is a good because it has a lot of oil,

17. And you can prepare the chilli paste like this process,

18. Usually in restaurant where Indo Chinese is cooked and served they use a cooked chilli paste similarly, the chilli paste help in adding a beautiful red colour without the use of artificial colour, and it adds a beautiful flavour as well,

19. In restaurant they usually use a cooked chilli paste and not just the red chilli sauce by itself, red chilli sauce has a lot of vinegar and is very tengy you want get the same colour and texture with ready red chilli sauce,

20. So cook and store chilli paste similarly and use it to prepare different red gravies Schezwan noodles or fried rice schezwan paneer extra, you can cook with the same chilli paste, Along with it add some ketchup and vinegar to balance out the flavours,

21. Now let’s cook some schezwan fried rice using this chilli paste,

How To cook schezwan fried rice

22. Here I am using a iron wok, now we will heat the wok nicely, now I will add two table spoon oil, and coat the wok with oil perfectly,

23. Now we will add 1/4 Cup chopped onion, two tablespoon chopped garlic, 1 inch chopped Ginger, one table spoon green chilli paste, one table spoon coriander stems,

24. And stir nicely and cook on high flame for a minute,

25. Now we will add 1/2th cups of carrots, 1/2th cup cup chopped French beans, 1/2th Cup spring onion chopped bulbs,

26. And stir and cook on high flame until the vegetables are just cooked, do not overcook and keep the vegetable a little crunchy,

27. And now finally we will add the cooked rice, and we will at salt according to taste, A pinch of white pepper, a pinch of sugar, two table spoon vinegar, and two tablespoon cooked red chilli paste, two table spoon catchup, and we will add handful of spring onion green, And stir gently and mix well, and cook on high flame for a minute,

28. And finish with some spring onion green so friends our schezwan fried rice is ready now you can serve it,

My restaurant style veg schezwan fried rice is ready, this is one of the most loved Indo Chinese recipe you get a lot of different version of it at some egg to prepare a fried rice and you can add some egg and chickens as well,

Remember this

So I have not used any ready store bought Chinese sauce, we have just used the chilli paste and some catch up and vinegar if you do not have vinegar you can also use some lemon juice, remember to heat the wok very well and try to use a thin gauge Chinese wok if possible for the best result, once the wok is hot cook the fried rice on high flame, the fried rice will turn out very good,

schezwan fried rice
schezwan fried rice

And follow my rice cooking tips and tricking schezwan fried rice using the chilli paste and let me know in the comment box,

And share this fried rice recipe with your friends and family,

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