dal baati

Dal Baati | Dal Baati Churma Recipe | Dal Baati Choorma

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Dal Batti is a traditional rajsatani recipe dal batti is made with lentils and wheat. The batti is usually served with a spicy lentil ( dal ) stew or curry and is a popular street food in India.it is very special in many occasion like wedding, birthday party and many occasion and serve with choorma

Hey what’s up guys you are welcome on my new blog today I am making really famous Rajasthani recipe dal baati churma,

dal baati
dal baati

Prep time: 25-30 minutes Cooking time: 1.5 hours Serves: 5-6 people

My Dal Batti recipe

so friends I have many Marwadi friends and I visit their homes many times to have dal baati churma and it’s such a really delight to eat this this and eating the dal baati recipe topped with ghee onion and the special garlic chutney, and it’s such a experience

in today this blog I will tell you how to easily make a perfect dal baati which is Crisp on out soft inside and cooked properly, along with that delicious Dal of Dal batti, and then I will tell you how to make churma using the same dal batti, it’s an amazing recipe and test really delicious recipe,

So first of all for dal batti let’s learn how to make a perfect batti,

Bati Ingredients:

  • WATER  1.5 CUPS

How To Make Batti Dough

1. To make the dough for batti we will add four Cup whole wheat flour in a Big Bowl, 1/2 cup semolina, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, and we will add 1 table spoon carom seed crushed in your palm, and we will add salt according to test, and mix all the dry ingredient into this and then you have to add 4 to 5 table spoon ghee to this, adding hi as a shortening hare, so using both the hands nicely rub in the ghee into the flour,to make sure that the shortening of ghee is nicely incorporated into the flour and gives a perfect batti,

dal baati
dal baati

2. T0 check if the shortening is right make a fist of the flour and it should stick together nicely,after adding the shortening to the floor now slowly we will add water to this so I am using 1.5 cups of water here and adding it in two three batches slowly and gradually, slowly add water and mix the dough to combine it together,once your dough comes together than knead it, it will be hard work as it is a stiff and heart dough,

3. So nicely knead it for 3 to 4 minutes to form a nice dough,once you have nicely kneaded the dough then you have to cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for 10 minutes, so that our dough relax and little bit and you can shape the batti,

How to make Batti ball

4. After resting for 10 minutes now you have to make dough ball of it and shape the batti, now we will take some dough and sape it into a sphere, once you have prepared a round then you have to shape it using your thumb into a cup shape,just how we shape the dough for stuff paratha shape the dough ball similarly, after shaping bring the opposite edges together

dal baati
dal baati

5 after bring the edges together again shape it into a round,we have done this process to keep the batti slightly Hollow in the centre, after shaping the batti then make +shaped groove using a knife, similarly shape all the baaties, while shaping the rest of the batties keep the other baaties  covered with a damp cloth to avoid drying,

6. So it’s easy to make the dough for baati and to shape it,once you have followed this procedure properly until here than there are various method of cooking the baati,

How To Cook Batti

7. Now traditionally the baatis are cooked on coals which taste absolutely delicious, but at home you can cook it by various method once day is to keep it in an OTG oven at 160 degree Celsius until it turns golden brown in colour from outside,

8 And the other way is that you get a tandoor installation on the stove which is commonly seen in marwari kitchens, there is a lower cylinder with a flame underneath and on top is tandoor like arrangement on which stuff can be roasted, so the baati is placed in the tandoor and let it cook there, and the other way is to make a make shift oven by taking a wok adding salt placing a stand and plate and cooking the baatis on high flame in it,

dal baati
dal baati

9. And there is once more way by which I am going to cook today using an appe mould, which is used to make a pay which is a South Indian delicacy and this is how the mould look like,the baati turn out amazing in this mould and I am going to make it in this update mould,

10. Heat the mould nicely on a stove,heat it up so much that it should be medium hot don’t keep it too hot else the baati will burn from outside, once your mould is hot then brush some ghee in each cavity, after brushing the place the baatis in it one by one,and cover the lid after place in the baatis and cook it for 5 to 6 minute on the lowest flame possible,

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11. Cook it’s slowly and patiently only than it will be cooked well from inside,otherwise even those the batti will be golden from outside it may be raw within the that it is not fun to eat at all,after 5 6 minute left the lid and flip the baati using a stick or toothpick or a fork,

12. So friends at this stage you can see that your baati has started getting a beautiful golden colour, now again you have to put some ghee on the baaties,after pouring the ghee cover the lid again and cook it again for 5 to 6 minutes on the lowest flame possible,you have to repeat this process of flipping and the pouring ghee for 2,3 times, until your body becomes Crisp and golden brown from both side,

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13. so I flipped it and cooked it like this three times and you can see that within 25 minutes your baati will be nicely cooked, and let’s check it you can see that the baati is golden brown and Crisp from both side and its almost ready, now final step is remaining we will take some melted ghee take the baati and dip it in the melted ghee,daal baati has a lot of ghee and that is what gives it that wholesome rich flavour,

14. Dip the baatis for 5 to 10 second and take the baati out and keep it aside, similarly we will take all the baatis dip them and keep them aside, and perfect baatis for our daal baati are ready, so friends our perfect baatis are ready,absolutely crisp and golden brown from outside and this baati cooks really well from inside too,

dal baati
dal baati

15. No matter which method you want to use I have describe all methods for you and have tell you one method of how to make bati in an appe mould, I love this version and it gives a perfect texture, this dough will give about 15 baatis,so you can adjust the dough quantity based on how many you eat at your home, if you have the quantity then you will easily get 7,8 medium sized Baati like this,

16. So friends our baati is ready after making the baati I am going to tell you how to make dal for Dal baati, and after that I will also tell you how to make churma using the same baati,

How To Make Dal

So let’s learn how to make dal for Dal baati

Dal Ingredients:

  • CHANA DAL  1/4 CUP
  • URAD DAL  1/4 CUP
  • TOOR DAL  1/4 CUP
  • GHEE  1/2 TBSP


  • GHEE  3 TBSP
  • RED CHILLI  2-3 NOS.

16. So friends I am using here five types of Dal firstly 1/4th Cup chana dal, 1/4 Cup masoor dal, 1/4th Cup split urad dal, 1/4 Cup green mung dal, and 1/4th toor dal, we will have to wash all these dal 3 to 4 times or until the water runs clear, after washing them soak them in enough water for 2 hours, after soaking you can see that your lentils will swell up,

17. Now we will discard the shocking water after adding water transfer the lentils to a pressure cooker, and we will add some salt according to test, we will add 1/4 table spoon turmeric powder, half teaspoon ghee, and we will add water up to 1 inch above the lentils, now we will cover the lid of the pressure cooker and then cook on high flame until the first whistle,

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18. Then turn it down on medium flame and cook the lentils for one two more whistles, once you have cook the lentils for two three whistles then let the cooker de-pressuries naturally, then we can check how is our Dal cooked, so friends our Dal is cooked nicely our Dal consistency is slightly thicker so we can adjust it later,

19. We will stir the Dal nicely and vigorously to let all the lentils combined with each other, now that our Dal is ready now we just have to temper it,

How To Temper

20. For the tempering we have to take a steel bowl and we will add 3 tablespoon ghee, once the ghee is hot then we will add one table spoon cumin seed to it, now you will add 2 3 dried Red chillies, one table spoon chopped garlic, one table spoon chop Ginger, two chopped green chilli, and half table spoon Asafoetida, stir everything well and let the ginger and garlic to saute a nicely what’s the ginger and garlic is cooked well then we will add one chopped onion to it,

21. And cook the onian till its light golden brown in colour after cooking the onion we will add one chopped tomato to it now we will add salt according to test and cook the tomatoes well until they becomes soft and mushy, once the tomato have softened then the flame low and then add some spices,

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22. we will add Half teaspoon turmeric powder, 2 table spoon Kashmiri red chilli powder, and one table spoon coriander powder, and stir all the spices well and cook them for about a minute, once you have cooked the spices than at the cooked Dal to this after adding the Dal in corporate the tempering into the Dal properly, after mixing you will notice that the consistency of our Dal is required thick to adjust its consistency.

23. I am adding some hot water to it you can add water as per your requirement based on how thick or thin you like your dal, so your Dal should have medium consistency you can see that consistency of your Dal is perfect at this stage cook the Dal for 2,3 minutes, once you have cooked the Dal then teste it to adjust the seasoning, now in the end we will add some fresh coriander leaves and stir it, and our delicious Dal for daal baati is ready,

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24. So friend our delicious Dal for dal baati is ready now traditionally the Dal is also smoked using live coal and ghee it’s the same process, if you want you can smoke it or you can skip it too I have not done it today, but even that gives a really nice flavour,

25. Now these five different lentsil that we have used is also called punchmahal Dal which is prepared using 5 different lentils, and the flavour of this Dal is amazing and the combination of dal baati is to delicious, so friends now two components are ready now we have to make churma using the verte itself

let’s learn how to make churma

How To Make Churma

Choorma Ingredients:

  • BATI  3-4 NOS.
  • GHEE  1 TBSP

26. So friends here I am using 3,4 crumble baati and at them into a mixture grinder, after adding to a mixture grinder you have to churn it into a coarse powder, now we will take a pen and we will add one table spoon Ghee to it, after adding the ghee we will add the Powdered baati of churma to the ghee, now you will have to roast it nicely on low flame, basically we have to evaporate the moisture content in it and the texture of the churma should be more sand like,

27. It should be powdery in consistency, it may take about 7 ,8 minutes to slowly roast it, now our churma consistancy of dry and Sandy, at this stage transfer it to a bowl and mix it well before mixing the sugar, if you add sugar to hot churma then it will melt so don’t make that mistake, once you are churma cool down then add one table spoon chopped cashews, one table spoon chopped almonds, half teaspoon cardamom powder, and 3 table spoon powder sugar,

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28. Now mix everything well once mix well other churma is ready, this churma is very delicious and its a very easy method you can just use the baati that we made earlier, based on how many baati you are using you can adjust the quantity of the sugar and other things, traditionally instead of powder sugar demerara sugar is used, which gives a little sugary bite in the churma which taste really good,

29. So friends dal baati churma all the three things are ready, now we will late to it

Now plating is done differently at many place commonly the baati is broken and top with Dal ghee and savoured, so friends everything is ready let’s plate our dal baati, so friends in a plate we will take some onion green chilli and cut lemon and we will take a churma in a small bowl and we will take some garlic chutney and finally we will take 2 or 3 Baati

And we will take a one katori of Dal,

and after it we will put two or three tablespoon ghee on dal baati, and we will put some chopped onion on dal baati, and for garnishing some coriander leaves,

So friends it was a bliss to enjoy dal baati today its turn out so deliciousand eating daal bati with your hands is the best thing when you make the dal baati ditch the spoon and eat it with your hands, you will really enjoy it

dal baati
dal baati

and friends with definitely try this recipe at your home and or tell me in the comment box how did you like this recipe and share this recipe with your friends and family and hit the subscribed in if you have like this recipe and follow or subscribe my blog if you have not yet have an amazing time with this beautiful daal baati churma recipe at your home,

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