Hakka noodles recipe

hakka noodles recipe | Hakka Noodles | veg hakka noodles recipe

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Hey what’s up guys you are welcome back on my new recipe Hakka noodles recipe, today I am making Hakka noodles in a full complete restaurant style,

Hakka noodles recipe
Hakka noodles recipe

Now whenever Hakka noodles are made at home there are certain complaints,like vegetable arnt cut properly noodles haven’t boiled perfectly or that typical restaurant test is missing, so specially in this recipe I am going to cover three things,


first of all whenever making Hakka noodles Recipe or any other noodles I will show you how to chop basic Chinese style vegetable, And second thing I will show you how to perfectly boil noodles so that they don’t break or become soggy but just we perfect, and third things I will also so you to bring out that perfect restaurant style flavour how to use and season the wok before using,

It is just very interesting recipe I hope you would like this recipe

where if you learn these three techniques then you can easily make Hakka noodles Recipe at home in restaurant style,


What Is Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodles Is a Chinese preparation or Dish where boiled noodles are stir fried with sauces and Many vegetables . A hakka noodle is made from unleavened dough ( rice or wheat flour)  that is cooked in a boiling liquid. Depending upon of their type, noodles may be dried or refrigerated before cooking


So first of all let’s see how to chop vegetable for making noodles, firstly I am chopping the carrot in Juliennes, peel the carrot and place it on a chopping board like this and trim from one side you can see I have cut a Slice here, now place the trimmed side on chopping board like this, you can see that the carrot is not moving and laying flat it has a stable base and it will be easier for us to chop it, now we have to cut it diagonally into slice,

Cut the carrot diagonally into thin slice, once you have cut the Slice like this then what you have to do is arrange this slice properly, so that you can cut them into Juliennes, like this you have to chop them into thin match stick so continue cutting like this,

If you are finding a difficult like this then what you can do is, take two four slices like this stack them and then after stacking start chopping them thinly again, This method become a lil easir like this chop the carrots, and you can see it will be jobd like a matchstick which is also called Julienne, And like this you have to chop the carrot into Juliennes,

Now we have to chop cabbage into chiffonade first divide d cavage into two halves now take one half and place that flat part on the chopping board, and again cut it into half which means that you have cut the cavies into quarters, Now you can see this is the part with stem and core we have to take it out,

firstly I am chopping out the stem with a knife separating it and removing it, along with that you can see this part with the core is difficult to slice thinly so I am separating and removing that too,

You can use this wonderful recipe

you can utilise them while making vegetable stock etc, now this cabbage that you are left with place it like this on the chopping board, you have to apply good pressure on it with your palm so as to flatten it and hence making it easier to chop. Now using a knife start slicing length wise here. And chop into thin shreds, chop it as finally as possible and chop the cabbage it into very thin shreds.

Now you can see that I have chopped the cabbage and its looking finally shredded.and the cut is called shiffonade cut just like this you have to always chop the cabbage for noodles.

Now let’s see how to chop the capsicum. Firstly you have to slice the top and bottom of the capsicum. Just like this slice the top and bottom. Now make the capsicum stand upright on the chopping board.after standing it up right you have to make a slit on one side like this make a slit with a knife.

Now lay down the capsicum on the chopping board. You have to place your knife in the slit. And after placing the knife direct it towards the chopping board. And Move it forward.continue to open the capsicum while you are moving forward and thus the core of capsicum will separate.

So you can see how I have cut and separated the core with the knife. now you will be left with a long sheet of capsicum which you have to divide into 3 and 4 parts. Like this divide 3 or 4 inch sections, now you can chop them length wise or width wise. Today I am cutting it width wise. Now you have to cut slices of 2 or 3mm don’t slice it to thin or too thick,

Cut the slices of the width of the noodles.You may have notice that I have place the capsicum skin side down with skin on chopping board, if you do the same while chopping the capsicum it will be easier, now you can see that I have cut the capsicum into Juliennes slice. Similarly you have to chop the capsicum for the noodles.

If you find this method slightly difficult than I will show you another method. Firstly cut the sides of capsicum. Like this cut all the four side of capsicum, so the top and core of the capsicum will automatically come out like this, then you can cut it length wise or width wise, you can even use this method so easily cut Juliennes of capsicum.

Now let’s cut the Onion I have cut the top and bottom of the onion and peeled it. Now you have to divide the onion into two half from centre. Now place the onion flats down and like this from this site slice the onion. So chop it into thin slices but don’t make them too thin. Just like for capsicum cut to inches slices for onions too, so that it’s texture in the noodles will come really nice,

now you can see how I have sliced the onion. After slicing the onion separate its layers and open them up.you can see I have separated layers of the onion and this is exactly how you have to chop the onion for the noodles,

Now lastly let’s cut the Spring onion. Take washed and clean spring onion greens.now you have together them together and cut into one inch long spring onion greens like this. So just like this cut at 1 inch distance.and this is how you will get the spring onion greens which you will use while cooking.

Now let’s chop the spring onion greens for garnishing. So like this gather the stalks of spring onion greens and chop them very thinly. And like this you can job the spring onion greens for garnishes.

I have demonstrated for you how to cut all the vegetables for Hakka noodles. Sum of these very basic vegetable are used. And it’s easy as a breeze to cut these vegetable, so once try using these techniques to job these vegetables. You will get a perfect texture length width for Hakka noodles.

One thing that you may have noticed is that which ever vegetables that we have chopped are in the shape of noodles. So that when we cook them they incorporate well with noodles. And the texture of vegetables should not come out distinctively or heavily.

It’s a quite a basic thing but it makes a whole lot of difference.

Switch off the cave is into long strips and chop carrot and capsicum into long strips too. So you have to chop all vegetables for the noodles in a similar way.

so definitely try doing this at your home whenever you are making Hakka noodles at home.

Boil The Noodles Perfectly

So for the next component that we have is how to boil the noodles perfectly for Hakka  noodles.

Let’ssee how to boil

We have taken a steel bowl Now to boil the noodles bring your water to a rolling boil the water should have come to a nice boiled then you have to add salt to taste. And add one table spoon oil. this is how your water for boiling the noodles has to be prepared.

now you have to add noodles to this I am using one packet noodles which is around 200 grams. At them to boiling water. After adding the noodles you have to keep the flame on high just for 40 second. once 40 seconds are done you will find that the noodles strands open up and separate from each other.

Once the noodle strands separate from each other then turn the flame off. As soon as you turn the flame of you have to cover it with a lid. After covering put a timer for two three minutes to rehhydrate these noodles.

when you remove the laid and check after 2 or 3 minutes you will see that the noodles strands have separated. and will have cooked well to the noodles have to be cooked just that match.

Take Out Noodels

Remove the noodles with a long and place them in a sieve, after adding it to a Sieve immediately rinse it with cold water. To stop the cooking process at that point. Once you have rinsed it nicely with water then drizzle oil on top properly. toss the noodles after drizzling the oil so that your noodles don’t stick one another.

And just like that you are noodles are perfectly cooked and you can make perfect noodles recipe with them now.

So how to boil noodles perfectly at home you so how simple it is you just need to follow the right technique

Common Mistake We do


The common mistake that while making it at home is that we boiled noodles for 7 to 8 minute and then we leave them it hot water itself by doing so that noodles become soggy over cooked and loose that bite to them. And that’s why noodles made at home don’t turn out as good

it’s a simple technique firstly add noodles only when the water is on a rolling boil.t hen after that keep the flame on only until the noodles strands separate it takes just 30 second to 1 minute. Once our noodles strands separate turn off the flame and cover it. And cover it and just rehydrate. The fact is that the packet noodles are dehydrated noodles they need to be rehydrated. and when you leave them in hot water for 2 or 5 minutes they get re-hyderated nicely.

At this stage that is only the amount of cooking required. The rest of the cooking happens while tossing the noodles and your noodles will turn out perfect. So this is the technique that you have to just follow

And later the technique of washing them with cold water helps stop the carry cooking. And bye adding the oil the noodles won’t stick to each other. Irrespective of which our noodles you are making Hakka noodles or others you have to boil the noodles just this way.  So two of our components noodles and vegetables are completed.

how to cook the noodles restaurant style

Now the third thing is how to cook the noodles restaurant style for its taste. the secret for that is that they use a wok and a high flame in the restaurant.by doing so there is a technical term in Chinese cooking which is called wok he that give it a nice smoky and a very distinctive flavour and the noodles turn out excellent.

we have to use a wok

To achieve that we have to use a wok. now with me here at my home I have a wok which I use for my chinese cooking. It is very cost effective and not very expensive. And this particular wok is being used in my home since around 5 years. So you can take a similar wok.The thing about wok is that it has a very thin section and is quite thin built. And that help it heat up rapidly at high temperature. If you can’t use a wok then what you can do is take a thin kadhai.

And heat it properly on high heat when it is nice and hot only then you have to cook noodles in it now what I am doing is that I am hitting the wok nicely first. When the wok is heated up then I will add cold oil to it. When you add cold oil to hot wok it makes the surface of the wok non stick.and then we will be able to cook noodles nicely in it and the flavour of the noodles will be great too.


How To Make Hakka Noodles Recipe

So place the wok on a high flame and heat it nicely. Now  I am adding one table spoon cold oil to it after adding the oil rotate or Swirl the wok to coat oil on the entire surface. After that we will now add ingredients and start cooking

So add one table spoon chopped garlic, one third cup sliced onion, one third cup Julienned carrots, one third cup sliced capsicum, one third cup cabbage,

now after adding these vegetables just for 30 second you have to toss them on high flame.

You don’t need to cook too much the vegetables should retain their crunch, then to this add one pinch off sugar, 1/4th table spoon green chilli paste, and some spring onion greens, now add boiled noodles to this, along with that salt to taste, one pinch white papper powder, half table spoon light soya sauce, Half table spoon vinegar, one pinch of aromat powder,  you have to toss everything nicely and just for 1,2 minute on a high flame you have to toss while mixing.

Now you can see I have nicely tossed the noodles for 1,2 minutes And everything is combined well and restaurant style Hakka noodles recipe are ready,

Hakka Noodles Recipe Ready To Eat

so how was noodles are ready within a couple of minutes literally takes just 3 or 4 minutes and noodles are ready in this the preparation takes longer cooking process is very short


Once your wok is nice and hot the noodles will be ready in no time. And will be absolutely perfect so make the  hakka noodles recipe  just like this And the aromat Powder usually in restaurant it’s a replacement for ajinomoto its basically a test enhancer. if you don’t want to use it that’s not a problem either you are noodles will still turn out to be restaurant.

Hakka Noodles Recipe are ready let’s plate them.

So make restaurant style Hakka noodles recipe in the same way at your home. Follow all the three techniques that I have taught you and you will be able to make any type of noodles in restaurant easily at your home.

so friends definitely try it and tell me in the comments how did you like this recipe share this recipe with your friends and family see you again with next recipe take care by by

Chopping veggies: The veggies added to noodles have to really chopped fine or cut into julienne.

Cooking noodles: Boil noodles till they are al dente – meaning having a slight bite to them.

For non-sticky noodles: Rinse the cooked noodles in fresh cold water very well. This method stops the cooking process and removes the starch

Frying pan or Wok: Make sure to use a wok or kadai or a frying pan with handles, so that you keep on moving the pan when tossing and stir-frying them

Authentic Chinese flavors: Though they can be skipped, but to get an authentic Chinese style taste and flavor you can use one pinch of aromat powder

Stir-frying: Usually in restaurants and street stalls, the ingredients are stir fried at a very high heat which gives that smoky flavor to the dish

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