How To Make Garlic Bread

How To Make Garlic Bread Without Oven | Stuffed Garlic Bread |How To Make Garlic Bread

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How To Make Garlic Bread :- Garlic bread can be made without an oven by using a stovetop, griddle or a pan. so here is a simple recipe to make garlic bread without an oven

Hey what’s up guys you are welcome on my new blog so friends today I am making two type Stuffed Garlic Bread,

stuffed garlic bread
stuffed garlic bread

What Is Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is a very popular and famous recipe garlic bread consisting of bread that is sliced and toasted or baked, then spread with a mixture of garlic, butter, and sometimes many herbs. The bread can be any type of long loaf, such as baguette, French bread, or Italian bread, and is often served as a side dish or appetizer. Garlic bread can be served hot The flavor of garlic bread can be adjusted by adding different seasonings and spices, such as parsley, oregano, or Parmesan cheese

so friends now usually we order them from market however they turn out amazing even at home if you have never tried before so friends today is going to be extra special cause for my viewers without OTG or microwave oven they usually complain that how do we make these things so for you all I am going to tell you a really simple method using a pressure cooker,

Prep time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 15-20 minutes (excluding proving time) Serves: 4 portions

Along with that I will make a batch in oven too for you to know how that is done

so it’s a very interesting recipe firstly let’s prepare for the dough for Stuffed Garlic Bread sticks,

Dough Ingredients:

  • SALT 1 TSP
  • Garlic butter Ingredients:
  • Oregano seasoning Ingredients:
  • SALT 1 TSP

How To Make Garlic Bread


1. To make the oregano seasoning, add all the ingredients in a jar or a bowl & mix it well. Your home-made oregano seasoning is ready.

Cheesy dip Ingredients:

  • MILK  100 ML

Making of garlic bread Garlic breadsticks:



Stuffed garlic bread:


How To Make Garlic Bread Dough

Prepare Garlic Bread Dough

stuffed garlic bread
stuffed garlic bread

2. So here I am adding 300 ml lukewarm water to a bowl, along with it we will add one table spoon honey or sugar and I am adding 7 gram or 1. 5 tablespoon active dry yeast, after adding it mix it well until the yeast dissolve nicely now we will cover it and let it rest for 5 minutes, so that your yeast can get activated, If you are using instant dry yeast then you can avoid this 5 minute rest in period, now we can see your yeast is rested and it has form bubbles on top which indicate that’s our Yeast is activated,

3. Now in a bowl we will add 500 grams refined flour and one table spoon salt and mix it well after mixing it make a well in the centre, now you will add the water containing Yeast to this, after adding water containing Yeast mix both together until the water is incorporated in the dough,

4. Once you are dough comes together then transfer it to a platform, after transferring to a platform pour one table spoon olive oil on it, and now you have to knead this do nicely for 10 to 12 minutes, until it is smooth and stretchy,

5. Now friends your dough is quite sticky right now but within 10 to 12 minutes it will become soft, and it will be non sticky and your dough will be perfect, we will knead it really well for 10 to 12 minutes, by doing so gluten will form in your dough, gluten is a protein in the refined flour due to which your dough will be stretchy  and thus your garlic bread will be perfect,

stuffed garlic bread
stuffed garlic bread

6. And our dough is not sticky at all its soft and smooth, at this stage you have to make this dough into a ball so make a ball like this after that in a bowl drizzle some oil place the dough and then add some more oil on top, and then we will cover it nicely with a cling wrap, and rest this dough in a warm place for an hour and or until its doubles in size,

7. After an hour our dough is risen well and double in size, and now we will uncover it and punch it to remove all the gas from within, then we will transfer it to a platform after transferring it to the platform you have to divide it in 4 equal parts, if you want you can even use a weighing scale and prepare portion of around 200 grams, now I have divided them into 4 parts now you have to tuck it nicely and make a tight dough ball,

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8. So roll it nicely in your hand or on your platform to get a smooth dough ball, and then tuck in at bottom to form a tight dough ball, once you are dough ball are ready then dust some flour on a baking tray and then place  dough balls slightly away from each other,

9. And then drizzle some oil on these dough ball on top and cover it with a plastic wrap, now you have to bench proof it which means you have to proof it again for 15 minutes to half an hour, Until these dough balls have risen and then you can make garlic bread from them,

10. So the step bread part of garlic bread is done you have to knead the dough just like that lots of people find difficulty in using yeast or say why do we use it, yeast is an absolute essential so that the result are good and your garlic bread terms out fluffy, It is not difficult or a rocket science it is very simple method just follow all the step as tell you you will not face any problem, now until our dough is undergoing bench proofing or second proofing,

11. Till then let’s make the three more components of this recipe first is the garlic butter and second the oregano seasoning the packets of seasoning that you save from Pizza orders it is very easy to make that at home so I will tell you how to make that as well,

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12. And lastly cheesy dip that we order along with garlic bread sticks I will also tell you how to make that cheesy dip too, so let’s make these three components

How To Make Garlic Butter

13. To make garlic butter in a bowl we will add 5 table spoon melted butter and we will add two tablespoon chopped garlic now mix both nicely and your garlic butter is ready,

How To Make Oregano Seasoning

14. Now we will make oregano seasoning to make oregano seasoning we will add 3 tablespoon oregano two tablespoon garlic granules which is coarsley ground dried garlic, you can substitute it with garlic powder 1 table spoon Kashmiri red chilli powder 1 table spoon black pepper powder 1 table spoon salt one table spoon dried basil this is optional, and one table spoon red chilli flakes now we will mix everything well so friends our homemade oregano seasoning is ready,

How To Make Cheesy Dip

15. To make the cheesy dip boil water in a vessel and on top of the vessel place a big heat proof bowl on it now to this we will add 150 gram of processed cheese, 1 table spoon butter and 100 ml milk to it now keep whisking it until your cheese dip is smooth, And until you are cheese melt completely to give a smooth cheesy dip, cooking something with boiling water underneath like this is called double boiler method of Bain Marine technique,

16. instead you can even use a microwave to melt cheese and make the cheesy sauce easily so friends our cheesy dip is smooth and we will transfer it to a bowl and our home made cheesy dip is ready,

How To Shape Garlic Bread

17. Now friends 30 minutes of bench proofing is done and our dough balls have risen, now let’s how to shape them into garlic bread, so I am going to make two types of garlic bread firstly I am making the simplest one, I will cook it in a cooker and then we will make a stuffed garlic bread is stuffed with pizza sauce topping and cheese etc, I will make that version of garlic bread in an oven,

How To Make Simple Garlic Bread

18. So firstly lat’s learn how to make a simple garlic bread in a pressure cooker

19. To make garlic bread in pressure cooker take a large pressure cooker then we will remove its rubber gasket on lid and the whistle that is quite important, after that to give some height to the vessel while cooking the garlic bread I am using a ring here, you can even us a stand that you use in a steamer and place it inside, Now to place the garlic bread we use a plate you can use any plate here make sure that the plate fits in the cooker and you can see that it’s fitting it perfectly,

20. Now remove the lid cover the pressure cook and let it preheat for 5 minutes on high flame, and let’s shape the garlic bread until the cooker is preheating,

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21. Now carefully lift the dough ball in your hands, now then sprinkle some dry floor on the platform and place this dough ball inverted form, after the dry floor quotes the inverted side then flip it back again, then gently press this do ball and continue to flatten it, be careful not to press a lot otherwise all the incorporated air in the dough will escape, after that take some garlic butter and apply it in half semi circle after applying garlic butter sprinkle oregano seasoning nicely,

22. After that you have to fold it semi circle, once your semi circle is ready then press to seal them, so press with your finger to seal the entire garlic bread,

stuffed garlic bread
stuffed garlic bread

23. Now what you have to do is take a plate and apply some garlic butter on it and sprinkle some oregano seasoning on top and then pick this garlic bread and place it on the plate now you have to cut them so take a knife and make 1.5cm cut and we will place all the cuts, after giving the cuts you have apply garlic butter on it and apply garlic butter on it nicely then we will sprinkle oregano seasoning on the top, after you have sprinkled the oregano seasoning then your garlic bread is ready to be cooked,

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24. So open the laid of pressure cooker you are cooker bill have been preheated now using tongs you have to carefully place this plate into the pressure cooker, be careful not to burn your hands the cooker will be really hot, once you have placed the garlic bread cover the lid after putting the lead on you have to cook this bread on medium low flame for 10 minutes within 10 minutes your garlic bread will be perfectly cooked the actual time can vary a little bit depending on your flame and cooker, so cook this garlic bread until it turns light golden brown in colour, it’s been 10 minutes let’s see how our garlic bread is doing,

25. So friends you can see that your garlic bread has nicely risen, and it’s light golden brown and crispy from top, at this stage carefully take out your garlic bread out and your garlic bread ready to serve,

26. So friends you have seen that how is he it to make garlic bread I made it in a cooker without adding salt layer or anything like that with a very simple method our garlic bread is ready and its joy to eat it with cheesy dip,

27. Now we are making second version now I am going to make the second version which is like a clazone with pizza sauce toppings and cheese, let’s do it that type of stuffed garlic bread is made and I am going to cook this stuffed garlic bread in an oven, you can cook it in a cooker too that’s fine as well,

28. Let’s learn how this stuffed garlic bread is made,

stuffed garlic bread
stuffed garlic bread

How To Make Stuffed Garlic Bread

29. Now same as before take it to ball sprinkle some floor on platform and please the dough ball inverted, then flip it and while patting with your hands make it into a thick disc, after that apply garlic butter on one side and follow it up with pizza sauce and after that we will put mozzarella cheese on it, after adding the cheese you can add toppings of your choice I am adding some capsicum baby corn onion and sweet corn hare,

30. And I also sprinkle lots of oregano seasoning on this, after adding the seasoning fold it into semi circle,and then seal all it’s edges nicely,

31. After sealing take a plate and apply some garlic butter on it,and sprinkle some oregano seasoning, and then place the bread on it, after placing the bread on make cuts into the bread,

32. And again on top applies some more garlic butter and sprinkle origami seasoning and your garlic bread is ready for baking now I am baking this garlic bread in a 270 degrees celsius preheated oven for approximately 7 to 10 minutes keep it on the highest setting on your oven like even if it’s 250 degree Celsius then keep it at that,

33. And you have to bake this garlic bread until it’s light golden brown and just like I mentioned earlier you can even cook this in an oven now friends our garlic bread is perfectly backed,

Now we can serve it,

34. So now using this recipe you can easily make stuffed garlic bread at your home, like how we made stuffed garlic bread and you can add variety of stuffing to it,

And definitely try to make it, if you don’t have an oven use this method you will always gets perfect stuffed garlic bread,

How To Make Garlic Bread
How To Make Garlic Bread

Definitely try this recipe and tell me in the comment box how did you like this recipe and share this recipe with your friends and family and hit the subscribe button if you don’t have

Have an amazing time with this beautiful garlic bread recipe at your home take care by by,


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