eggless strawberry cake

Eggless strawberry cake recipe| eggless strawberry cake| strawberry cake

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Hey what’s up guys you are once again welcome on my new blog so friends today I am making eggless strawberry cake recipe,

so friends strawberries are in season and its also d festival season Christmas Happy New year is just around the corner,

eggless strawberry cake
eggless strawberry cake

Prep time: 15-20 minutes Cooking time: 45-50 minutes Serves: 6-7 people

It’s an eggless strawberry cake recipe and get ready easily with this recipe you can even make a normal chocolate cake to since strawberries are in season that’s why I have included the strawberry too,

How To Mak Eeggless Strawberry Cake

There will be eggless chocolate sponge we will make chocolate ganache, strawberry will be layered in the cake which will then be topped by Nutella, this cake not only looks really beautiful but taste sinfully delicious too,

Ingredients: Sponge

  • MILK 100 ML
  • CURD  55 GRAMS
  • VINEGAR  1/2 TSP

First of all let’s see how to make eggless chocolate sponge now we will take a bowl and take 100 grams of soft butter and we will add 15 gram caster sugar and mix it nicely whisk it nicely until the sugar dissolves nicely and the butter becomes fluppy,

At this stage we will add 200 grams condensed milk, and we will at 5 ml Vanilla extract, and nicely mix everything once when everything is combined then add 100 ml milk and again mix it to incorporate all the ingredients together what’s the milk is incorporated as well then in about take 55 grams curd, and we will add half table spoon vinegar, and mix it really well now mix this curd and vinegar mixture in a bowl and mix well again our wet ingredient mixture is ready,

eggless strawberry cake
eggless strawberry cake

Now we will prepare dry ingredient,

Now in a sieve let’s add dry ingredient in a bowl take 100 grams refined flour, 30 gram cocoa powder, and we will add one table spoon baking soda, and shift it really well if there are any Cocoa powder lums left behind them press them with this spoon to pass through the Sieve now using a whisk combine everything together well, keep in mind not to over mix the batter while whisking, just make lightly until everything is combine together well in the end using a spatula mix it wel from the bottom is well to mix all the ingredients thoroughly,

So friends our cake batter is ready, I have using 7 inch cake tin with parchment paper or butter paper, now add cake batter to this, after adding the cake batter level it out from the top, then tap it on the platform to release any air pockets in the batter,

Now you have to bake this cake at 170 degree Celsius preheated oven for 30 minutes, I have keep the eggless chocolate sponge to bake, it will be perfectly baked in 30 minutes

Until the cake is baking let’s prepare for the rest of the component which may be required for the cake,

How To Make chocolate ganache


To make chocolate ganache boil water in a container and place a heat proof Bowl on top of that this is the double boiler step now we will add 200 grams compound dark chocolate and add hundred grams fresh cream now you have to mix them until the chocolate and cream mix together well and the chocolate melts properly, and it forms a smooth mixture, so friends our chocolate ganache is ready,

Now take it down and cover it with a cling wrap, if applying a cling  wrap poke a few holes throughout it and then refrigerate it for 30 minutes,

For layering

  • SUGAR  1/4 CUP

Now to make the strawberry filling take 300 grams chopped strawberries in a bowl and we will add two tablespoon sugar to it and mix it nicely the sugar will help release the juice of strawberries and help them Macerate and they will become slightly sweeter too,

And we will keep this aside until using on to the cake,

How To make Sugar Water

now we will make sugar water we will take a small bowl to make sugar water into a bowl take 1/4 Cup sugar, and add 1/2 cup bowling water and stir nicely, until the sugar dissolves, so friends your sugar has dissolved and our sugar water is ready,

We will use the sugar water to make the cake moist, so all the preparation for the cake is done 30 minutes are up let’s see how is our chocolate sponge cooked, so friends our sponge cake perfectly baked,

eggless strawberry cake
eggless strawberry cake

to check it insert a toothpick in the centre of the cake and it should come out clean, which means that our cake is perfectly cooked, now let it cool down for 10 minutes before d moulding after 10 minutes place a wire rack or plate on top and invert it to de-mould the cake,

Now peel of the butter paper as well and you can see that your chocolate sponse is ready, and you can feel how perfectly baked and it is so soft too, now we will cover it with a moist cloth and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes, once you have restored the cake then place it on a chopping board or a platform, now we will have to cut it I am using a serrated knife to cut hare, you can use a normal knife to cut it too, today I am dividing it into three different layers you can divide into two layers too if you want, so friends our cake divide into 3 layers your player should be equal, now to assemble it I am using a cake stand here you can even use a plate

So friends our chocolate ganache has set as you can feel, Simer some chocolate ganache right in the centre,then please one layer of the sponge and let it stick it becomes easier to layer this way, now we will apply our sugar water on the cake using brush, you can use a spoon if you don’t have a brush apply the sugar water evenly this will make the cake really moist,

Once you have applied the sugar water than apply ganache on top,so friends we are going to apply ganache in two layers so I am using half of the ganache hare,

Evenly and nicely spread the ganache on the cake,once you have applied ganache on the cake you can clean of the sides like this,


  • NUTELLA  100-150 GRAMS

Now the strawberries that we add prepared you can use how ample juice they have released and drain the juice and just add the strawberries, so friends I am using half of the strawberries hare, at the strawberries to the cake and spread out evenly once you have added the strawberries again layer the sponge and repeat the same process, firstly add sugar water then ganache and then chopped strawberries,

So friends this layer is completed to now at the final layer of the sponge now I am applying the juice of strawberry at this sugary water with strawberry flavour on the cake,

And apply our remaining sugar water on the rest of the sponge now here I am adding nutella you can even make some more ganache to add, so I have warmed up the nutella a little bit and then pour and evenly spread it out on the cake, to add some pattern to it I am using an offset spatula to make some lines on it for better aesthetics,

Now I am using strawberries to garnish I have half cut the strawberries and I am decorating it you can decorate your cake just how you like it

So friends our strawberry chocolate cake is ready now you have to let it set it the refrigerator for a minimum of half an hour before cutting today I have used strawberry if you skip the strawberries you can use just chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache,

and keeping rest of the process same then you can easily make chocolate cake at home so you have learn to recipes today’s I have added Nutella on top if you want you can add  ganache or cover the entire cake in ganache too,

Today I have keep the keep layers open like so there can be many versions possible I have shared the basic recipe with you all today I have already said the cake

Let’s plate now we will cut so friends our eggless strawberry cake is completely ready now you can make this cake at your home,

So friends this eggless strawberry cake is looking very beautiful and really delicious to it’s a festival season Christmas and  New year, New year or if you have someone’s birthday coming up then make this cake when strawberries are not in season meet the chocolate cake it turns out very most delicious and really amazing

eggless strawberry cake
eggless strawberry cake

whenever you try this recipe tell me in the comment box how did you like this eggless strawberry cake recipe and how did the cake turn out and share this recipe with your friends and family and hit the subscribe button if you have like this recipe and follow my blog if you have not yet have an amazing time with this beautiful recipe at your home merry Christmas to all of you in advance cheers


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