Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka Halwa | Gajar ka Halwa Recipe | gajar ka halwa kaise banta hai

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Gajar ka Halwa:- Hello friends  how are you once again you are welcome on my new blog  so friend today i am  making Gajar ka Halwa Carrot pudding, which is called the pride of winter, is liked by everyone and many people get water in their mouth on hearing  Gajar Ka Halwa ( carrot pudding ) and why not because it is a thing of winter, winter Gajar ka Halwa carrot pudding It is very easy to make everyone’s favorite Gajar Ka Halwa at home, so in today’s blog we will learn how to make Gajar Ka Halwa at home.

Gajar ka halwa
Gajar ka halwa


Friends, Gajar Ka Halwa is amazing an Indian Sweets and it  available everywhere in parties, weddings, hotels, restaurants and it is made from carrots, it is very good, it is very beneficial for the body, it is very delicious because this Gajar ka Halwa is made from carrots, so vitamins are found in plenty in carrots, so this Gajar ka Halwa proves very beneficial for our body too. Gajar ka Halwa is made with carrot milk, sugar and ghee.


  • Red Carrots, grated  1kg
  • Milk  1kg
  • Sugar  – 200 gms/ 1 cup
  • Cardamom powder  1 tsp
  • Ghee 100 gram 
  • Almonds, sliced  3 tbsp
  • Walnut, sliced 3 tbsp
  • Pista, Sliced 3 tbsp
  • Khoya, mava 250 gram
  • 10 grams of watermelon seeds


Gajar ka halwa is mainly made in three ways, here I will tell you all the three ways in which carrot halwa is made in all the three ways.

How to make Gajar ka halwa

So let’s make Gajar ka Halwa

So first of all we are going to make Gajar ka Halwa, we will make halwa with milk and carrots.

Gajar ka halwa
Gajar ka halwa

So here we have taken 1 kg of fresh red-red carrots, we take these carrots with the help of a grater, we have taken 1 kg of carrots after washing them properly, Now we have taken a thick bottom pan here and we have put it on the gas, we will turn on the gas, now we will put four-five spoons of desi ghee in it, desi ghee has become a little hot,

now we will put it in it. The carrots we have grated, give them a little bit, we will cook it for 4 minutes, now we are adding friends, 1 kg full fat cream milk, now we will cook this carrot and milk on medium to low flame for at least half an hour.

Let’s cook it, friends, it has been half an hour to cook carrots, now friends, we have to add sugar, here we will add 200 grams of sugar to 1 kg of carrots, you can add sugar according to your taste, so here we have added sugar. Sugar will release water, so now we have to cook it once again on medium to low flame for 15 to 20 minutes, now here while cooking our carrots, the water has completely finished, friends at this level Here we are going to add dry fruits to it,

Gajar ka halwa
Gajar ka halwa

Here friends, in the dry fruits we are using, we have taken 20 grams of almonds, 20 grams of cashews, 10 grams of pistachios, 10 grams of melon seeds, 2 grams of cardamom and , 100 grams of desi ghee.

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So here before adding the dry fruits in the halwa, we will roast them in a little ghee, now we will put them in the Gajar ka  halwa, then the Gajar ka halwa has almost been cooked for an hour.

Now at this stage, we will add 100 grams of ghee in the gajar ka halwa and then we will add the dry fruits that we have roasted, friends, for 5 minutes we will cook Gajar ka Halwa and a lot of carrot pudding It smells good and the water is almost gone from the carrots, so our Gajar ka Halwa is ready, now we will serve it hot, so friends, you have seen this first method.

second method

Now here friends, we are going to make Gajar ka Halwa in another way, here also we will use 1 kg of carrots,  we are going to use 250 grams of Mawa, which is made from milk, so that we can use this mava ( khoa) So  first of all, let’s grate the carrots, after grating, we have kept the pan,

we have put four-five spoons of desi ghee in the pan, the ghee has also become hot, now put the grated carrots in it. Now we will cook it for 10 minutes, 10 minutes have passed, now we are going to put sugar here, in 1 kg we will use 200 grams of sugar, you can use sugar according to your taste.

So it’s been half an hour here that I had left  So now friends on this stage we put khova (mava) in gajar ka halwa now you must be seeing that your carrot halwa has become thick water is almost finished from Gajar ka  halwa now at this level we will put 100 grams of desi GheeWe will cook it for 5 more minutes more, now after this we will put dry fruits in it.

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 So here I am using the same dry fruits, 20 grams almonds, 20 grams cashews, 10 grams pistachios, 10 grams melon seeds and 2 grams cardamom powder, we mix all these in the Gajar ka Halwa and cook it for 2 more minutes and Our Gajar ka Halwa is ready, now we will serve it hot, you have learn the second method.

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Third Method

Now we are going to make Gajar ka Halwa in the third way.

Here friends, we have taken 1 kg of fresh carrots, we grate these gajar, now we have kept a pan in the pan, we will put 5,6 spoons of desi ghee, desi ghee is hot, now we have grated carrots in it. Let’s put them here friends, we will cook for 10:15 minutes, now friends who add us here, we have put 400 grams of condensed milk, now we put it here on medium 2 low flame at least Let’s cook for at least half an hour, it’s been 10:15 minutes, our pudding is almost ready,

now we will put 100 grams of desi ghee in it, now dry fruits are going to come in it, so here we are using 20 grams of almonds, 20 grams of cashews, 10 grams of pistachios, 10 grams of watermelon seeds, now we put all these in the carrot pudding and cook this pudding for 10 more minutes, then friends.

so friends our dilicios gajar ka halwa is ready and we will serve it

so friends today we have learnt gajar ka halwa in three way i hope you would like this gajar ka halwa recipe and enjoy this recipe with your friends and family so friends try this delicious gajar ka hawla at your home

Gajar ka halwa
Gajar ka halwa

And friend finally share this recipe with your friend and family and hit the subscribe button if you have like this Gajar ka Halwa recipe and follow my blog if you have not yet have an amazing time with this amazing Gajar Ka halwa recipe at your home

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