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Actually Chowmein is a Chinese recipe it is made with stir-fried noodles and many vegetables, and it is typically served with meat or seafood. It is a popular street food in many countries, particularly in Asia, and is known for its savory and flavorful taste

 what’s up guys you are once again welcome on my new blog today I am making chowmein which is very delicious and charming recipe and loved by everyone,


Prep time: 20-25 minutes Cooking time: 5-10 minutes Serves: 3-4 people

What is chowmein?

Basically Chowmein is a popular Chinese stir fry of noodles that can be served soft. Vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and bean sprouts are commonly tossed in. This dish comes together with a soya and oyster sauce coating. And it is a very delicious Chinese food and everyone liked this Chinese recipe.



  • OIL  2 TBSP
  • VINEGAR  1/2 TSP

friends when you go to Delhi or not India you get desi chowmien on the street and its fun to eat so friends today I am making chowmein, chowmein is very simple to cook this has to very crucial points firstly we have to chop vegetables when making these noodles so I am going to tell you how to cut the vegetables I had shown in my Hakka noodles recipe but I am showing it again

How to cut vegetable

1. So I will teach you how to chop the vegetables and also about noodles many times you complain and send request on comments as to how to perfectly boil noodles so they are not soggy and break I am also going to tell you how to perfectly boil noodles today and then quickly this desi veg chowmein will be ready which taste really delicious first of all let see how to cut vegetables for desi chaumin now I am taking a onion I will peel and onion and then cut it into two halves,

2. Now take one half and trim the root part of it place the onion flat and cut diagonally to remove the root part now you have to slice the onion slice the onion the onion slice should be as thick as the noodles,


3. This is how you will get onion slice equal to the noodles thickness this is how I have cut the onion next we will cut the capsicum take the capsicum and cut the top and bottom then place it like this and make a silt here,

4. Now light down the capsicum like this and insert the knife,keep the knife parallel to the shopping board and apply light pressure and keep going further which why this process you will get a strip of capsicum and the core will be separated once you get a strip of capsicum then cut it into segment of 4 inches once the segment are cut then slice it in this direction make sure that these lies which are also called Juliennes are as thick the noodles,

5. If you find this method difficult than I will tell you another method take the capsicum and cut it suicide cut for sides which will give you for segment it will separate the top bottom and core and similarly you have to cut the capsicum into Juliennes,

6. So friends we have chop the capsicum I have tell you two ways you can choose the one that is easier for you now let’s how to cut the carrot feel the carrot nicely then trim its top and bottom, and we will divide the carrot from centre carrot can also be cut in two ways first method is to keep the knife diagonally and then slice it now cut the carrot into thin slice diagonally now arrange the carrot slice on the chopping board, once arrange the similarly slice the carrots into juliennes of noodles thickness, this is how you will get carrot Juliennes,


7. Now I will tell you another way place the carrot vertically then cut from one side to from a waste of your carrot rest it on the chopping board and now it won’t budge end make it easier to chop, Now you have to cut things lies of it lengthwise one slice stack the carrot slice on top of one another after is taking again cut it into thin Juliennes,initially if we doing for the first time stay Jack 2 3 slice they will be easy to chop, now our carrot juliennes are ready,

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8. Now how to cut the cabbage take a cabbage and trim the bottom part now place the cabbage and divide into two halves, after dividing into twos you will see the bottom part which has to be removed with a v cut, after doing that remove the separate the core you can use the core and trimmings to prepare a stock, a chopping it is a little difficult, now please the cabbage is and press it a little from top so that it is easy to chop now you have to chop,  now you have to chop the cabbage as thinly as possible to get shredded cabbage,

you can see that how our cabbage is cut in shredded thinly


9. Now lets chop the spring onions i have taken 3 spring onions hare, now divide it into small bulb of spring onion now you have to finely chop it, so our spring onion bulb is also ready,

10. Now we have chopped our all vegetables like this vegetable cut thinly like noodles,

11. The next step is  to boil the noodles, there can be lot of mistakes while boiling noodles, like they become soggy and break, let see how to perfectly boil the noodles,

How To Boil Noodles

12. Now I have taken stock pot bring the weather to a rolling boil it is very important that the water should be boiling nicely, now at this stage we will add salt according to taste, now I am adding 200 grams noodles, after adding the noodles, keep in mind to cook the noodles until they unfrul. It will take just a minute,

13. Just until then keep the flame high, then cover it with a lid and turn the stove off,and keep them noodles covered for about 5 minutes,

14. By doing so your noodles will rehydrate. these are dehydrated noodles and will get re-hyderated in hot water, they don’t need to be cooked as such, usually at home we try to cook the noodles, that’s why they turn soggy,it just needs that much time, about 5miniutes to re-hyderated, and your noodles will turn out perfect always,

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15. If you are using noodles of slightly thicker than you will have to keep them covered for 5 minutes, otherwise they May feel raw, so you may have to adjust a little bit like that,

Pro Tips

16. The main tip is that you don’t have to continuously boil and cook the noodles, this is the important tips that I am giving you,

17. I have rested the noodles for 2 minutes let’s check them, you can see that your noodles are perfectly cooked and re-hyderated,

18. Now we will remove them into a sieve, after taking it out in a sieve rinse them with could water to stop the cooking process, that is very important, once rinsed apply nice 2 table spoon oil, and mix them so that the noodles are coated with oil and they don’t stick to each other,

19. So you have to learn how to boil the noodles, usually at home and that’s why they turns soggy, and the middle should have a bit of a stretch and bite, only latest good to eat if there texture is maintained,just re-hyderated them make any noodles with the same method and they will be perfect, now our all preparation is done just one thing is left,

Let’s learn how to make Chowmein

20. Now the biggest region for the flavour of chowmein when we eat on street or at a restaurant let me tell you they will used wok, if You make a lot of Chinese recipe then keep a wok like your home. It’s make Chinese cooking easy, let’s see how to make Chowmein,

21. Now we will heat the wok nicely on a high flame now we will add two tablespoon oil to it and Swirl the oil on the wok nicely now to this add one table spoon grated Ginger, one tespoon grated garlic and we will add tow  slice chilli and  saute it nicely for about 1 minute, now we will add sliced onion and carrot, capsicum and cabbage, and add a pinch of sugar and toss for 30 second,

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22. and remember all the cooking here is happening on a high flame after tossing the vegetables add two tablespoon spring onion bulbs and and we will add boiled noodles, and we will add A pinch of white pepper powder, salt according to test, and we will add one table spoon dark soya sauce half tablespoon vinegar 1 tablespoon tomato ketchup and one table spoon red chilli sauce and we will add some spring onion green and stir it nicely, and toss it nicely on high flame for 2 minutes,

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23. after stirring everything well you can see that you are desi chaumin is ready let’s plate it,

24. so you just learn how to chop the vegetables boil the noodles and make Chowmein, the chowmein turns out really delicious and its a very easy to make,

so just the preparing and chopping has to become and just then takes three four minutes to be made,


25. Whenever you make  Chowmein at home tell me in the comment box how did you chowmein turn out,share this recipe with your friends and their family with the subscribe button if you have not subscribe this button and follow me thanks,

heave an  amazing time with this  chowmein recipe at your home cheers take care bye bye





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