white dhokla

White Dhokala | White Dhokala Recipe | Recipe For White Dhokla

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Hey what’s up guys you are welcome once again on my new blog today I am making soft White Dhokla recipe,

white dhokla

Prep time: 10-15 minutes Cooking time: 20-25 minutes (excluding fermentation & soaking time) Serves: 5-6 people


WHITE DHOKLA   is a basicaly gujrati recipe but it is famous all over india it is very testy and delicious recipe it is make from dal and rice, so today friends I am making Gujarati special recipe white dhokla or also known as IDada, and believe me I really personally love it this recipe,

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even it is made at least one or two times in a week at my home and my children like very much this white dhokla recipe, it’s such a great things to eat for breakfast or supper and along with that we will make a really tasty green chutney to go with it at home with this white dhokla,

white dhokla

So friends I will also tell you how to make that perfect and delicious green chutney, so friend it is a very simple process just how to make a good batter is very important,

friends once you are batter is ready and fermented nicely then the process of cooking it is just a matter of few minutes,

How to make batter for white dhokla


  • URAD DAL  1/2 CUP
  • POHA  1/2 CUP
  • WATER  1/2 CUP
  • SUGAR  1/2 TBSP

So friend let’s see how to make the better and ferment it,

So friends I have taken a big bowl and in here I have taken half cup of urad dal and I have taken 1.5 Cup colam rice you can take any thicker variety of rice, and the ratio of dal to rice is 1:3 one part lentil  to 3 parts rice,

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Now we will transfer both these things into a bowl and wash it throughly until your water comes out clear, Once you have washed it nicely than add enough water to it and I am adding half table spoon fenuGreek seed this will make your fermentation process better, now you have to nicely soak the dal and rice for 5 to 6 hours,

white dhokla

After 4 to 6 hour your dal and rice would have soaked nicely, now in a sieve i am taking 1/2 cup poha and I am washing at nicely, after washing poha mix the poha in the same water and let it rest for 5 minute, to let the poha further soak, After 5 minute discard the water after removing the water now we have to grind the batter,

Now at all these things in a mixer grinder jar along with that take to table a school sour curd which is very important, and we will add half cup of water you have to grind all the ingredients together after grinding the right consistency will be slightly grainy like semolina when taken in hand your better should we of that consistency,

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so friends I have ground the batter and you can feel that when I am feeling the batter in my hands it feel like fine semolina, your batter should be of this consistency, now I am transfering this batter to a bowl and we will cover it with the lid and place the batter fermentation, and now we will add 1/4th TSP  spoon Asafoetida to it, and we will add half table spoon sugar, after adding both the ingredients mix it very nicely,after mixing it cover the lead after covering the lid place it in a warm place in the kitchen,

white dhokla

So friends we have made the white dhokla batter and keep it to ferment, to allow it to ferment meaning to let your batter rise up, there are some good bacteria because of which the batter rises, due to which our dhokala will become soft and fluffy,

Now it is very important to know how long to ferment for, so friends it is usually it can take from 12 to 15 hours it may take lesser time in summer or more time in winters, so you can adjust the time accordingly,

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so friends the basic formula for this is that if you want to make dhokla for breakfast tomorrow morning then soak the rice and lentils in evening then grind the batter at night and then let it ferment, so when you wake up in the morning then you are better will be ready to make white dhokla,

white dhokla

So friends the procedure is a very simple but the resting time is very long but actual acting time in this recipe is very less it is very easy to make no need to worry if you have not made it before make it once it will end up fermenting nicely, let the batter do it’s job you just follow the recipe and your white dhokla will turn out to be perfect,

How to cook the white dhokla

After 12 to 15 hours let’s see how to cook the white dhokla,

so friends you can see your better has rising up a little puffed up and little which means that it has fermented well, while smelling it it has a slight sourness to the smell, which mean that the fermentation is absolutely perfect,

Before adding other ingredient to the batter let’s prepare the steamer, we will add water to the steamer cover it with the lid, and turn the gas on, before adding the dhokla the steam should have formed in your steamer, once the steam is formed in the steamer let’s prepare the batter,

so friends our batter is ready now we will add half table spoon ginger and green chilli paste two tablespoon oil 1/4 tables baking soda and salt according taste, mix everything properly with gentle hands if you are better has not fermented very well then I am giving you a tip

white dhokla

We will add  of water and add mix to table spoon eno fruit salt to this and mix it, even then the batter will nicely rise, this is a very important tips

So friends our batter is completely ready now to make the white dhokla take the steamer plate or some other plate and we will apply some oil to it after applying oil pour little amounts of batter in the plate, after poring spread the better into the plate the thickness of dhokla will depend entirely on you,

because I love the really thin once but today I am making medium thickness white dhokla after spreading it nicely gently tape it on the platform to remove any air pockets at bottom after that sprinkle freshly cracked black pepper to it, it gives a very nice flavour and hence is very important some people at red chilli powder to it as well I used only black pepper powder, now place this plate into the steamer after applying into the steamer cover it with the lid and putting a timer for 15 minutes let the dhokla steam on medium flame,

How to make the Green Chutney

Chutney Ingredients:

  • CURD  3 TBSP
  • ICE CUBE  1 NO.

Until the dhokla is steaming let’s see how to make the green chutney

So I am taking a mixer grinder in a grinding jar take one cup fresh coriander, 4,5 spicy green chilli, 1-inch Ginger, one table spoon peanuts, three tablespoon curd, 1/4 tablespoon cumin seeds, one table spoon lemon juice, and salt according to test, 1 tablespoon sugar, and one cube ice is to retain the colour and we will add some water and grind all these things together, now friends our green chutney is ready

white dhokla

Now the white dhokla has also been cooking for 10 minutes let’s check it to check the dhokla touch it with your finger it should not stick to your finger, and the other method is that insert a knife or toothpick the knife should come out clean, so our dhokla is completely ready and has passed the taste,

now we will take the dhokla out on a side after removing it I am brushing some oil on top of the white dhokla recipe some people temper it with mustard seat and curry leaves I am keeping it simple here brush the oil on top after brushing the oil let it rest for 3 to 5 minutes,

So that you can easily de-mould them after resting you can cut it into various shape using a knife today I am cutting into square shape you can cut even into diamond shape if you want once you have cut shape then using a flat spatula or plate knife separate it from the base of the plate

white dhokla

So friend our soft soft spongy whitewhite dhokla is ready it is perfect white dhokla now we will serve it

So friends I am eating this white dhokla with green chutney,

So friends our dhokla is very delicious it is very soft and spongy and the thickness of dhokla I have kept medium size today when I am making it for myself I made almost half of this thickness they are thin sheet of dhokla and that’s dhokla taste really good too,

friends just keep in mind that if the thickness is less than the cooking time will reduce and if you increase the thickness you are cooking time will increase you need to adjust that otherwise the recipe is a very very simple and easy sure the process of fermentation is very long some people are scared and hesitant to make recipe which need fermentation but if you make it once you will make it over and over again

white dhokla

so friends definitely try this recipe and tell me in the comment box how did you like it share this recipe with your friend and family and hit the subscribe button if you have like this recipe and follow and subscribe to my block if you have not yet so friends take care bye bye,




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