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Hey what’s up guys how are you, today I am making Rasmalai today ,you are welcome once again on my new blog


what is rasmalai

A delicious  Indian dessert, it is made from Milk after curdle milk, Rasmalai is another beloved sweet dish in all over India and now is becoming popular in our country too. If we break this down, Ras means “juice”, and Malai means “cream” and refers to thickened milk filled with clotted cream. This creamy, thickened, and sweetened milk is also known as Rabdi.

Festive season is here & what can be better than an amazing Rasmalai recipe which can be prepared in no time & you will get the best results. These rasmalais  turn out super soft, they wouldn’t be dry at all & would soak up all of that milky goodness & they won’t crack at all while cooking. I have worked around a recipe with which you can prepare these rasmalais cake in a microwave oven & they turn out amazing. Do try the recipe this festive season & let me know in the comments.

Prep time: 12-15 minutes

Cooking time: 40-45 minutes

Serves: 15-20 rasmalai

 Ingredients  For Masala milk:

• Cheeni (sugar) – 1 cup

• Pista (pistachio) – 1/4 cup (slivered)

• Badam (almonds) – 1/4 cup (slivered)

• Elaichi (cardamom) a pinch

• Kesar (saffron) – 10-12 strands

• Milk 1 litre

 Ingredients For Rasmalai

• Milk 1 litre

• Water 1/4th cup + vinegar 2 tbsp

• Ice cubes as required

• Cornstarch 1 tsp For sugar syrup

• Sugar 1 cup

• Water 4 cups


my friends first season is around the corner and we will love to cook some more sweets at home today on popular demand I am making a very very famous Indian dessert and this is rasmalai  it’s my personal and my favourite too, and friends with this rasmalai turns out to be super soft,  juicy and would not be dry from the inside and it soak up all the milk, and it will not crack or break while cooking,

And my friends I am going to share all the tips and trick with you today, And the best part is that I am going to quickly cook these up in my microwave oven, and it is a very interesting recipe,


Let’s do how to make rasmalai

Let’s do how to make rasmalai,  I am taking a bowl and I am taking one cup sugar one table spoon pista 1/4 cup silvered,almonds 1/4 cup silvered, a pinch of elaichi powder, 10 to 12 strands saffron, and finally 1 litre milk, and mix it welland now I am cooking in the microwave oven for 15-20 minutes on high power, when you are cooking use a large bowl so that the milk does not spill over, now my milk has been boiled I am taking out from my microwave oven and mix it well,

The consistency of the milk should be thin, and cool down the room temperature masala milk for rasmalai is completely ready, So friends I have prepared the masala milk for the rasmalai cake it is very easy to prepare it just remember one important tips


important tips

Do not cook the milk until it is very thick it’s consistency should be thin, otherwise the rasmalai would not shoak up the milk and will remain dry from the inside,

So this is a very important tips to be kept in mind the milk should not be thick at all now the next step is to be prepare Chenna for the rasmalai which is very easy to prepare,


Prepare Chenna For Rasmalia

Now I am taking 1litre milk, stir and bring to a boil, and switch off the heat and stir for a minute to cool down a little bit, and I am adding two tablespoon vinegar in a small bowl and I am adding one fourth cup of water, now gradually add the vinegar solution to curdle the milk, stir it gently until the milk solid separate from the whey, and we will add some ice cubes to stop the cooking process, and collect the milk solid in a Muslin cloth, and rinse with fresh water to remove the soreness of the vinegar, and squeeze it well until the access moisture is squeezed out,

to remove more moisture open the Muslin cloth mix the chena and quickly and squeeze again, this is stable help you squeeze out the moisture nicely, Now friends our Chenna is ready,



so friends chena is ready the process is a very similar to preparation of paneer cottage cheese, only a few points to remember once the milk curdles and the Chena is formed, do not power cook it otherwise the chena will turn rubbery, and second thing is that while squeezing it remember to squeeze out almost all the moisture nicely, and just a little moisture should be left in the Chena,

this is very important because if the moisture contain is high than you will have to use a lot of corn flour, which will spoil the texture of your rasmalai, if it becomes too dry and you can add a few drops of water, but the moisture should not be high remember that,

How To Shape Rasmalai

Once the Chena is ready you have to shape the rasmalai, I am using a big flat vessel and I am transfering the Chena into it, Now you can see that the Chena that we have prepared today as the perfect consistency, it is not to dry and has the perfect moisture level, you can see it’s not living any moisture,


at this stage I am collecting the Chena together and now we have to cream means rub the chana against the plate nicely, for which you have to use the hill of your palm and you have to rub the Chenna against the plate nicely, now I have taken a small portion of the Chena and I have started to cream it, initially you will notice that the texture of the chena is very grainy,

we have to cream the Chena really well so that the granny texture of the chena turns into soft and creamy texture, you have to continue this process take a small portion of the China and keep rubbing it against the plate, then the Chena will start to turn soft and its grains would start to turn finer and your rasmalai cake would in turn be really soft, now I have done this process 4 to 5 times,now you can see that your Chena texture has become really smooth and the grainss have become really fine,

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You have to cream the chana until you have achieved this texture, at this stage you can see that the Chena has started to leave the plate, and my palm has become Greasy because the Chena has released some fat, you have to cream the Chena only until this stage, at this stage collect the Chena and check the moisture content and thickness of the Chena,

the consistency of my Chena is perfect but if you are preparing rasmalai cake for the first time, then use a little corn flour this will ensure that the rasmalai recipe turns out perfect, and they will not crack or break while cooking, at this stage I am adding only one table spoon of corn flour, after adding the corn flour mix it really well, now you will notice that the consistency of the Chena will be better and you would be able to handle it easily, and you but also be able to shape the rasmalai cake easily,

Now our Chena is ready to be shaped into rasmalai cake, now I am shaping is small portion of Chena using my palms, and I am following a circular motion to shape the rasmalai slowly and carefully shape the rasmalai cake, and you have to shape a crack free small disc with a smooth surface, make a small disc as it will double in size while cooking, prepare small disc for the perfect size of rasmalai cake and friends now I have shaped all the rasmalai cake and I have keep to them in a plate,

and I am covering it with a moist cloth so that the surface does not dry up until I cook them, Now only one process is remaining

Make Suger Syrup

we have to prepare a sugar syrup then dip these rasmalai into it, we will cook it for 10 to 12 minutes we will squeeze it and add in the masala milk and our rasmalai will be ready, it is very simple process I have cook the masala milk in my microwave oven also I will cook the sugar syrup rasmalai in the same microwave oven,

Now the next process is to prepare sugar syrup and cool the rasmalai,

Let’s do that. I am taking vessel and I am adding one cup of sugar, four cup of water whisk well to dissolve the sugar partially, in microwave for 12 minutes on high power or until it start to boil, now the syrup has started to boil, now our sugar syrup is ready immediately drop in the rasmalai into the boiling syrup, and cover with cling wrap and prick to make many holes using a toothpicks, in microwave on high power for 12 minutes, and remove and the rasmalai rest in the syrup for 10 to 12 minutes,

And the carefully squeeze out as much sugar syrup as you can form the rasmalai, this is type of squeezing out the moisture is very important for nicely socked up rasmalai, and immediately add it into the masala milk, and we will chill the fridge for at least 3 or 4 hours before serving, now our rasmalai cake  is ready let’s plate this rasmalai,

let’s plate this rasmalai,

So friends our rasmalai are ready and they have turn out to be beautiful they are super soft not at all dry but most from inside they did not crack at all they did not crack all and have done out to beautiful and very delicious

So friends prepare this recipe just like this and I am sure you will love it,

So friend do share this recipe with your friends and family and hit the subscriber button if you have like this recipe and follow and subscribe my blog thanks for reading this recipe see you take care bye bye,


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