Mutton Keema | Mutton Keema Recipe: A Spicy and Flavorful Indian Classic You Need to Try

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This is very  famous and delicious Mutton Keema or Mutton Keema Curry recipe in north india it is made with mince mutton and many spices power Mutton Keema recipe is liked by nonvegitarian people it taste is very amazing it is served with roti, naan raita and many things specially Mutton keema served in maharastra with pav and it pav mutton keema tastes is very amazing




# Mutton Keema

hey what’s up guys you are welcome back on my new blog so friends today I am making mutton keema you can also called Punjabi style mutton keema, and in this recipe I am going to tell you all how I make mutton keema masala at home, it gives a very delicious mutton keema recipe,

I will tell you each and every tiny details and it is a very simple mutton keema recipe and to make a quicker, I will tell you how to make it in pressure cooker, first of all we will make the masala for mutton keema and then let the mutton cook till  it melts in cooker, So quickly this delicious mutton keema curry will be ready,

And I am going to plate it in to ways firstly mutton keema with pav and heat it on open flames, the pav becomes very crispy and it is amazing to eat with Keema,


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And second method we will cook pav with butter to make maska pav and then add keema chutneys onion etc to make keema pav, and it taste really good as keema pav so I am going to serve it with both these methods, so let’s learn

# How to make mutton keema at home

1 First of all here I have taken 1 kg cleand hand cut mutton mince this is not minced in a machine, so for this kind of mince try to tell the butcher to not make mince in the machine but to do it by hand and give and keep the mince slightly Chunky with some bits and pieces in it, don’t make it too fine,



2. As when we cook the mince in the masala, the mince will get lost in the masala and become like a gravy, so use chunkier mince and get it minced by hand and you will notice a big difference when you cook it, it will be amazing,
after you have taken the mince and nicely washed it, then you have to marinate it using some spices and curd,
Let’s learn how to marinate mutton Keema

# Marinate Mutton Keema

3. To the mutton mince add salt to taste, 1/4th tea spoon turmeric powder, one teaspoon Kashmiri red chilli powder, two tablespoon ginger garlic and green chilli paste, and take half cup curd and whisk it nicely and add it, and along with I am adding freshly chopped coriander leaves, and we will add two tablespoon freshly chopped mint leaves, it is very essential to add the mint as it give a very nice flavour, now mix these things nicely with your clean hand, once you have marinated the mutton keep it aside,

4. Today I am going to directly cook the mutton but if you get a chance and if you are making it today then get the mutton a day before or it making it at night then in morning, then let the mutton marinate overnight or for 6 to 8 our keep it in the refrigerator, your mutton will turn out to be very nice very flavourful and will cook faster too,
so if you have time let the marinate even if you don’t have time it will it still turn out really good,



5. Now we have marinated the mutton now we have to make the masala for it, after making the masala at the mutton and masala to the pressure cook give it 4,5 whistles and your mutton will be cooked, as it is keema it will get cooked quickly,

Let’s learn

# How to make masala for Keema

6. To make the masala we will take a fry Pan heat a pan on high flame once the pan is hot now you will add 4 to 5 tablespoon of oil, once the oil is hot now you will add half teaspoon cumin seeds, and we will add 4 medium size chopped onion, saute the onions on medium High flame until golden brown in colour, once you have sauteed the onion nicely then to this we will add two table spoon ginger garlic and chilli paste, now saute the ginger and garlic for 2 minutes nicely as well,

7. Once you have sauteed the ginger and garlic then before adding the spices lower the flame, now to this we will add half teaspoon turmeric powder, two tablespoon Kashmiri red chilli powder, 1 table spoon spicy red chilli powder, 2 table spoon coriander powder, and half teaspoon cumin powder, and stir a little bit, we will add hot water to it so that the spices don’t burn and they get some time to cook well, so saute the spices nicely for 3 to 5 minutes until the oil started separating,



8. After 3 To5 minutes you will see that your masala has nicely cooked and the oil has separated too, now to this we will add two chopped tomato, and we will add two tablespoon chopped coriander stems, and finally we will add salt according to test, now stir it and let the tomatoes cook nicely, cook well until your tomatoes become mushy, I have added only two tomatoes hair because even the curd will add acidity, so don’t increase the quantities of tomatoes otherwise our masala will turn out to sour,

9. So cook this masala again nicely for 10 to 15 minutes until the oil start separating and the tomatoes become mushy, after 10 to 15 minutes you will see that your masala is nicely cooked, and oil has nicely separated and the tomatoes are mushy too, so you will see that you are masala for keema is ready,

10. Now we will take a pressure cooker to cook the Keema, now we will add one table spoon oil and one tablespoon ghee to the pressure cooker once ghee and oil are heated nicely than to this we will add half teaspoon cumin seed, two cloves, four whole black pappercorns, one inch cinnamon stick, two green Cardamom, one black cardmom and one slit green chillies, now add the marinated mutton to this now cook the mince while stirring on high flame for 6 to 8 minutes,



11. It is very important to stir otherwise the mince becomes lumpy, so cook the mince while stirring for 5 to 6 minutes until the mince releases water, after 5to6 minute you will see that the mince has released water, at this stage we will add the masala that we had cooked earlier, add the masala and stir no need to add any more water as the mutton mince and the curd both have water, so no need to add more water, at this stage cover the lid of the cooker and let the cooker come to one whistle on high flame,

12. Once one whistle is done then lower the flame and let 2,3 more whistles blow, it should be okay even if you give four whistles, but usually tow three whistles would suffice as mutton mince cook really fast, once 3 whistle are done then turn the stove off, let the pressure cooker naturally depressurise and the steam to settle easily, then you have to check it once the Steam settle only then lift the cooker lid,


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13. Now let’s check it I have lifted the lid of cooker and you will see how the oil is separated, our mutton keema has got a wonderful colour, now stir it nicely and turn the flame high again, in the end we will add one pinch garam Masala, one pinch black peeper powder, one pinch dried Fenugreek leaves powder, to green chilli slices, lots of freshly chopped coriander leaves, and here I am adding one table spoon desi ghee you can even add butter it gives quite a rich flavour but it is optional,and mix it nicely and cook the mutton for 3 minutes you will see how amazing the mutton looks and it has cooked perfectly, so our delicious mutton keema is ready,


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14. So you have learn how easy it is to make mutton keema it gets ready in the pressure cooker easily and there is no need to keep stirring, and if you don’t want to make it in a pressure cooker than the masala that we made and at the mutton to the masala in the open vessel itself, and then roast it properly and then cover it and let the mutton cook, it may take up to 30, 40 minutes it will release oil and the colour will Deepen till then cook the keema, so there is no need to pressure cooker you can cook it in open vessel too, it is dependant on my mood sometimes I make it in pressure cooker or sometimes in open vessels,

15. Now the mutton keema is ready now I had said in the beginning that I am going to plate in two ways, first plating is keema with pav, wow will be two state in another way I will just tell you it, and other method I will tell you after the plating, let’s learn how to toast the pav for first plating,


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#How To Toast The Pav For Mutton Keema

16. Take pav and insult to skewers into them, if you don’t have skewers then you can use bamboo is skewers or use tongs, now toast this pav on direct flame, usually it is done on coal Furnace or kerosene stop or in a tandoor, the pav become really crisp from outside and soft from inside, it taste really good with Keema, our pao is too state let’s plate our mutton keema recipe,

17. Now we will take a plate and serve hot pav with mutton Keema and sprinkle some freshly chopped green coriander leaves and fresh chopped green chillies, and some onion rings, and little with red chutney, and some green chutney, and with green chilli, and half lemon,


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18. So mutton keema is related by first method and it is so delicious you will have to make it at home to believe it, and serve it with onion lemon chillies and those to chutneys which are special chutneys,

19. Now the other method is in which the keema is stuffed inside if pav, which also tastes really good,
Let’s learn how to do that,

20. Now take the pav and cut it from the middle, now take some butter in a fry pan and toast the pav in the butter nicely, and the butter from inside than cote the butter from outside to end warm up the pav, so our maska pav is ready,


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21. Now let’s plate the mutton keema pav was second method, now we will take a plate and serve hot pav and in middle we will put Keema, and some green chutney, some red chutney, some onion rings, and sprinkle juice of lemon, and put some chat masala and close the pav to our mutton keema pav is ready

It was so much fun to eat this mutton keema it has turn out so delicious what do I tell you, and this second method in which there is a butter pav and its eaten with keema within it’s a joy to eat you definitely have to try it,




so definitely try this recipe at your home and tell me in the comment box how did you like this mutton keema recipe, and share this recipe with your friend and family and press like button and subscribe my blogs if you like this mutton keema recipe, so friends have an amazing time with this beautiful mutton keema recipe at your home take care bye bye see you again

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