boondi laddu

Motichoor Laddu| Motichoor ke Laddu | Boondi laddu| Boondi ke Laddu

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Whats up guys you are welcome on my new blog so today I am making boondi laddu.

boondi laddu
boondi laddu

it’s a season of festival and its imperative to make sweets for festivaland these boondi laddu will turn out perfect just like the confectioners once available in stores with tiny peral like boondi. And you will get perfect result.

About Boondi Laddu

boondi laddu is a indian sweets which is famous all over india it is made of gram flour are popular Indian treats often enjoyed during holidays and festivals and many occation,They are round ball-shaped sweet snacks that are made with all kinds gram flour

How To Make Boondi Laddu

boondi laddu
boondi laddu

And you don’t need to buy any specific equipment or mould to make those fine boondi. I will show a perfect diy which will give perfect boondi laddu (motichoor laddu ) . And they will be so delicious that you will keep making it over and over. Making boondi laddu does take some hard work. But it’s result will make all the hard work completely worthwhile. So for those perfect result following the techniques

Let’s see how to make Motichoor laddu (boondi laddu )

Ingredients for boondi ladoo

  • 100 grams Gram Flour
  • 500 Grams sugar
  • 50 grams Ghee
  • 250 Grams Oil
  • some melon seed
  • one pinch organic orang food color
  • some pista
  • silver verk

Make Batter

I will take a big bowl and a sieve. And add 100 grams gram flour in this sieve. Shift the Gram floor nicely to avoid any lumps in it.

Now after shifting the gram flour add 150 ml water but add it slowly and gradually. adding it gradually continue to whisk it to avoid any lumps forming into your batter. once you have added all the water then continue to whisk nicely and ensure that there are no lumps in the batter. Now you can see that we have a better of a flowy consistency ready here. This is how your better should be. Once you are batter is ready then I have taken a piping bag here, you have to fill this batter into this piping bag, after filling the batter in a piping bag tie a knot on top,

And you will have a setup ready like this,

boondi laddu
boondi laddu

Now to fry the boondi

I have taken a big fry pan and I have heated up the oil here, your oil heated should be at 170 degree Celsius as in it should be moderately hot, once you are oil is set up like this. Then let’s see how to fry the Boondi. At the tip of the piping bag cut a finest hole possible, this is very important that the hole should not be large. now stand at a distance with this piping bag and start applying pressure to let a stream of batter out. And when it fall in hot oil it will release small pearls, so do it in this manner although it might look difficult in fact it’s very easy,

But by this diy that I am showing you you need not use any special mold for it. And easily you will be able to fry the pearl like boondi for boondi laddu, You can see how little pearls are forming within the oil. Like this once the surface of oil is Laden with pearls then stop adding any more batter, And try it on medium High flame until the bubbles around the pearls die down, using a ladle lightly stir it and fry. You can see that the bubbles have stopped,


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Now placing a sieve, spoon out this pearls into the sieve  with the ladle. you don’t worry if you get oil in the Ladle just keep adding to the Sieve and strain all your pearls nicely like this. once you have a strain it then just lightly jerk it to remove any excess oil, one oil is grossly drained then transfer these boondi in a bowl lined with tissue paper. And repeating the same process by all the boondi similarly, you can see how perfectly a fine our little pearls of boondi have form.

This is how your pearls should be ready. Did you see how interesting this method was While I was researching for this recipe I tried a lot of method. I have even ordered a mould and try making with it. But I found this technique very very easy and saves from ordering any special equipment at home. And easily you can make boondi laddu. It gives perfect result it may look difficult on watching. But it is not just the simple but also a lot of fun to make so I have shown you to process so far.

boondi laddu
boondi laddu

Now next we have to make a sugar syrup

Now we will make the sugar syrup then dunk these pearls in them cook them to make boondi laddu. It is very simple. Let’s see how to do that process

Into a bowl add a pinch of orange organic food colour, now add one upon 2 Cup water to it and mix well. Once this Saturday ready then take 3, 4th cup (500 gram)  sugar in a pen, Now we have taken a fry pan and we have taken 3 4th Cup sugar and add the dyed water to it. now turn the stove on and made the sugar you can stir it in between that’s fine. Now your sugar has melted then at this stage the stove off. Now we have to this add the fried boondi,

Nice remix the Boondi with syrup. Mix with gentle hand don’t mix very hardly once the Boondi is incorporated in the syrup then turn the stove on again. and now on a very low flame while stirring you have to cook the Boondi with the sugar syrup,

Keep in mind

Keep in mind to keep mixing gently on a low flame cook it slowly and patiently. That is very important, don’t do it on a high flame otherwise your boondi will become very hard we want soft Boondi hare it’s been about 3 and 5 minutes and our sugar syrup has thickened quite a bit.

boondi laddu
boondi laddu


Lets Make Boondi Laddu

To further cook our sugar syrup I am adding one table spoon water to it. Don’t add any more water than this. and continue to cook like this until the Boondi soaks the sugar syrup really well, it might take two or three minutes more you can see that the boondi has nicely soaked the sugar syrup, And this stage turn the stove off. Cover it with a lead and after covering it rest it for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes transfer it to a Big Bowl. Here I am adding one tablespoon melted ghee to it. and along with that I am adding two tablespoon melon seed to it. mix everything nicely with each other until the ghee and melon seed are incorporated all.

Now let it be like this until it comes to a room temperature once it come to room temperature then you using your hands based on your preference you can make a big or small boondi laddu, and it give it a nice round shape. The ghee in it will prevent it from sticking to your hands.

You can see that our perfect boondi laddu (motichoor laddu ) are ready. Our boondi laddu (Motichoor laddu) are Ready

boondi laddu
boondi laddu

there are somethings that you have to keep in mind if you cook the sugar syrup on high flame then the moisture will evaporated really soon. And it will not get enough time to cook with the Boondi and your Boondi will turn out very hard. So keep this in mind that you have to cook slowly and patiently,

if you feel that the sugar syrup is thinking quicker add a splash of hot water to it, so that the sugar syrup will get some more time to cook, I have already told you about this tip earlier but it’s an important one so keep it in mind, secondly the ghee that I have added is for the flavour since we have fried it in oil, now some confectioners directly fry it in ghee itself, then you don’t need to add ghee on top.

I have used oil hare because if we use so much ghee to fry the Boondi then it’s difficult to reuse that ghee later on, if you want to fry it in ghee or if you are making laddu’s in large batch then you can fry  them in ghee, then you are boondi laddu will be purely ghee made, so you do have that option so our laddu are ready,

let’s plate the boondi laddu ( motichoor laddu). We have to add some silver vark. Some pista. And our boondi laddu (Motichoor laddu) is perfectly ready.

boondi laddu
boondi laddu

So I have shown you this simplest method of making boondi laddu (motichoor laddu) today,

it’s the festival time make the boondi laddu  (motichur laddu) for yourself to enjoy at home. And also distribute  it between friends family and relatives,

And I am sure everyone will love these boondi laddu (motichoor laddu), did you see it’s a got such a perfect texture, and they are looking very beautiful too,

So friends definitely try this recipe in festival season and tell me in the comment box how did you like it and share this recipe with your friends and family it the subscribe button if you like this recipe,

Have an amazing time with these beautiful boondi laddu at your home, happy Diwali to all of you cheers

And follow and subscribe to my block if you have not yet take care by by see you again in next recipe





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