matar paneer recipe

Matar Paneer Recipe-Mattar Paneer-Matar Paneer-Muttar Paneer-Mutter Paneer

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Matar Paneer Recipe :- Matar Paneer Recipe is one of the wonderful vegetable of Indian cuisine. when we hearing the name of Matar Paneer recipe than water comes in our mouth  thoughMattar paneer is very famous all over India, but mostly Matar Paneer is used in these places in North India, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi. is overdone and you can see this recipe in hotels restaurants and every weeding party.


matar paneer recipe
matar paneer recipe


Matar Paneer recipe, Friends, people make it in many ways, but today in this blog I have come up with a new method for you of muttar paneer Recipe, by which you can easily make Matar Paneer vegetable at your home, just like a hotel or you can say just like a restaurant or you say like candy

So mutter paneer curry does not take much time, friend you can make it very easily within 30 to 35 minutes at your home kitchen


matar paneer recipe
matar paneer recipe


So friends,

Today we are making this Matar Paneer curry for 10 people.

So two things are mainly important to make mattar paneer curry.
The first is fresh paneer, if you are using paneer in matar paneer, then you can use fresh paneer, whether it is made of buffalo milk or cow’s milk, but if you make matar paneer with fresh paneer, then your vegetable will be very good


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And the second thing is  green peas, this is also available to us in two ways, one we get to see fresh green green peas in the winter season and the other is  we use deep freezer peas which are kept throughout the year, but If you are using fresh green peas, green green peas, then the vegetable of Matar Paneer will be very wonderful.

So let’s make Matar Paneer Recipe


• 1kg fresh paneer
• 2KG Peas
• 250 grams onion
• 20 grams garlic
• 4 green chilies
• 250 grams red red tomatoes
• 1 inch piece of ginger


• One teaspoon cumin
• One teaspoon Kashmiri red chili
• One teaspoon red chili powder
• Two teaspoons coriander powder
• One teaspoon turmeric powder
• 100 grams cashews
• 4-5 long
• 4-5 green cardamoms
• 8-10 black pepper
• Two bay leaves
• Half teaspoon cinnamon powder
• salt to taste
• A little asafoetida
• One teaspoon garam masala
• 100 grams of edible oil

So let’s make Mattar paneer curry (how to make matar paneer)

1. First of all friends, we will cut Paneer into small pieces in cube type.
And if we have taken fresh peas or we have taken frozen peas, then we will boil them a little.


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2.I will soak the 100 grams of cashews that we have taken in some water and we will make a paste by grinding them in a mixer grinder.
3. Now friends i will take a fry pan and we have put a pan on the gas stove and in the pan, we have put 5 tsb of edible oil.



4. So  first of all we prepare puree for the gravy we will make for Matar Paneer.

5. So friends in this hot oil we will  put chopped tomato, chopped onion, garlic, green chili, ginger, bay leaf, which we have taken long, black pepper, and cardamom, and cinnamon powder,

6. we have to cook all these for five to seven minutes and after cooking, it should be cool  down.

7. Now it has cooled down to make our puree, in this way we grind it inside a mixer grinder and make puree for mutter paneer.



8. Our puri has cooled down, now we take  a  fry pan and put into the gas and we will add 5tsb  edible oil in the pan.
The oil has become hot, now we will add a spoonful of cumin seeds in it.

9.cumin seeds are crackled, now we will add the puree made of tomato, onion, garlic, green chili and ginger in it.

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10. So we will cook the puree for two-three minutes. Now now we will add  spices in it.

11. So one teaspoon Kashmiri red chili powder, one teaspoon red chili powder, half teaspoon turmeric powder, two teaspoon coriander powder, after mixing all these spices well, we will cook in this.

12. when puree leave the oil Now we will add the cashew paste we had made in it. and cook it till the masala leaves the oil



13. So the spices have now left the oil, now friends we will add  the peas we have boiled lightly in it and mix it well.
Now we will add salt as per taste and add water according to the thickness you want to keep Mattar paneer, if you want to keep it thick, then add less water, if you want to keep it a little thin, then you can increase the quantity of water.

14. Now we will cook this Mattar paneer on medium flame for 10 minutes.

15. It has been 10 minutes, our peas have also been cooked well, now we put the pieces of paneer in it.

16. Now we have to cook this vegetable for only 5 more minutes, then our Matar Paneer Recipe is getting ready.

17. Our Mattar paneer vegetable is almost ready, now we will add one spoon of garam masala and about one spoon of Kasoori Methi into it.

18. So it smells very nice and our Matar Paneer Recipe is ready, now we will serve it hot.

To serve hot, we have taken a plate and we serve hot Matar Paneer in the plate and will add chopped coriander leaves to garnish and put a little cream on top.

So now you can eat this matar paneer with bread, eat it with naan, eat it with puri, eat it with paratha, whatever you want, eat it.


matar paneer recipe
matar paneer recipe


I hope you will definitely like this Matar Paneer Recipe, if you like this vegetable, then subscribe to my blog, share it and tell me by commenting how you liked this Mattar paneer.

If you have any suggestions, then do tell me by commenting, see you again with a new recipe, till then take care bye.



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