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Hello friends, today we are making mix veg sabji, so friends, the winter season has started and in winter we get to see many types of vegetables, so friends, today we are going to make these many types of vegetables. Mix Veg Recipe absolutely hotel style or you can say restaurant style so let’s make Mix veg sabji


mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

1- It will take us total 35 to 40 minutes to make Mix veg sabji


• Hundred grams of cabbage
• Hundred grams of cabbage
• a carrot
• 100 grams of bean pods
• Hundred grams of peas
• 250 grams of potato
• 100 grams capsicum
• 4 green chilies
• Two red red tomatoes
• green coriander
• 1 inch ginger
• Two onions
• 2 peace of garlic

3- Spices MSALE

• Edible oil 50 gram
• One teaspoon garam masala
• one teaspoon coriander powder
• Half teaspoon turmeric powder
• Half tablespoon red chili powder
• salt according to taste
• 2 bay leaves
• One fourth table spoon black pepper powder
• One quarter teaspoon cinnamon powder

4- How to Make Mix veg sabji

mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

So friends, let’s start Mix veg sabji Friends, first of all, we will wash these vegetables thoroughly and after washing them, cut them into small pieces, we do not want to keep these pieces too small or too big. have to keep

Friends, you can make this Mix Veg sabji in two ways, the first way is that after washing all these vegetables thoroughly, dry them a little and after that you can deep fry them inside the oil or friends, you can You can also make it without frying, here’s how you can make it both ways, there is only one point, in one you have to fry and in the other you don’t have to fry.

mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

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Lats start mix veg sabji

mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

Now friends, we have kept a pan, now we have put 50 grams of edible oil in that pan, you can use any edible oil, groundnut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, even you can use desi ghee. You can do whatever you like, but here I will tell you to use mustard oil.

Friends, the frying pan has been heated, the oil has become hot, now we will put half a teaspoon of cumin seeds, two bay leaves, which we have taken green chillies, we have cut them into small pieces, now we will put them, now we will put them here.

mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

Before adding your spices, we will first make the two onions and garlic paste that you had taken, now when this chili and oil gets cooked a little, then we have to put garlic and onion puree in it, now we will make this puree a little golden. cook till brown

Now we will make puree of the two tomatoes that we had taken and add 1 inch piece of ginger in it. will cook

6- Add Ground Spices

mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

Now this onion garlic curry is cooked, now we are going to put spices in it.
So first of all you will add one teaspoon coriander powder, half teaspoon turmeric powder, etc. to etc teaspoon black pepper powder, half tablespoon red chili powder, this
Now we will cook all these spices properly till our pan starts leaving oil.

7- Add Vegetables

mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

It has been 5 minutes and the pan has left the oil, so the vegetables which we had fried or not fried, whether you want to fry or without frying, now we will put these spices in these spices, now we will add salt according to the taste, friends. We will cook on medium flame for 10 to 15 minutes.


Keep stirring this vegetable in between, because friends, we have not used water in this, so the vegetable will not burn from under you.

mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

It has been 15 to 20 minutes, let’s see this vegetable, it smells very good, friends, now we are going to put half a teaspoon of garam masala in it.

Friends, we have put garam masala and cook it for 2 minutes, now we put chopped coriander leaves on it, now our Mix veg sabji is ready, it is restaurant style, hotel style or you can have halwai style.

So friends, let’s serve Mix veg sabji hot vegetable, so now you can eat it with roti, puri, paratha, whatever you want.

mix veg sabji
mix veg sabji

My dear friends, in today’s blog, we have learned how to make Mix veg sabji very easily at home, I hope you like this block, if you like this block, if you like this recipe, then subscribe to my block. And do share and tell me by commenting how you liked this block

And friends, if you have any suggestions here, you can comment me, see you again with a new recipe, take care bye.

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