roomali roti

Rumali Roti | Rumali Roti Recipe: A Delicious and Authentic Indian Flatbread You Need to Try

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Very popular and famous Rumali Roti recipe not in North India but also all over Indian cuisine it is also called Manda, lamboo roti, dosti roti, and you can find this Roomali roti in restaurant and hotel and dhaba it is made with refined flour and it is serve with Dal makhani, malai paneer, shahi kabab, Shahi paneer, and Rumali Roti is enjoy every age people, you can also make this rumali roti recipe at your home in very easy way and you not need to any wok you can make this rumali roti very easily on any iron skillet, you can also called it Traditional Indian bread


roomali roti
roomali roti


Hey what’s up guys you are welcome on my new blog so friends today I am going to share you how to make a rumali roti at your home and very easily,you can also called this recipe Popular Indian bread

so today the process that I am sharing you today can we made on a skillet without needing any wok,
And you can make a perfect rumali roti on a skillet itself,

And then you can easily make rumali roti (Rolled flatbread ) on skillet to serve with butter paneer makhani, kabab or even for rolls etc,

So let’s read the method of making rumali roti easily on a skillet,


Prep time: 10 minutes (excluding dough resting time) Cooking time: 1-2 minutes (for one roti) Serves: 6-7 roti (depending on the roti size)

Roomali Roti ingredients


  • Dough
  • SUGAR  1 TSP
  • OIL  1 TBSP
  • OIL 
  • Salt water
  • SALT  2-3 TBSP
  • WATER  1 CUP

#1 How To Make Rumali Roti

Make a Dough For Rumali Roti

1. Here I am taking a bowl into a bowl we will take 1.5 Cup refined flour, half cup whole wheat flour, salt according to test 1 table spoon sugar and we will add one table spoon oil mix just lightly don’t mix too much once everything is mixed then I am going to add one cup of luke warm milk,



2. And slowly and gradually add milk and combined everything to make sure that milk is incorporate with the flour,
once everything is combined then we will take this dough in a platter or a platform,

# Rumali Roti cooking tips

3. Now we have to start kneading it, you can add some dry flour to knead as your dough will be easily really sticky, so dust some dry flour and knead it, Knead it for 10 to 12 minutes knead it very nicely,

4. This dough should become stretchy and gluten should start forming in it, and due to that your rumali roti will not tear apart when you try to roll it very thin,




5. So knead it properly for 10 to 12 minutes until the stickNess of the dough is gone and your dough become soft and stretchy,

6. After 10 to 12 minutes you can see that you have knead the dough very well and it has become soft and smooth,



7. Now make a big dough ball out of it, now apply some oil in a bowl and place the dough ball in it, and apply some more oil on top to prevent the surface of the dough from drying out, and then we will cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for 2 to 4 hours,

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8. Once you have knead the dough  then you have to cover it and let it rest for a minimum of 2 hours, it’s okay if you rest it for 4 hours instead of 2 hours but a minimum of 2 hours is required,

9. As we have to let the dough relax once the dough is relaxed you can roll it out,

#3 Pro Tips

whenever you make a roti from refined flour you may have seen that while rolling it it usually contracts back, because it has not been rested,

If you have rested the dough well then it will not contract and you can make thin roti easily, So resting this dough is very important so rest this dough for 2 hours,



10. After resting the dough we have to cook it for cooking the roti we are going to use the skillet which I have already told you,

11. Here I am using a cast iron skillet here which is quite big in sized so take whichever big size skillet that you have,

Pro Tips

12. Remember one thing don’t take the non stick skillet try taking the cast iron is skillet,and then you have to heat the skillet I will tell you that process, you can also use the skillet which is used to make dosa as it is quite big, so that you can make a nice big rumali roti,


Paneer Lababdar recipe in hindi

if you are skillet is a small the rumali roti will be perfect but just the size will be small That could be a flight problem take a biggest skillet that you can find,


 #4 How to Prepare the skillet For Rumali Roti recipe

13. Now we will take skillet and place it on high flame and heated very nicely your pan should we sizzling hot,

14. We need to sprinkle some salted water on the pan so take some water in a bowl, Now we will add two tablespoon salt to it and stir to dissolve and get salt water, We will sprinkle is on hot skillet,

15. I have heated the skillet very well on high flame that’s why I was asking to avoid non stick one as you can’t heat it on high flame,

16. Once your pan is hot then sprinkle salt water on it, it should get a white colour salt surface which will make your skillet non stick, and you can easily cook the Indian flatbread on this skillet without sticking to it,

So this is a tip and trick that is applied in restaurant even on the wok,

17. Once this salt layer is formed then you will cook the Handkerchief bread on high flame so keep the skillet hot or flame,

#5 How To Roll Rumali Roti

Till then let’s roll out the Maida Roti,

18. Our dough has rested nicely it has become soft and relaxed, Now we will take a small portion of the dough and make a dough ball,

About the dough

19. Before you do this step, make one dough ball and roll out the thinnest roti possible, and then place it on the skillet to see what size of roti is fitting the skillet, and then accordingly you can size the rest of your dough balls,
because if you make a roti that is too big or too small so test it once and see, and based on that test you can roll out rest of the roti,

20. Once you have made the dough ball let learn how to roll it out further,

21. Once you have made the dough ball then dust some refined flour on the platform, Now you have to coat the dough ball with the flour, after coating it with flour roll it into a thin roti, so roll out in roti using a rolling pin, in between dust it with dry flour the platform and the surface of roti should have enough dry flour on them, so that it is easy to roll out rumali roti,

#7 How To Coock Rumali Roti


22. So roll out the thinnest roti as possible now carefully pick up the roti then flip the roti on the hot skillet on high flame, now this cooking process is very fast just put it on the skillet cook for few second, then flip it over cook it for few more second just like this by keeping on flipping over cook this rumali roti,

23. If youe skillet is a cold than the rumali roti becomes hard due to cooking for longer, so quickly cook this rumali roti, now our rumali roti has cooked quickly remove it out instantly,

24. After taking it out how this roti soft it is, so our rumali roti has turn out it is absolutely perfect,

so you just learn how soft to the rumali roti has done out and the method of making it is very easy and sprinkle salt water makes the pen non stick you can make it without that to you can try it without salt water to if by chance you find it sticking to the pen then sprinkle some salt water like I just tell you,

25. Once your rumali roti is made then cover it with a cloth otherwise it will become hard if you are serving it after two three hours nothing to worry if you are serving this Rumali Roti immediately,

26. Or if you have a casserole take the Casserole put it cloth and add rumali roti and cover it again, That will keep the rumali roti hot and soft so this is how you can make rumali roti,

Remember that I gave to cook it on high flame otherwise it will become hard and it will become like a papad if you cook it for a long time so just keep that in mind so today I have made some paneer recipe and rumali roti already ready

Now we will serve it

you can eat this Roomali roti with paneer tikka, matar paneer, shahi paneer, shahi kabab, whatever you like it,
So it was so much fun to eat rumali roti with paneer ki sabji, Rumali Roti with curry 

And you can make roll with this rumali roti ( Soft and thin bread )have it with kabab or have it with your favourite gravies it will taste great and I am sure that you have like this simple method of making roomali roti recipe (Indian restaurant-style bread ) on skillet,


roomali roti
roomali roti


if you like this rumali roti then tell me in the comment box I really like reading your comment so definitely try this Rumali Roti recipe and share this recipe with your friend and family and hit subscribe button if you have like this recipe and have an amazing time with this beautiful easy to cook rumali roti at your home take care bye bye,

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