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Dosa is very popular recipe in south india but today dosa recipe is very famous in all over india dosa is made with rava and rice and urad daal and it is like by any age people and it is very popular on indin hotel street and many place. dosa recipe taste is very delicious because it is made with dal and rice and suji ( rava) and dosa is serve with coconut chutny and peanut chutny

So friends welcome on my news blog In this blog we will learn about how to make dosa recipe very easily.




Although Dosa is the country of South India, but nowadays Dosa is famous all over India, you go to North India, you go to South India, you go to Western India, you go to Eastern India, everywhere we get to see many varieties of dosa, so today In this blog, I will tell you how to make dosa recipe in a very simple way.



Friends, making dosa recipe is very easy, just follow some tricks and you will make dosa very easily, then friends DOSA is made in two ways, one is lentil rice dosa and one is semolina dosa.

So in today’s blog we will learn how to make dosa recipe, semolina dosa in a perfect way better than dal rice dosa I will tell you some tricks here
So let’s make dosa recipe
Friends here we are making dosa recipe for 10 people so here we



1kg semolina
100 g gram flour, also known as gram flour
250 grams sour curd
50 grams wheat flour
and salt for dosa batter as per taste

Ingredients for filling of dosa

½ kilo potatoes
100 gram peas
50 grams gram lentils
curry leaves
Four red chilies dry
1 inch piece of ginger
small mustard seeds one spoon
salt to taste
2 large onions
two large tomatoes
4 green chilies
few cashews
some raisins

So let’s make Crispy Dosa

HOW TO MAKE DOSA Batter at Home

1. First of all, we will take semolina and make it a smooth batter in lukewarm water, before that we have taken 250 grams of sour curd in semolina,

2. We Will put it and add salt as per taste, friends, now make a smooth batter of it, now we will add water little by little, don’t add it all at once, otherwise your batter will be thin we have to keep the batter thick



3. Mix this batter well with hands or with the help of a spoon and prepare it by making a smooth batter, we will leave this batter to rest for 2 hours

4. Friends, while our batter is getting set, we make the filling of dosa recipe.

5. We have boiled the potatoes, they have cooled down, now we peel them. After peeling the potatoes, we mash them, now we have kept the fry pan on the gas, the pan is hot.

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How to make filling for dosa recipe

6. Now we will put 20 grams of edible mustard oil in fry pan, the oil has become hot, now we are going to put a spoonful of small mustard seeds, which is also called mustard, the mustard is sizzling

7. Now we will put some curry leaves, a little ginger, a spoonful of urad dal, We will add one spoon of gram dal and four whole red chilies, a pinch of asafoetida, and four green chilies that we already chopped.

8. Now friends, we will put half a teaspoon of red chili powder etc., half a teaspoon of turmeric etc. and two tomatoes, we have also chopped them.



9. So friends, our whole masala is cooked, now we have kept half a kilo of peeled potatoes in it.

10. We will add them in it, after adding potatoes, we will add salt according to taste and , we will mix it well until our spices and potatoes are ready together.

11. Friends, we have to sprinkle a little water in this potato paste, so that the filling we have prepared for our potato dosa recipe will remain soft.

12. So friends, the masala for our dosa filling is ready. We take out the filling of this dosa recipe and keep it to cool.

13. Friends, it has been 2 hours, look at our batter, it is completely ready, you can beat this batter a little more with the help of a spoon.

14. So here friends, we have kept iron tawa for dosa, if you want, you can also use non stick tawa, here TAVA friends, we have to preheat it.

15. TAVA has been preheated, now we will put half a spoon of any edible oil on top of this TAVA, now with the help of a spoon, pour this oil over it.

16. We have to spread on top of this TAVA, now we will sprinkle water over it and we will reach these splashes of water with the help of a cotton cloth and our tawa will be ready for making dosa.

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17. So our griddle is ready friends, now with the help of a spoon we will put a spoonful of batter on this griddle and spread it all over the griddle with the help of a spoon.

18. Now we have to cook it on medium flame till it turns golden brown, we will sprinkle some oil on it, that is, we will put some oil on it and with the help of a ladle, we have put some oil on it, we will spread it, see our Dosa is turning golden brown now

19. The filling of DOSA RECIPE which we had prepared by putting a spoonful of FILLING on top of a DOSA, spread it and cook it for 2 minutes on medium flame, Friends, our Crispy Crispy DOSA RECIPE is ready as semolina dosa.

20. Now we will roll this dosa and serve this dosa recipe with hot sambar and coconut chutney.



So friends, today you have learned in this blog that how we can make crispy dosa of semolina, I hope you must have liked this DOSA RECIPE.

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If your friends have any suggestion, then you can definitely comment me, then see you with a new recipe, take care bye.

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