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Whats up guys you are welcome on my new recipe today I am making batata poha recipe I have been brought up in Mumbai and we make poha recipe for breakfast at home at least for two or three times in a week

poha recipe
poha recipe

What Is Poha

Poha is Made From Rice Poha is nothing but parboiled rice, rolled rice , flattened rice and then a flaked ingredient. Poha comes in different kinds of  thicknesses depending on the pressure used in the flattening process on the ric

Ingredients of poha recipe

  • 250 gram Poha
  • one half table spoon cumin seeds,
  • 1/2 table spoon mustard seeds,
  • two green chillies,
  • One table Spoon sugar,
  • half table spoon turmeric powder
  • some coconut grated
  • Salt as per taste
  • Two potato
  • One small size Onion,
  • coriander leaves
  • One Lemon
  • 10 to 12 curry leaves,
  • Two table spoon peanuts,
  • Three Table spoon Oil
  • when potatoes batata pohe are added to kandhe onion poha they are called batata pohe and I just can’t eat without potatoes I just love potatoes in poheSo that’s why I am making batate pohe recipe today how to make perfect batate pohe
poha recipe
poha recipe

In which the pohe don’t break they remain fluffy and moist and not dry at all. How to achieve all this is a very simple process. Quickly let’s see

How To Make Batata Poha Recipe

how to make batata pohe. I have taken for cups pohe here. It is very important which pohe to use this variety is thick poha and its slightly aged poha too. It is very important that you use thick poha only. The other variety of Poha that are available are the thin once that are used in chivda, if you use them then they will become mashed and mushy and you will not enjoy having them,

How To Wash Poha

So thick and aged poha is very important, once you have taken the right kind of Poha then we have to completely wash the poha now, And add water and with gentle hands wash the poha completely, don’t rub too much otherwise the poha will break apart, And quickly strain and discard the water, once you have strained the poha then rock the sieve a little bit to let all the access water to drain out, now let the pour stay in the sieve like this,

poha recipe
poha recipe

One More Thing

So that if there is any more water it will continue to drain, and your poha will continue to show in the sieve, And you don’t need to drench the poha in water to show them, in fact I will tell you one more thing that if you add poha in a s i e v e, And just wash in a sieve, that much is  enough too. So skip the first step, take poha in a sieve, add water and wash it gently,

And then leave it as is, your poha will soak perfectly and stay fluffy, and soak the poha just like this, it will result in great poha,

What takes about 10 minute to soak, so I have left the poha aside, and after that we will anyway need 10 minutes to cook the onions potato and etc,so I am cooking it simultaneously here until our poha is soaking,

poha recipe
poha recipe

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How To Make Poha Recipe

I have taken a broad vessel in this I have take to or three tablespoon oil, keep oil slightly more so that the poha recipe doesn’t turn out to be dry, once the oil is hot then do it add one half table spoon cumin seeds, 1.2 table spoon mustard seeds, two green chillies, 10 to 12 curry leaves, and two table spoon peanuts,

after adding all these ingredients stir it it and cook it on low flame for one or two minutes, After 1 minute I am adding two medium sized diced potato to this, after adding the potatoes stir well, and while stirring cook the potatoes till they are 50% cooked, and in this process our peanuts will get nicely fried too,

poha recipe
poha recipe

So within 4 or 5 minutes our potatoes will be half done, and they will get slightly brown too, at this stage I am adding one chopped onion, and I am adding one table spoon sugar here, adding sugar gives and amazing flavour, add just a touch of it, Now stir and cook the onion until they start Browning up a little bit, now you can see till what stage I have cooked the onion, and you have to cook the onion up to this stage,

And you can see that our potatoes are also well done now, at this stage lower the flame and add salt to taste, and half table spoon turmeric powder and stir it well, And our pohe are soaked to let’s check them, you can see how perfectly our poha are soaked, add sugged poha to the wok,

Along with its some freshly chopped coriander leaves, and we will add one table spoon lemon juice, you have to stir it with very light hands,

Pro Tips

Here if you stir very vigorously, then the poha might break apart, so keep in mind to stir with light hands, until all the poha recipe turn yellow in colour, and this poha recipe cook it just for one or two minutes, once you have cooked it nicely for one or two minutes,


Soaking poha-we have to use right kind of Poha it is very important for this recipe we have to choose medium thick poha. Rinsing poha-we do not over rinse or our soak the poha otherwise our poha will may turn mushy

Veggies– agar poha make it healthy and balance we have to use different kind of Chop Vegas like carrot,  peace, capsicum and you will like other veggies you can use

Toppings-we can use topping like coconut crunchi peanuts save and other things


poha recipe
poha recipe

Here I am telling you a tip here sprinkle a splash of water, just very little water and cover it with the lid, and turn the flame off,And just like this keep it covered for 3 to 5 minutes,

What happened when you do this step is that the water will convert into steam. And our poha recipe will become very moist and not feel dry when you eat it, and the poha recipe tastes amazing, you can check after 3 or 5 minutes and you can see that our poha recipe is perfectly ready,

Now we will add loads of coriander leaves on this. And you can see that our delicious batata pohe recipe are ready,

let’s plate it our batata poha

Now let’s plate it our batata poha, now we will add some coconut grated on poha recipe some friends coriander leaves on poha, and one lemon wedge,

Batata poha recipe have turn out to be really delicious and amazing and are very fluffy,

So make batata pohe like this let’s treat to eat in breakfast if you don’t want to add potatoes then you can make just kandhe pohe, but personally I don’t like poha recipe without potatoes, potatoes are very very important for poha recipe,

so definitely make this poha recipe and tell me in the comments box how did you like it,

And share this recipe with your friends and family, and hit the subscribe button if you have like this poha recipe follow and subscribe my blog if you have not yet.

Have an amazing time with this beautiful poha recipe at your home,

Cheers take care by by see you again in next recipe,

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