laccha paratha

Laccha Paratha | Laccha Paratha Recipe: A Delicious and Nutritious Indian Bread You Need to Try

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this is a very famous and popular Laccha Paratha recipe from North Indian cuisine. This is made with whole wheat flatbreads with a simple unleavened dough consisting of basic ingredients like whole wheat flour and all purpose flour, salt and ghee or oil. The specialty and uniqueness of this laccha paratha are the various visible flaky and crispy layers that are also soft and tender which is crisp from out side and soft from inside. Making these traditional Indian layered Laccha Paratha is very easy and it can be eat with shahi paneer, matter paneer, dum aloo, and which ever you would like,


laccha paratha
laccha paratha


hey guys what’s up you are welcome back on my new blog so friends today I am making very delicious and very charming laccha paratha recipe, now when you make laccha paratha at home it’s made differently on a skillet, and when you go to a restaurant or dhaba you get the lachha paratha kaise banta hai from the tandoor, and it’s texture is a very distinct,

And in this blog today I am going to tell you both methods the one on skillet like its done at home, and I will also tell you the laccha paratha step by step with the effect of cooking in tandoor but at home without tandoor or oven, and definitely you will get the same result on skillet at home very easily,

And along with that I will tell you how to layer in different ways which will give perfect layers to your laccha Paratha, which will result in a crispy and beautiful lachha paratha kaise banate hain, and you can pair it with any vegetable and it will be enjoy to eat with this lacha Paratha,

Prep time: 20 minutes (excluding dough resting time) Cooking time: 5 minutes Serves: 8-10 parathas

# laccha paratha ingredients

  • OIL  5 TSP


# How to make Lachha Paratha 

lachha paratha banane ki vidhi

So first of all let’s learn

# How to make the dough for laccha Paratha,

1.In a Big Bowl I am taking half kg whole wheat flour, and I am adding A pinch of salt and add A pinch of carom seed after crushing them, now lightly stir all the dry ingredients once, now I am adding approximately 400 ml of water, slowly and gradually add water and prepare a semi soft dough, gradually add water to bring the dough together,I had started with 400 ml water and then add 20 ml of more water so I have added about 420 ml water here,



2. Once the dough comes together then take it out on a platform for kneading or you can knead it in the platter too, kneadd this dough nicely for 7 to 10 minutes, if you knead this dough nicely for 7 to 10 minutes then your paratha will turns soft from inside and Crisp from outside, kneading part is very important as it leads to very good parathas,

3. So knead it nicely until the dough does not stay is sticky and becomes like a smooth dough, after 10 minutes you are dough has becomes really soft and smooth, at this stage I am adding to table spoon of oil and knead again for 2 minutes to let the oil get in corporate in the dough,

# How to Prepare Ball for lachha paratha

4. After 2 minutes the oil is nicely incorporated and our dough is ready, now prepare a big round dough ball, now place it in a bowl and apply some oil it on the surface to prevent it from drying out, and cover it with a moist cloth and let the dough rest for 1 to 2 hour, resting will let the dough relax and allow the paratha to be shaped nicely,

5. Once the dough is rested we have to divide it into portion so our dough has become very soft, I am cutting the do ball of about 100 gram here, so half kg dough will lead to about 9 laccha parathas, so shape all the dough balls, and place all balls in a plate or baking try and cover them with a moist cloth,



6. So all the preparation for our dough is over, you have learn how to knead the dough how to rest it and how to divide it into dough balls,

just like I said before if you make dough ball of hundred gram then you can make about 9 laccha paratha with half kg flour, so based on how many paratha you want knead only that much dough,

7. Now we are going to shape it in many ways which will form those layers in lachha Paratha which is very important, and then we have to cook it so we will cook it in two ways,

#Make Laccha Paratha

8. first of all we have to form layers so let’s learn the first method of making layers, Take a dough ball and keep the rest of the dough balls covered, now you have to cover this dough ball with dry flour, after covering it with dry flour place it on a platform and gently press it, now using a rolling pin roll it out in you can add dry flour in between if you feel the need try to roll it out as thin as possible,



9. Don’t worry too much about the shape right now because at the end we have to make another ball out of it, I have a rolled it out thin, once you have rolled it out then you have to apply ghee on it, I have taken melted ghee hare just apply it in layer of ghee on this, once you have spread the ghee nicely then sprinkle dry flour on it,

10. Be careful not to sprinkle too much dry flour otherwise you will get the floury teste in paratha, and you don’t applied too little flour either, so I have sprinkled a thin layer of dry flour here, due to this ghee and flour our layers won’t stick together,

11. Now using your hands roll it out like a pinwheel to make a long cylinder from it, once you have rolld it out then just roll it further to make it slightly longer, once you get a long cylinder then turn it around, turn it around to make a dough ball once you reach the end Tuck it in, so our dough ball for laccha Paratha is ready,



12. Let’s learn second method, coat the dough ball with dry flour and then pleace it on platform and press it and roll it out again, and now roll it out to form a chapati not a very thin chapati but roll it out into a slightly thicker chapati, so I have rolled it out like a chapati, then same process of applying little bit of method ghee on it, once you apply one layer of ghee then sprinkle dry flour on it once you have done this then put a slit like this in the middle, and start rolling it from the slit and roll it out into a cone,

13.Automatically when you roll it a cone will be formed as you can see how many layers have formed on the cone, these will form the layers on our lacha Paratha, now holding the cone press it to make it into a dough ball, our dough ball for lachha Paratha is ready by second method,

14. Now the third method take a dough ball dust it with dry flour and roll it out very thin roll it is big and thin as possible, and try to roll it out into a square or circle without being too particular we have to later pleat it and form a dough ball, so I have rolled a big sheet, now the same process of applying ghee and flour first I have applied ghee, then I will sprinkle some flour on it, now make pleats out of it make pleates like saree pleats, once you have made all the pleats then lightly stretch it, so as to elongate it a little bit once this step has alongated then you have to roll it to make a dough ball, so roll it up to keep your layers on top, and tuck the end below, so our dough ball with third method is also ready,

15 Clearing for our lacha Paratha is ready I have tell you three methods they are more methods but these three are the main methods, and if you find the other method easy you can use them to result are comparable but my personal preference is pleate method, so layer it as you would prefer the process of rolling and cooking further will be the same for all,

# How Roast Laccha Paratha

16. we will learn two type of cooking process first is home method of cooking on a skillet, and in second method how to get tandoor like result at home I will tell you both these things, so let’s learn how to make lachha paratha with Home style skillet method, before making the laccha paratha we have to heat the skillet so heat this skillet on the flame, on high flame heat the skillet properly and your skillet should be nice and hot, while the skillet is heating on the side let’s roll out the paratha,

17. Take a layer dough ball for laccha Paratha and coat it with dry flour, then place it on a platform or rolling board and gently press it and using a rolling pin roll it out, nicely roll it out into a paratha if you don’t know how to do it then practice, to be able to roll a round paratha if it does not turn out round don’t worry you will slowly get there,

18. So we have made a round lacha Paratha, our skillet is hot so take the paratha and place it on the hot skillet, now cook the paratha on medium High flame from one side of the paratha from one side until it is cooked from one side and it start getting brown spot, once the paratha is cooked from one side then flip it on other side, and turn it and cook it nicely from the other side too, you can turn the paratha once or twice and continue to cook it without ghee on both side press the Paratha in middle it helps the layer to separate and helps cook the paratha nicely from within,


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19. So our laccha paratha is cooked well on both sides now apply some ghee on one side and quickly turn it over then apply ghee on the other side and on the other side to cook the lachha paratha on both side for a few second to a minutes, then apply ghee on the other side and on the other side too kuda paratha on both sides for a few second until the laccha paratha becomes crisp from outside,

20. Application of ghee helps the laccha paratha become Crisp and you can see that your lachha paratha is ready, and take it out and transfer it on a platform to open the layers pick it up in your hands and crush it within your hands, now you will see it’s layer have opened up, it’s got perfect layers and now you can add butter and chaat masala on top and serve it,

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21. So you have learn how perfectly the lacha Paratha is made the layers are so perfect which open even nicely after crushing it, and just apply some butter on it and sprinkle some chaat masala and serve it gives amazing result, so try making it at home once, so this was our laccha paratha which you can make at home sometimes even restaurant  this skillet version, and this turns out perfect,

22. Now next version is tandoor version which is how it is made in tandoor, so we are going to make it at home without tandoor or oven on a skillet itself, now for this the skillet is very important don’t use the non stick skillet, use the cast iron one, and use a skillet with a handle as we have to turn the skillet over, so this is the requirement and usually we would have one such skillet at our home,


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23. Once you take the skillet wash it properly it should not have any Grease on it, there should not be any oil or ghee on it otherwise the laccha paratha will not stick on it,


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24. Now heat a clean skillet nicely your a skillet should we extremely hot, once the skillet is hot then roll out the paratha similarly I have already the rolled out a paratha, apply water on one side of the paratha, apply water throughly on entire surface don’t let it completely though, just a layer of water your paratha should be slightly moist from one side,

25. Once your Paratha is wet then place the paratha with the wet side down on the skillet, your paratha will stick, to further secure it take a napkin and press it gently on top to stick the paratha nicely, so that our paratha will not puff up and stick properly too, once the paraathe is stuck than let it cook on high flame for up to 1 minute, the paratha will also get light bubbles on it, after 1 minute lift the skillet and cook it on direct flame in different angles until it is properly cooked, so you will see that your  laccha Paratha is nicely cooked and remove it using a spatula, you will see from the back that it has got a tandoor effect too, so our laccha Paratha is nice and Crisp let serve it,


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Now we will apply some butter on it, and sprinkle some chat masala and we will eat with shahi paneer,

so you have learn our tandoor paratha also was perfect and the layers had nicely opened up, and it was crisp from outside and soft from inside in its essential to add butter and chat masala on top it tastes really delicious, today I served it with Shahi Paneer but you take your pic from any kind of paneer like mutter Paneer tikka and extra,


laccha paratha
laccha paratha


So definitely try this laccha Paratha at your home and tell me in comment box how did you like this laccha Paratha recipe if you like this laccha Paratha recipe please like and share my blog take care bye-bye see you again,

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