khada pav bhaji

khada pav bhaji | Khada Pav Bhaji Recipe: The Spicy and Flavorful Street Food from Mumbai

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This is a very famous and delicious khada pav bhaji recipe in Mumbai street, “KHADA” means whole and chunky and pav bhaji means spicy delicious vegetable curry, In khada pav bhaji recipe there is no mashed vegetable like pav bhaji, in this recipe vegetable is use in big pieces and don’t them mashed, so vegetable left are chunky, and the most vegetables used in khada pav bhaji like potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peas, capsicum, and cauliflower and many whichever you like, khada pav bhaji is served with soft maska pav, and tandoori roti and which ever you like,


khada pav bhaji
khada pav bhaji


Khada Pav Bhaji

so Hey what’s up guys you are welcome once again on my new blogs of friends today I am making your favourite dish khada pav bhaji recipe, you know that one of my most favourite recipe is pav bhaji you can find different varieties of pav bhaji on streets of Mumbai, but within the traditional type of pav bhaji there is another type of pav bhaji which is called khada pav bhaji,

What is Khada Pav Bhaji

Now what does Kada pav bhaji was he means whenever you don’t want to do a lot of work like mashing or cutting and chopping, then you can make this pav bhaji in this the vegetable are kept Chunky and not mashed together, they are cut into pieces and added otherwise the pieces remain the same, so a lot of people like khada pav bhaji as a Mumbai street food, so I am sharing the same recipe with all you,

Prep time: 15-20 minutes Cooking time: 30-35 minutes Serves: 4-5 people


Ingredients For khada pav bhaji

  • GARLIC  1/3 CUP
  • OIL  2 TSP
  • CUMIN 1/2 TSP


How To Make Khada Pav Bhaji

The preparation for this is a little different as you have to cut the vegetable in lot chunkier, let’s learn how to that prepare is done and let learn how to make khada pav bhaji Mumbai Street style, khada pav bhaji recipe here I have prepped some irrigadients for khada pav bhaji already, I have chopped the capsicum tomatoes and boil potatoes in a big dices,

What Is The Diffrence In Pav Bhaji And Khada pav bhaji

If you were making a normal pav bhaji then the capsicum and tomatoes would be finally chopped and potatoes would be mashed, so this is a major difference between this khada pav bhaji recipe, So you have to cut these three vegetable like this,if making normal pav bhaji then the chopping would be finally chopped and potatoes be mashed, that is a major difference so please note the differences,


Lets Start,


How To Cut Vegetables

1. So cut them your vegetables into big dices that is important for khada pav bhaji recipe if making normal pav bhaji then the chopping would be finally chopped and potatoes be mashed, that is a major difference so please note the differences,

2. Rest of the ingredients will be the same that we have to add to a pav bhaji, and we will make fpaste   grinding red chilli and garlic which will be added in khada pav bhaji recipe, and then I will tell you about a special chutney a garlic chutney which is my favourite and is great when eaten with khada pav bhaji recipe,

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And you already know that I make the pav bhaji masala at home which is I have share many times in my blog, so I am using homemade pav bhaji masala, if you want to make the masala at home then I am not telling it again in this blog,

3. Now next step is that we have to make the paste of red chilli and garlic and then let’s learn how to make khada pav bhaji,

4. So here I have take 15 socked and deseeded Kashmiri Red chillies, add them to a mixture grinder jar, along with that I am adding one third cup peeled garlic, and I am adding a little bit of water and you have to prepare a semi thin pace out of this, So I have prepared the paste, our garlic and red chilli chutney is ready,



5.Once you have prepared this Paste then you have to make the pav bhaji on a skillet, and I always make my pav bhaji on a skillet completely street style, now I know a lot of people will not have a large skillet, so for this type of pav bhaji there is no need to worry you can make it in a cooking pot or a wok as you don’t need to do any mashing here, if you have to do the mashing then I always tell you that you should have a flat bottom vessel, so that you can easily Mash it,

6. So there is a no need for mashing here so you can cook it in any vessel, try to find an open vessel like a skillet or a large fry Pan and cook in that, so that you get better result the cooking process on a skillet is slightly different, and if you have that then do so if not then no need to worry, now let’s learn what is the another process,


How To Coock Khada Pav Bhaji

7. Now heat a skillet very nicely, then to it we will add one table spoon oil, two table spoon butter, once the butter and oil are heated then we will add 1/4th table spoon cumin seeds and we will add two medium size chopped onion, now cook the onion on high flame for 2 minutes until they turn translucent, no need to cook is too much,

8. After cooking the onions for 2 minutes now we will add one capsicum diced, three diced tomatoes, five boiled diced potatoes, half cup boiled peas, I am adding 1/4th beetroot grated this is optional it gives a good colour, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder 1 table spoon coriander powder, half teaspoon Kashmiri red chilli powder, half teaspoon cumin powder, 1 table spoon home made pav bhaji masala, and half tsp fenugreek leaves, and finally I will add salt according to taste A pinch homemade masala and we will add paste of two green chilli for the heat, and mix all the ingredients well and cook it nicely for 2 minutes,



9. While mixing it well I have added the green chillies as the Kashmiri Red chillies don’t have much heat so the spiceness will come from green chillies, now cook it for 2 minutes while stirring we don’t need to make the vegetables into a mush, then to this we will add half of the quantity of the paste that we made of red chilli and garlic,

10. After adding the paste stir everything well to mix all the ingredients with the paste, and cook it just for 2 minutes here after cooking for 2 minutes we will add hot water to it I have added about 300 ml of water and adjust the consistency the consistency should be somewhat thicky, after adding the water you have to cook the vegetables for 10 minutes while stirring,



11. Remamber don’t mash at all otherwise it will become normal pav bhaji, and the texture of vegetable should be chanki only than our khada pav bhaji will be perfect, so cook these vegetables for 4 to 5 minute while stirring, this will cook properly and thicken a little and our chilli paste will also cook properly, and the khada pav bhaji will be perfect, after 4 to 5 minutes,

12. you will see how it’s consistency is it is a perfect consistency, now here I am adding butter as per the requirement, after adding the butter at lots of freshly chopped green coriander leaves, and we will add juice of lemon, after adding all these ingredients stir it once, after stirring it taste it once for salt and spice and adjust as per your taste, and our khada pav bhaji is ready,

13.So you have learn how it is a simpler process then making normal pav bhaji, it takes lesser time as there is no mashing needed in pav bhaji main time takes in mashing the vegetables, if you want to make a pav bhaji quickly then you can make this one, and it can be eaten with pav and even roti as it is a sabji style, so our khada pav bhaji is ready,


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next I had told you about this garlic chutney which is a great accomplishment to this Kadapa waji or any pav bhaji,

So I am going to use the same half paste that was left over to make this chutney, if you don’t intend to make the chutney then use half the quantity of ingredients like chilli and garlic to make the paste, there will be no wastage if you are not making the chutney,

14. Now let’s learn how to make chutney, to make the chutney I have taken a fry Pan and I am adding 2 table spoon of oil, now to this I am adding 1/4 table spoon cumin seeds, now add the remaining Kashmiri red chilli and garlic paste, one table spoon homemade pav bhaji masala, one pinch garam Masala, paste of two green chillies, and we will add salt according to taste,

15, Now cook the chutney for 3 to 5 minutes while stirring on medium High flame, or continue to cook the chatni and let the oil start releasing from the chutneys after 3 to 5 minutes you will see that the oil has released and our chutney is almost ready now we will add 1 table spoon lemon juice, and we will add freshly chopped coriander leaves and stir it well, our garlic chatni is ready,
Now we will prepare pav for pav bhaji,

How To Coock Pav For Khada Pav Bhaji

16, To heat the pav for pav bhaji take pav and slice it from centre, now on a slightly hot pan, and add butter as per requirement, and add some garlic chatni add some freshly chopped coriander adding garlic chatni give a very good flavour to the pav, after mixing everything now coat the pav on all sides and let it heat through, don’t make it to crusty if you do prefer crusty pav then from the crust on high flame otherwise just coat it on all sides, and our maska pav is ready, now let’s serve it our khada pav bhaji,


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We will serve it our khada pav bhaji with maska pav some grated onion, cucumber, chat masala and red onion garlic chutney, and half lemon juice, and sprinkle some fresh coriander leaves and put lots of butter,

So this version of our khada pav bhaji is also very delicious definitely try this khada pav bhaji recipe at your home if you don’t have eaten this khada pav bhaji then eat it for sure, it taste quite different from regular pav bhaji as it is not mashed and it taste really great with tandoori roti as well, so if you don’t want to eat pav or add less butter do that and eat with tandoori roti, you will still enjoy the pav bhaji test,


khada pav bhaji
khada pav bhaji


So definitely try this recipe at your home and tell me in the comment box how did you like this wonderful khada pav bhaji recipe and share this recipe with your friend and family and press subscribers if you have like this recipe here and amazing time with this beautiful khada bavji recipe at your home cheers take care bye bye,

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