Bhindi ki sabji

Bhindi Ki Sabji | Bhindi ki sabji kaise banaen | Bhindi ki sabji kaise banate hain

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You must have eaten bhindi ki sabji a lot, but you would not have eaten bhindi ki sabji like this before.

Bhindi ki sabji
Bhindi ki sabji

Friends, many types of vegetables come in the summer season, but there is one more vegetable in the summer season, which we make Bhindi ki Sabji, then you must have eaten many types of Bhindi Sabji, but today I am going to make the vegetable of Bhindi ki sabji for you. I have brought vegetables of Bhindi that you must have never eaten before.

Bhindi ki sabji
Bhindi ki sabji

And if you make it in my way, then I claim that you will eat this bhindi ki sabji by licking your fingers and the one who does not eat bhindi ki sabji will also eat this bhindi ki sabji and make it again and again.

So friends, let’s learn how to make Bhindi ki Sabji

Friends, it is very easy to make bhindi ki sabji, but today I am making this okra sabji for you, you must see it once carefully and if you make it in this way, you will keep licking your fingers, so let’s see. Note down the ingredients or materials we need for how we will make this vegetable.

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  • 1/2 kg okra which is also called lady finger
  • 100 grams red red tomatoes
  • 4 green chilies
  • one teaspoon coriander powder
  • Half teaspoon turmeric powder
  • Half teaspoon red chili powder
  • Half teaspoon dried mango powder
  • ½ tsp garam masala
  • salt to taste
  • 1 inch piece of ginger
  • 2 pinch cumin

And friends oil to fry the bhindi and to sprinkle the bhindi

So let’s start making bhindi ki sabji

Bhindi ki sabji
Bhindi ki sabji

First of all, friends, we will wash the okra bhindi  properly and after washing the okra, we will cut off the stalks and friends, we do not have to cut the okra into small pieces, we only two or three of these okra Will grind if your bhindi is big then you can grind three if your bhindi is small then grind only two

Here friends, among the tomatoes that we have taken, we will make fury of one tomato, and we will keep one tomato which we will cut into long slides, after that we will put it in when we make Bhindi ki sabji.

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Now we have kept the fry pan, the pan is hot and we have to put about 100 grams of oil in the pan, let the oil heat up a bit and when the oil becomes hot, then friends put the pieces of bhindi in it. By adding it, we will fry a little bit, so that the astringent taste in the okra will end and the gravy vegetable we are making of bhindi will be very wonderful.

Friends, we have lightly fried bhindi, now it is time to make bhindi ki sabji,

lats make bhinki ki sabji

Bhindi ki sabji
Bhindi ki sabji

Now we have put a pan here, the pan is hot and we have put about 20 grams of oil in the pan, friends, the oil is hot, now we will put two pinches of cumin seeds, which we have taken four green chilies. We will cut these 4 chilies in the middle and put them in the oil, now our chilies have started to crackle, now friends, we will grate the 1 inch ginger in it and add it too, after that, friends, now we have made the tomato puree. We will put that fury in it and we will find it on medium flame

Bhindi ki sabji
Bhindi ki sabji

Friends, this fury is cooking, now spices are going to come in it, friends, the spices we have taken in it are one teaspoon coriander powder, half teaspoon red chili powder, half teaspoon turmeric powder, and now we will cook these spices well with this fury. Huh.

Bhindi ki sabji
Bhindi ki sabji

Vegetables of Bhindi

So friends, these spices are cooked, now we will put the okra which we had lightly fried in this spice and along with it, friends, we will put the tomato which we have cut into long slices, now we will also add that. We will run it with the help of chillies and friends, for 10 minutes, we cover it on medium flame and cook it, in between, friends, we will keep stirring it by removing the lid.

Vegetables of Bhindi

So friends, it’s been 10 minutes, let’s see, now friends, okra smells very good, now friends, we will put salt in it, because okra will be cooked a little more, so we have put salt in it according to taste. We will cook it for 5 more minutes, we have to cook it on medium gas only.

Bhindi ki sabji

So it’s been 5 minutes and bhindi sabzi is almost ready, so this gravy bhindi ki sabzi is getting ready for us, friends, the smell is very good, now we will put in it the amchur powder we have taken, half a teaspoon of it. Will put and friends, we are using garam masala in this to bring a little spicy taste, so friends, we have also put this garam masala in it, now let’s stir it a little with the help of chali

Friends, bhindi ki sabji lady finger vegetable with hot gravy is ready, now you can eat this bhindi ki curry vegetable with bread or paratha or eat it whole or keep it in children’s lunch box. You can cook this lady finger vegetable once. If you eat then your fingers will remain on the chaat

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