rasgulla recipe

Rasgulla Recipe | Easy Rasgulla Recipe | Indian sweet recipe | rasgulla recipe in english

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Hey guys welcome to my new blog today I am making Rasgulla Recipe  I am going to make perfect rasgulla recipe.

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

What is Rasgulla

Rasgulla is our favorite Bengali sweet So far I have not shared this recipe with you all, And it’s such a famous Indian desert and it is enjoyed worldwide

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

About This Recipe

And today the recipe of rasgulla recipe that I am going to share with you all will make absolutely soft and spongy rasgullas and filled with sugar syrup throughout it’s core, When will you eat them And they will melt in mouth and will turn out soft as cotton, And it’s a very simple technique with simple ingredient s

If you follow all the tips and tricks for this recipe then this recipe will be perfect for you

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

Two Typs of Sugar

Now to make rasgulla two types of sugar syrup are made the first one in which rasgullas are soaked and second one in which rasgullas are cooked in

let’s make the Suger syrup

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

First of all let’s make the syrup used for dipping soaking, I have take a fry pan and I have take one cup or 250 gram sugar along with it let’s add water initially I am adding two cup of water after that I am adding a little extra around 1 upon 3 cup of more water now turn the stop on and boil the water until the sugar dissolve and the water comes up to a rolling boil now you can see that sugar has melted and it has come up to a boil

After this stage you don’t have to cook this syrup anymore that is really important, now we have transfer this syrup into a bowl and bring it to room temperature until you finished the rest of the prepare of rasgulla recipe, so our first syrup is ready it’s such a simple process right make a simple sugar syrup

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

Pro Tips

Remember you don’t have to make one or two string consistency syrup like we make for gulab jamun. This is very important as otherwise your rasgulla will not soak the syrup, just resolve the sugar once dissolved and come up to a single boil then you have to stop cooking this syrup, This is very important for you to remember

Now we will let this syrup cool down we will make the other syrup letter, Before that we have to make Chenna for rasgulla

What Is Chenna

Chenna is basically made by curdling the milk similar process to make paneer so let’s see how to do that procedure,

how to make chenna

I have taken heavy bottomed pen and lkg full fat buffalo milk after adding the milk bring it to a gentle simmer as in boiled the milk just until it’s reach a gentle Boil, Keep stirrring in between while the milk comes up to a boil. The type of milk that you use is very important I am using full fat buffalo milk today. now you can see that the milk is boiling at this stage you have to turn the stove off.

And rest it for one or two minutes.if you curdle the milk immediately then your chenna will be a lid hard so keep a note of this one tips, after 1 or 2 minutes here into a bowl I am taking one or two tablespoon vinegar, and I am adding two tablespoon water, now slowly and gradually add this vinegar mixture into the milk, and gently stir it no need to stir it vigorously keep that in mind, you will see that gradually you are milk will start curdling,

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

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Just use enough vinegar required to curdle the milk, that amount that I have used here it just enough to curdle the milk, you can see that all the milk curds have separated and residual the greenish whey is separated too, At this stage you have to strain this Chenna, place a Muslin cloth on a sieve and strain this Chenna, after is straining wash it nicely with fresh water, not profusely but just to remove the acidity of the vinegar,

Once your  Chenna is washed than you have to just hang it, wait for just one or two minutes and let the excess whey drip off, once the whey that is spontaneously has dripped of than is squeeze the chenna gently, just gently is squeeze it for two or three times don’t squeeze too much otherwise your chenna will  become dry, so now you can see I have drain of the whey that I easily could, now please it back in the sieve and put some weights on it not to heavy just medium weights,

And let the chenna rest under weights for 5 minutes, so our Chenna to make rasgulla is ready,

Ingredients are requared

  • 800 gram sugar
  • 1kg buffalo milk
  • one table spoon refined flour


so while making the rasgulla recipe you can see there are just to ingredients milk and sugar,

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

So that’s why it’s technique is very important

So that’s why it’s technique is very important, we already saw the technique of sugar syrup,technique for Chenna is that the variety of milk is very important, from my trials,I have found out that full fat buffalo milk gives best result, so you can use that too,

Secondly don’t boil the milk too much just after one gentle while or Simmer turn the flame off, and the resting period of 1 or 2 minutes post boil is very important, when the Chenna is made at very high heat it gets over cooked, and the Chenna trance hearts so you are rasgulla recipe will be hard as well.

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Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

So keep this in mind and give it a rest phase, next diluting the vinegar is very important, if you see concentrated vinegar then milk curdles with shock  chenna can turn hard,

So keep this in mind too, then immediately strain it out don’t let it sit in hot whey for long, as can get over cooked also wash it after straining to stop the carry over cooking, And also to reduce the acidity of the vinegar, and after that while is straining off the whey don’t remove the entire moisture out of Chenna, otherwise your chenna and rasgulla will become dry,

if you keep these things in mind then you are rasgulla recipe  will be perfect, now I have already told you all the tips and tricks for Chenna, now while the Chenna is resting for 5 minute lets prepare the syrup that we will use to cook the rasgulla in,

And after that I will show you how to shape the rasgullas,

In a big pen take to cups or 500 game sugar, now you have to add five cup water to this, now you have to boil this syrup so I am living it to come to a boil on low flame, while this syrup is cooking on the side till then quickly we will shape the rasgullas,

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

How to shape the rasgullas

Our chenna is rested you can see when I am touching it I can still feel it has some dampness and is not completely dry, this is very important

No transfer this Chenna in a big plate and now we have to crumble this chenna, now gather all the Chenna on one side of the plate now we have to massage this Chenna, I am going to use the hill of my hand to massage Chenna so take small quantities and go on massaging this Chenna, by doing so we are making Chenna particles fine and smooth and the Chenna granuals miniscule,

The texture of our chenna should be really smooth, massage the Chenna until the leaves the surface of the plate, this process is also very important, this will determine that your rasgulla are shaped properly and don’t crack while shaping or boiling,

now you can see that I have massaged to the Chenna really well and it has left the edges of the plate very well, it will come together like this and start leaving the plate, make sure that you are not over kneading it otherwise it will releasing it’s fat,

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

Keep this in mind

At this stage once the Chenna is ready then add some refined flour to it, I am just adding one table spoon refined flour here don’t add more flour to it,incorporate the flour in the Chenna well and then you will see that our Chenna is ready to shape,

Let’s shape the rasgullas

take a spoon full of mixture and keep it in between your palms and massage it while rolling like this, shape it while applying some pressure so that the shape of your rasgullas turns out to be perfect, then slowly reduce the pressure of palm and prepare a roundle,

Make sure that there are no cracks on the surface and it is completely smooth, now you can see that we have shaped that rasgulla like this, once you start sleeping then then cover remaining Chenna and shaped rasgulla by moist cloth to avoid surface drying, so just like this shape all the rasgullas and keep them covered while they are being shaped,

now let’s look at the syrup you can see that the sugar has dissolved and the syrup is now hot now, now bring this syrup to a rolling boil, cover it with a lid and let it comes to a rolling boil this is very important,

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

How to boil rasgullas

once you are sugar syrup comes to a rolling boil you can cook your rasgullas in it, make sure that your sugar syrup is not to thick if you find it to be thick then add some more water,

Until the water comes to a rolling boil I am preparing a slurry, for the slurry I am taking a bowl take 1 table spoon refined flour and mix it with 1/4 cup water, and keep it aside I will tell you in a while what has to be done with this,

now you can see our sugar syrup has come to be a rolling boil now you have to carefully add rasgulla to in it one by one,

after adding the rasgullas cook them for two or three minutes on high flame without the lid, after 2 or 3 minutes at this slurry that we have prepared earlier, you will see in sometimes what happened due to this slurry, coverage with a lid and cook these rasgullas on high flame covered for 10 to 12 minutes,

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

The slurry that we added forms and fourthy layer on rasgullas, and because of that the steam is captured in the vessels, and it helps the sugar syrup to layer on the surface of the rasgullas recipe, And just your rasgullas will swell up nicely and cook properly cause of adding this slurry, now you can see the froth hare which in due to adding that slurry,

On a high flame if you are syrup is voraciously boiling then the froth will rise up, so for that tilt the lid slightly or keep releasing his team once in a while by lifting the lid, to avoid over flowing of this froth or sugar syrup keep this in mind, 10 to 12 minutes cook the rasgullas on high flame

It’s been 10 to 12 minutes I am lifting the lid now, so you can see that our rasgullas are perfectly swellled up and cooked well, as I had given you the tip to avoid cracking the rasgullas and thus all of them are in none cracked, now at this stage turn the flame off,

Let the rasgulla rest in the same syrup for 4 to 5 minutes, after 4-5 minutes remove the rasgullas and transfer them to our dipping syrup at room temperature, this is the syrup that we prepared earlier, once you have transferred them you have to wait for about and our before enjoying them,

once you are rasgulla come up to room temperature then you can chill them in refrigerator or enjoy them as it is,

so rasgulla recipe is  ready and you saw that you need just to simple ingredients milk and sugar, that’s all you need to make them and they are absolutely perfect juicy and soft, now I am going to plate this rasgulla recipe and show you how is their texture, so let’s play these rasgulla,

Rasgulla recipe
Rasgulla recipe

So friends you have read How of spongy and melt in mouth these rasgullas recipe are, eating these rasgulla recipe was blisful, you can also make this rasgulla recipe at your home following all my tips and share it with your friends and family whenever you make them, and tell me in the comment box how you like this recipe and share this recipe with your friends and family take care by by



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