gulab jamun

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Hey guy you are most welcome again on my new blog let’s make some delicious and perfect gulab jamun

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

gulab jamun is a sweetest recipe in all over India and everybody like this sweet because this sweet is very delicious and desertevery occasion every festival we like this gulab jamun recipe, Believe me or not I have not shared my gulab jamun recipe with you all at this time.finally I am sharing my perfect gulab jamun recipe with you I hope you would like this recipe

Please read this recipe till the end

Gulab jamun are prepared with various ingredients like semolina instant mix or even brad but the best gulab jamun are prepared using evaporated milk solid mava

So today I am preparing gulab jamun using mava for you

I am sharing with you that technique to prepare perfect crack free evenly coloured cooked to the core soft and melt in the mouth gulab jamun.I will share all the tips and trick with you today and you will be able to prepare gulab jamun easily with simple ingredientOnly the technique is really important which I will explaining in details

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

Let’s do it

Making Sugar Syrup Correctly

Firstly to prepare the sugar syrup I am adding four cup of sugar to it I am adding 3 cup of water. Now switch on the flame and cook on high flame until the sugar dissolves still occasionally for 34 times until the sugar dissolve. Now you can see that the sugar has dissolved, at this stage crush two or three parts of green cardamom and add it to the sugar syrup

along with it I am adding a few strands of saffron and 1 table spoon of rose water, and friends rose water is the most important ingredient without the rose water gulab jamun would not taste like original gulab jamun Now give it still and bring the syrup to a boi lonce the syrup has become to a boil just boil the syrup for only 2 minutes this is very important

Friends do not over cook the syrup the syrup should not turn thick otherwise our gulab jamun will not make good, usually while preparing gulab jamun often the remain dry from the inside and do not shok up the syrup, That happened because of the syrup thick consistency

you just have to cook the syrup for only 2 minutes once it comes to a boil and switch off the flame, The sirf consistancy should be watery and not thick, And don’t worry about the one string or two string consistency about your sugar syrupjust boil the sirf for only 2 minutes and your syrup will always turn out good, Now our syrup is ready we will keep it aside until next used

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

Making Gulab Jamun Dough Correctly

Now we have to prepare the dough for the gulab jamun of mava, for that I am taking a large flat vessel you can use any large plate or a flat vessel, and now I am adding 250 gram of mawa soft reduced milk use for gulab jamun, Now use this part of your palm to rub the mava against the plate you have to cream the Mawa nicely

Take small portion of Mawa and mash IT and and rub against the plate surface the reduced milk (mava) grainy texture, by doing this process the mava should turn into a soft and creamy texture Mawa, so take a small portion of the Mawa and continue this process until the texture of the Mawa turns and creamy

This process would take about 8 to 10 minutes usuallyit could sometimes take more time like around 15 to 20 minutes as well depending up on the mawa’s quality, but do this process really well because it will insure that your gulab jamun turn out soft with a good texture, And would not have cracks and would not break while frying this is the most important process for gulab jamun

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Now you can see that you have creamed the mava really well for 10 to 12 minutesand you can see that initially the texture was grainy but now it’s really soft and creamy, At this stage I am adding 60 gram of malai paneer and grste the paneer really well and rub it against the plate surface nicely just like how we creamed the mava

So take a small poration of the paneer and continue this process until the texture of the paneer turn soft and creamy, Now I have screamed the paneer really well at this stage I am going to mix the paneer and Mawa together, Now you can see that the mixture is quite thickyit is sticking to the fingers and to the plate as well because it has excess moisture

At this stage you have to introduce some binding agent to the dough so I am using refined flour in this recipe, The quantity of refined flour to be used should not be a lotif you use a lot of refined flour than the gulab jamun will turn out hard doughy end it would have a raw flour like taste, so now we just have to use three or four table spoon of refined flour this is completely depends on the quality of your paneer and mawas quality

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If it has access moisture than you will have to use more refined flouri that your mava and paneer does not have access moisture otherwise you will have to use a lot of refined flour, Now I am going to add one table spoon of floor at a time at one table spoon of flour mix the dough well and rub it against the plate

If the dough is still sticky add another table spoon of refined flour I am adding one table spoon of floor at a time until the dough does not feel very sticky, now at this stage we have to add baking powder or baking sodathis ingredient is also really important as it will make our gulab jamun fluffy

I am adding one table spoon of baking powder if you are using baking soda then just add a couple of pinch, Now mix the baking powder really nicely with the dough now you can see that the door is not that sticky, If you try to shape a ball out of it it’s easily taking shape at this stage stop adding the flour I have only used for table spoon of refined flour

You can use a maximum of 5 to 6 tablespoon of refined flour do not use more than that, if you have used less flour and the dough seems to be find then stop adding flour at that stage,now my dough is ready I am wrapping it with a plastic wrap and I am going to give it a rest for about 10 to 15 minutes

by giving the dough some rest to the flour and all ingredients in the dough will settle down, And it would be easier to shape the gulab jamuns, the dough has been rested well now after removing the plastic wrap mix that dough lightly now we have to shape the gulab jamuns by dividing the dough

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

Make Dough And shape jamuns

I am using a weighing scale of divide the dough into 13 grams portionsyou can prepare gulab jamun of 10 to 15 grams which is the best size for the gulab jamun, make a small gulab jamun as when you will fry and shock them letter they will double up in size, so if you prepare really large gulab jamun they might break while frying or shocking prepare small gulab jamun while shaping

If you do not have a weighing scale then you can shape the gulab jamuns into a small lemon size ball now let’s shape the gulab jamuns, Now I have divided the dough into 13 gram portiondream the process of dividing and shaping the dough keep the dough covered with a moist cloth to keep it from drying, if the dough will dry out then it would get difficult to shape it later and cracks many appear keep this in mind

Now take a portion of dough and shape it by applying pressure in between your palms apply pressure nicely while shaping the gulab jamun, Slowly give it a round shape after shaping you have to ensure that there are no cracks on the surface also the surface should we really smooth, Then only the gulab jamun want develop any cracks while frying this step is also really important

Shape all your gulab jamun similarly the surface should be smooth and crack free, sometimes Aster resting the dough cracks might appear while shaping the gulab jamun this happens because that dough has dried out a little bit you need to add some moisture to it in the form of two or three drops of water rose water or milk

you should be able to shape the gulab jamun Bell with the smooth surface Remember this point as well, Now I have shaved all the gulab jamuns now we need to heat our oil or ghee and check the syrup as well and then I will fry the gulab jamuns

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

Fry Gulab Jamun

Before frying the gulab jamuns check the temperature of the syrup it should be around 50 to 60 degree centigrade, when you touch it with your finger it should feel luckwarmyou should neither feel a lot of heat nor it should feel cold, The syrup is at the perfect temperature

Now we have to set the temperature of the oil, the oil should be moderately hot at around 140 to 150 degree centigrade, if you don’t have a thermometer then add a small piece of dough into the oilthe bubbles around it should appear slowly and it should also rise to the top slowly, if it is immediately coming to the top the bubbles are too fast and changing its colour immediately then the oil is very hot

You need to reduce the heat, the oil should be moderately hot then only the gulab jamuns would turn out good,The temperature of the oil is perfect now, now I am using a spoon to stir the oil in a circular motion while adding the gulab jamuns one by one, by doing this process the gulab jamuns want settle down stick to the bottom of the vessel the gulab jamun settle down then they will burn from one side

To avoid that keep stirring carefully using a spoon and add the gulab jamun one by one continue the process and add all the gulab jamuns, use a small spoon if you use a big spoon than it would be difficult to stir around without breaking the gulab jamun, carefully keep string until the gulab jamuns have got the desired colour

by stirring the oil the gulab jamuns would rotate in the oiland this will ensure that the gulab jamuns get even colour from all side and they fry evenly from all side

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

Pro Tips

You have to fry at a very low flame slowly and patiently, this is very important if you fry them on a higher flame then they will get a dark colour very early and would remain raw from the inside, another big issue with preparing gulab jamuns at home is that the core has remained uncooked and raw

This happened because of the high temperature of oil because of which it remains and cooked from the inside, to avoid that asked the gulab jamuns in moderately hot oil and fry them on low flame slowly and patiently, Then only the gulab jamuns have an even and perfect colour, now you can see that the gulab jamuns have got really nice and perfect colour

Fry only until this colour has been achieved do not fry further as dark gulab jamun don’t look really good, at this stage I am removing the gulab jamuns from the oil

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

Adding Jamuns into the sugar syrup

And immediately I am going to dip them into the sugar syrup, it is very important to give the hot gulab jamuns immediately into the syrup otherwise they want soak up the syrup, this is the secondary reason the first region was that if you are syrup is to thick then also the gulab jamuns want soak up the syrup, the second reason is that if your remove the gulab jamuns and keep them aside and then add into the syrup then also they want soak up the syrup

Now after you have fried the gulab jamuns at them immediately into the syrup and soak them for at least 3 4 hours, they will soak up the syrup nicely they will double up in size and your gulab jamun will turn really soft perfect and delicious

Our gulab jamun is ready gulab jamun Size doubled in size and have got a really good colour there are no cracks and they have been cooked really well to the core, They have turn out super soft and will melt in your mouth the gulab jamuns are perfect

gulab jamun
gulab jamun

pro tips

So follow these all tips and tricks and prepare gulab jamuns at your home prepare this recipe for your brother or sister to celebrate every festival

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if you have any query about this recipe you can comment in comment box I will give reply your all questions to answer thanks for giving your precious time

Take care bye bye see you again in next recipe




















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