Thatte idli recipe | Thatte Idli Recipe: A Traditional South Indian Breakfast Dish You Need to Try

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It is a very popular and  idli variant recipe from Karnataka cuisine thatte idli recipe  prepared on a flat plate or a big moulds.  thatte idli recipe are very soft with thick thickness and very bigger in size as compared to our traditional idli which is made with suji or dal and rice. thatte idli recipe is popular in Bangalore, Mysore region and thatte idli typically served in hotel for morning tiffin or breakfast. In all kannanda language thatte means plate and cooking idli on a flat thin plate derives the name for this idli. thatte idli recipe are unique to Kannada cuisine and is mainly prepared with a combination of rice, urad dal, poha and sabudana and fenugreek seeds. it tastes is very great when served with the combination of green chutny and gunpowder and ghee, thatte idli recipe is prepared with leftover steamed rice from the previous day’s lunch or dinner menu. thatte idli recipe  basically grounded to smooth paste with urad dal, poha and a pinch of baking soda and later steamed in round-shaped plates.  today 100 % authentic tatte idli or plate idli can be prepared with idli rice, sabdudana / poha and also the normal  idli batter,




Thatte Idli recipe

hey what’s up guys you are once again welcome on my new blogs of friends today I am making very delicious recipe Thatte idli recipe, and this thatte idly is a very peculiar kind of idli, it is sad into a plate and that is why it is called thatthe idly, plate Idli, and this recipe is found in a village called bisari which is a region near Bengalore, and its airy and pillowy soft, and its use in size and taste really delicious to eat,

So I am going to tell you how to make thatte idli and its batter and when I specially eat this idli I top it with a ghee and mulagi podi special spice mix, which is famously known as gunpowder, so today in this recipe I am also going to tell you how to make that gunpowder at your home, and it is a very simple recipe and its taste really delicious and very awesome, and idli and ghee and podi its pure joy,

Prep time: 10-15 minutes (excluding soaking & fermentation time) Cooking time: 25-30 minutes Serves: 6-8 people


Thatte Idli recipe Ingredients:

  • URAD GOTA  1.5 CUP
  • POHA  1/2 CUP
  • OIL
  • URAD DAL  1/2 CUP

How to make the batter for Thatta idli recipe

First of all let’s learn how to make the batter for idli,

1.aTo make the better I have take 5 cups of par boiled rice here, then I have a take the 1,5 cup urad dal and this is called gota variety of urad dal, and I have taken two table a spoon tapioca pearls hare to increase the starch content of the batter, and I have taken 1/2 Cup poha flattened rice, and I have taken two table a spoon fenugreek seeds to help with fermentation,

2. Now you have to separately wash the rice and lentils nicely, take rice and lentils in a separate bowl and add water to both end wash them nicely, until their water comes out clear once the water is clear then discard this water now in the bowl containing lentils you have to add tapioca pearls flattened rice flakes and fenugreek seeds,




3. Now add enough water in both bowls to help soak all the ingredients properly, once the rice and lentils are soaking you have to let them be separately for 8 to 10 hours, we are soaking them separately as they have to be ground separately, as the rice will be ground a little coarse and the lentils will be ground quite fine, hence soak both separately,

4. Since the soaking time is 10 hours so if you intend to make idli, say today morning then soak them previous day, so that your rice and lentils are soaked until night then you can grind them at night, and then in the morning you are batter will ferment and you will be able to make the thatte idli in the morning, so your active involvement in quietless soaking will take about 5 minutes and grinding the better might take 10 to 15 minutes, And next day you are batter will be ready,

5. Once all these things are done we are ready the tapioca pearls and flattened rice make the idly soft, tapioca perals also add starch into the better so it holds the structure very well, if you don’t want to add Tapioca pearls then its optional, but if you don’t at the tapioca pearls then the idli kind of dis integrated while eating or become a little crumbly, by adding tapioca pearls, the idli holds the structure together so its a completely optional and your choice to add them or not,



How to Grind Rice And lentils

6. Once your grains have soaked for 10 hours then let’s learn what is the process after that, after soaking time you can see that you are rice and lentils are nicely soaked and have swelled up nicely, now straner rice and lentil separately and discard this soaking water, now we have to grind the rice and lentils separately,

7. I am adding the rice to a mixer grinder, after adding the rice while adding three cups of water gradually I am going to prepare a coarse batter out of it, coarse batter does not mean that it should be too chunky, but after grinding if you feel the better between your fingers it should feel like it has semolina in it, that is how the consistency of your battle should be, and the consistency of better should be thick or semi thick,




8. Remember don’t make a runny batter, approximately you may need about three cup of water so add gradually and grind it, so our rice better is ready,

9. We have ground the rise now take a big vessel and add the ground rise to this, it is very important to take a big vessel as the better will rise during fermentation, now to grind the lentils at the soaked mixture of lentils into a mixture grinder, lentils seed Less water to grind so I am gradually going to add only one cup of water to grind the lentils, and the grind the lentils batter verify finely, and I have used only one cup water and this is the consistency of the lentils and texture is very smooth,

10. And add the lentil batter in the same vessel as well, now using a whisk, mix both rice and lentils batter nicely, after mixing you will see how our batter is in a flowing consistency, this is how the consistency of your batter should be, now cover the pot with a lid and you have to let this batter to ferment,



11. So our batter is ready and I have left it to ferment, now how long does the process of fermentation takes so during summers it may take up to 7 to 8 hours, and during winter climate it can even take up to 13 to 15 hours too, so depending on when you are making this recipe if it is summer it will ferment in 7-8 hours, and for winter I am giving You a tip wrap it with a thick cloth, and place it in a warm corner in the kitchen like a cupboard or an off oven, the heat in these corners will help accelerate the fermentation process and won’t take such a long time, So keep a note of this into your mind,

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12. Now how do you understand whether the fermentation is done or not so your batter will rise to double its size, that’s why I asked you to take a big vessel take a big vessel as the batter will rise, and it will develop a lacy texture, after 10 hour you will see that how nicely your batter has risen, so our batter fermented very nice, now what you have to do is slowly and gradually mix it, mix the batter slowly and gently don’t mix vigorously, otherwise the air within our batter will immediately deflate we don’t have to do that,

13. Once you have nicely mixed it and the batter gets a nice smooth consistancy, now at this stage you have to add salt to taste to this, after adding the salt again lightly stir it, once the salt is incorporated than our batter is ready to make the idlis, So our batter is ready now we have to make idli from it,

How To make Thatte Idli Recipe

14. Now whenever you make thatte idli the shape of the idli is in the form of a plate or a cake, just like a spongy cake it is a round disc this big with about one inch of thickness to it, that’s kind of idli that will come out, so to make these Idlis a mould that can be used, if you don’t have mould however it is easily available in the market, then what you can do is, use the lids of the steel jars it is exactly the same kind of the shape, and you can easily make these idli’s in those jar lids,

15. If you don’t even have these jar lids then you can use a small bowl or a small plate to make this idli easily, so it is not essential for you to buy the mould, so you can easily make it without a mould jar lids or small plates, and in your regular steamer or any wok, add a steaming stand place the plate on top and steam the idlis,

How to Prepare Mould For Thatte Idli Recipe

16. Now how to prepare this mould, inside this mould a banana leaf or butter paper cut in round, it becomes easily to demould the idlis, once you have placed the Banana leaf in moulds than on top you have to nicely Grease it with oil, so apply oil generously and even on the sides, So as to easily demould the idly later, once you have prepared these moulds than you have to fill batter in it, fill the batter upto half the height of your mould,

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17. As this Idli will rise nicely and pluff up, so don’t filll up to the top else the Idli will overflow, so fill the Idli batter up to half the height, if you are using the mould than add it to the mould and then you can steam the Idli in Jar lid or small plates,

18. Preheat your steamer it should be is steaming hot, now the place the Idli in the steamer, and close the lid of the steamer, and now approximately in 15 to 20 minutes your Idli will be ready, usually idly takes about 10 minutes to get cooked but the size of this Idli is larger and has a lot of batter as it takes a little longer to cook, so it take about 15 to 20 minutes and if your plate is larger than it can even take up to 25 minutes,

19. But you will understand once your Idli is cooked and I will tell you how to check it as well,


And one thing that I forgot to tell you before is that in this Idli usually baking soda is added, to give it that rise and sponginess, but if your batter is nicely fermented and you are using it on the same day, then there is no need to add any baking soda your Idli will anyways soft airy and spongy, if you are making it on the next day like if you have used half of the batter and stored rest in the refrigerator, and if you are planning to make idli again with the same batter than just add half teaspoon baking powder, depending on the remaining batter mix it and then meet the Idli so that you will get a good rise because otherwise until the next day the better may deflate a little bit,


20. So this just a little trick of the baking soda, anyways after 20 minutes let’s we will check this idli, almost 20 minutes are done you will see that your Idli is risen so well, to check it touch on its surface it’s surface should not stick to your hand, additional if you want to check then you can add a knife or a toothpick,

21. Now take the Idli  and after taking it out let it rest on the platform for 2 minutes as your mould will still be hot, once the mould cools down enough for handling than open the mould and remove the plates with idlis, and then let them rest for 5 minutes your Idli will cool down a bit then it will be easy to demould, after 5 minute use the bake office phone or a small knife and demould the sides,

22. And then flip the mould and you will see how easily our idly is de-moulded, and peel of the banana leaf and you will see that our soft spongy thatte idly is ready,

23. Our Thatte Idli is ready and this Thatte Idli recipe is so incredibly soft and you can serve this Idli at this stage is self, with chatni there are different varieties of chutney if you want you can enjoy it with sambar too, personally I prefer to top it with ghee and podi or gunpowder and that’s how I love to eat this, usually when it is served sometimes there is batter and chutney on the side as well, so there can be many variation but today since I am going to add gunpowder or podi,
So let’s learn how to make gun powder or mulagai podi,

How To Make Gunpowder or podi

24. To make the gunpowder you have to heat a fry Pan very nicely once your pan is hot then turn the flame to low, now we will add 1/4th Cup chana dal half cup urad daal, and roast both these lentils on a low flame very nicely until the lentils become fragrant and their colour turns a little deeper, it is very important to roast the lentils very patiently on low flame otherwise the lentils will stay Raw and their will not be that crunchy texture to your podi, and it’s that crunchi texture that makes the gunpowder so amazing and gives an amazing mouth feel,

25. So now this is very important you will see that I have a patiently roasted the lentils and their colour has changed too, they have become nicely fragrant too, now transfer them to a bowl and let them cool down,

26. Now in the same fry Pan we will add 1/4th Cup white sesame seeds, and even these have to be toasted on the lowest flame slowly and gradually, and the seasam seeds start crackling a little bit, so patiently roast them and once they are two state transfer them to the same bowl to cool down,

27. Now we will use the same fry Pan to toast the dried Red chillies, I have taken 12 dried Red chillies, 2 and I am adding three spicy Red chillies these are optional, you have to toast them on a low flame very slowly, I have added the spicy dried Red chillies cause I like the kick in the gunpowder and that’s why I am adding it,

28. you can escape if you don’t want slowly you have to toast these dried Red chillies, once your chillies are toasted than take them out to cool down and let them cool down once the chillies have Crisped up then you can easily break the stem from the chillies, and your chilli breaking very nicely,

29. Now first you have to grind this series in a mixture grinder so after removing the stem at these Red chillies in a mixer grinder and grind this series into a fine powder at this stage grind the Red chillies into a file powder cause later we are going to keep the lentils slightly coarser, once you have ground the Red chillies finally open the lid carefully, and now we will add the lentils and the sesame seeds, along with that I am adding one table spoon asafoetida, and I am adding a large pinch of salt close the lid after adding the salt then grind this mixture coarse,

30. It is very important to keep the texture of the lentil slightly intact to make a perfect gunpowder or podi, and I have grind it and its got such a beautiful color and texture you can store it in an airtight container for about 2 months, if you want to store it for a longer than keep it in the refrigerator and you can sprinkle it on Idli dosa or different things, when served with desi ghi it gives a beautiful flavour and taste delicious, so our gun powder is ready our Idli was already ready, now we will serve our Idli with ghee and gunpowder podi,

How To Serve Thatte Idli

First of all we will take our idly and put two tablespoon ghee on the surface of our idli and sprinkle some gunpowder on the surface of our thatte idli recipe, and you can enjoy with coconut chutney and onion garlic chutney and green chutney,




So definitely try this Thatte Idli recipe at your home and tell me in comment box how did you like this Thatte Idli recipe, if you like this thatte idly recipe then subscribe my blog and share this thatte idli recipe with your friend and family, this is very delicious and awesome recipe so definitely try it was it light to eat the Idli it was absolutely delicious and soft and spongy, and the flavour of gunpowder its just a match made in heaven with the idli,
See you again in next recipe till when take care bye

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