Aamrakhand | Aamrakhand: The Delicious and Creamy Mango Yogurt Dessert

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This is a very famous and delicious dessert Aamrakhand in summers all over india, and it is like by most of people who loves of mango it is also called Mango shrikhand and its taste is very awesome its creeme taste because of curd and mango nad other dry fruits is use in this wonderful recipe





Prep time: 5-10 minutes (excluding curd resting time) Cooking time: 15-20 minutes Serves: 5-6 people


Ingredients for Aamrakhand

  • CURD  1 KG

What’s up guys you Welcome to my new blog so friends Mango season is here & even this year I’m going to tell you how to make some delicious things with Mangoes. So Today, I’m making Aamrakhand.


Aamrakhand means Shrikhand which is mango flavoured. & it tastes really delicious. When making Aamrakhand at home, a lot of people have difficulty, that it does not turn out as rich, creamy & luscious as the market one.

So, I’m going to tell you today, how to achieve that. And I’ll give 1-2 tips which will give a really rich & creamy & delicious Aamrakhand.

 How To Make Aamrakhand

So first of all for Aamrakhand we have to make Hung curd.

How To Make Hung Curd

 So let’s learn how to make Hung curd.

1. First of all we will take a cooking pot & place a sieve on it. Now, keep a muslin cloth on it.

2. Now, you have to add 1 kg of very good quality of curd to it. After adding the curd, bring the edges of the muslin cloth together and this & apply gentle pressure on this curd. so that you can remove as much whey as possible from the curd.

3. Once you have removed all the water, that you could with gentle pressure, now after that place the curd in the sieve .

4. After that you have to place some weight on it, so I’m keeping a plate & a mortar pestle on it to apply some pressure.

5. Now, you have to let this curd rest.

6.Once you have made this set-up ready of, a vessel with a sieve, & curd in muslin cloth & heavy weight on top to apply pressure. Now keep this setup in the refrigerator.

7. Because as it is summer season & since we have to leave the curd out for longer, it can turn sour sometimes. so remember this one thing.


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8. Now, I’m going to let it be for overnight or 12-15 hours.

9. For making very delicious and sweet Aamrakhand, you have to hang the curd for a minimum for 5-6 hours.

10. But if you can hang it overnight or for 12-15 hours. then all the water which is there will come out. & your curd will be really thick in that case.



11. And It comes to the consistency of Paneer almost. So, for Aamrakhand or Shrikhand, if you get a hung curd , then the 1st step of getting it in creamy consistency is achieved. So hang it.

I’ll tell you in some time, how does it look after hung curd is done.

12. Now, to add mango flavour, we are going to add mangoes. Many a times mango puree is made at home, which can be added, along with it sugar is added & mixed in the curd. By doing so mango has a lot of moisture & even sugar has moisture content & it releases water.



13. that is what makes the Aamrakhand a litil bit runny. So that it doesn’t become too runny, we will do a process of cooking the mango puree & sugar together.

14. By doing so the moisture within the mango will evaporate & the sugar will be cooked too. and when we mix that in the curd, that will give us a rich & creamy Aamrakhand.

How To Coock Mango For Aamrakhand

15. Now Let’s learn how is the process of cooking the mangoes.

16. Here, I will take 4 Alphonso mangoes, and the total weight of which is about 1 kg. Now you have to remove the pulp of these mangoes.



17. So I usually cut the sides of this mango, Cut the sides of the mango like this. Once the sides are cut, then I will take a spoon & scoop out the flesh very close to the skin, It becomes very easy to remove the pulp of mango,

18. And you don’t even need to peel the mango. So similarly scoop the pulp from all the sides and we will transfer it to in a bowl. Then what will remain is your stones. So to remove the pulp from the stone, peel the skin first. and then squeeze it with your hand to remove the pulp,

19. Properly remove as much pulp as possible from all the mangoes and transfer it to in a bowl.



20. Once you have removed all the pulp of mango, then we will take a mixer grinder, and transfer all the mango pulp into it, and blend it into a fine puree.

21. So  I’ve prepared a fine mango puree. Now, we will transfer it to a cooking pot. After that we will add 8 tbsp of sugar in it. and stir it well & cook this mixture of mango and sugar on medium flame to reduce it meaning, and decrease it’s moisture content.


22. Now cook this mango mixture for about 18-20 minutes on medium flame. or until the moisture of this mango mixture reduces and it becomes half or lesser than half it’s volume. and you will get a thick mango paste.


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23. Now after 18-20 minutes, you will  see how thick this mixture has become. It should be this thick only. Once it’s thickened & ready, then we will transfer it to in a bowl. after transferring it to a bowl, you will have to cool down the mixture completely and bring it to room temperature.


24. Now this process that we did of cooking mango & sugar is very important for a rich & creamy Aamrakhand recipe,

26. And you will see how much moisture evaporated from the mango puree and due

to that the Aamrakhand will be thick, and that extra water has been evaporated. and also by cooking the mango & sugar together and makes the flavour of the mango even more concentrated.


27. So the flavour of mango in the Aamrakhand will be very robust & concentrated so you will really enjoy eating the Aamrakhand recipe,


The variety of mango that I’ve used is Alfonso mango as that is what is in the markets here in Mumbai. If you want to use some other variety of mango, you can use any sweet mangoes. Usually Kesar mango or Payri ( Raspuri) Mango is used as well. If that comes in season, then you can use them as well.


28. Hare I’ve used 4 mangoes here. But the weight of mangoes is important. I have used 1 kg of mangoes. and If you are using any other variety then use 1 kg of that & you can replace this Alphonso mango.

29. Now once this mango mixture is ready, bring it to room temperature. and try if possible chill it in the refrigerator. So that when you mix it with the curd, it will already be chilled so you will not have to wait any longer to eat it.

30. So this process is done & even our hung curd is ready.


 Now what the rest of the process is.


31. So, our hing curd is ready. Remove the weight from it. and Let me remove the sieve  you how much whey is released. You can use this whey to knead dough or make Kadhi. So use it like that.


32. Now, let’s check our curd. You will  see how a block of hung curd is formed. Let me break it  You will  see that I can break a piece of it. This is how your hing curd should become. Once your block of hung curd is ready then we will add it to a sieve & pass it through a sieve.

33. Now passing the curd through the sieve makes it’s texture really creamy & half your job will be already done. So we will apply pressure nicely & pass the curd through a sieve and transfer it to a bowl.

34. The curd has softened now, but we have to whisk it. The process of whisking is very important, So using a whisk, or some households even use their hands. Whisk it to incorporate some air into the curd. Doing so will make the curd soft and it will give the curd a fluffy texture. So that is very important.


35. So, here, i am using a whisk, I’m going to whisk it nicely for 3-4 minutes. You will see after whisking, how soft & fluffy our curd has become. This is the texture that you want. Once you have whisked the curd, then we have to gradually add the cooked mango puree to it.

36. So, I’m adding the mango puree in 3 batches. So add the 1st batch, then mix it using a spoon or spatula nicely. Be careful that once you add the puree and everything is nicely mixed, only then add the 2nd batch.

37. So gradually add the mango puree in 3 batches & mix properly until the mango puree nicely mixes with the curd. so I’ve added all the puree & mixed it well and it has got a rich & creamy texture.


38. Let me check it  When I scoop it in a spoon & turn it over, it doesn’t fall from the spoon. and It’s stuck to the spoon, which means that our thick & creamy Aamrakhand is ready.


So our thick & creamy Aamrakhand is ready. and it didn’t fall off the overturned spoon. So the tips that I tell you will help you and make a perfect Aamrakhand at home.

Now You can serve it chilled. Keep it covered in the fridge for 1-2 hours & serve it chilled. and add toppings of your choice like chopped mangoes or nuts, etc & serve it. or if you want you can just enjoy it as it is.

So, I have already chilled it. So let’s serve this delicious Aamrakhand, This Aamrakhand has turned out absolutely delicious. So rich, creamy & flavourful. and that it just needs simple ingredients.





So Follow the tips, and make this Aamrakhand throughout the mango season & enjoy this recipe. In Maharashtra it is enjoyed with Puri as well. So you can enjoy it with Puri as well. and what other recipes with mangoes should I make this season, tell me in the comment section below.

And  also tell me how did you like this recipe in the comment section below. and Share this Aamrakhand  with your friends & family. Hit the subscribe button if you’ve liked this recipe. Have an amazing time with this beautiful Aamrakhand recipe at your home. Happy Mango season to all of you. Cheers!


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