sheer khurma

Sheer Khurma | Sheer Khurma: The Creamy and Rich Dessert of Eid-ul-Fitr Celebration

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This is a very delicious and awesome sweets recipe sheer khurma is very popular in all over india in festival of eid, and eid is coming and this sheer khurma recipe will we make in every home it is made with milk, dates, an many dried fruits and sugar and this recipe is liked by every people, in pakistani language ‘sheer’ means milk and ‘khurma’ means dates sheer khurma taste is very awesome becase it is creamy and jucy dessert,


sheer khurma
sheer khurma



#How To Make Sheer khurma

Hey what’s up guys you are welcome once again on my new blog so friends today I am making sheer khurma recipe, now a lot of our followers are going to celebrate EID and we don’t have the recipe of sheer khurma recipe, on my blog,

And there were a lot of request to make sheer kurma so finally today the recipe for sheer khurma is coming out, and this is very simple and easy recipe, now it is made differently in each household, but the recipe that I am making is very simple recipe,

Today I am not going to use condensed milk with just milk vermicelli nuts and dried fruits I am going to make sheer khurma, and this sheer khurma recipe turn out really beautiful and delicious,


Prep time: 15-20 minutes (excluding soaking time) Cooking time: 45-50 minutes Serves: 6-8 people

sheer khurma ingredients


  • DRY DATES  6-7 NOS.
  • CASHEW  15-18 NOS.
  • PISTACHIO 15-18 NOS.
  • ALMOND  15-18 NOS.
  • SUGAR  120 GRAMS
  • For sheer khurma,


Few Tips of Making Sheer Khurma


1. Firstly we will have to soak some nuts and dried fruits for this recipe,

Let’s learn how to do that preparation,


Method – How to Make Sheer Khurma Recipe

Prep Dry Fruits, Dates and Nuts


2. So here I have already soaked some nuts and dried fruits, first of all I have taken 8-10 dry dates which are called chuare, it comes into colours if you get darker one then it’s better, I had soked them overnight, along with that it I have also soaked some nuts so 15 18 cashews, 15 to 18 pistachios, two tablespoon chiraunji seeds, and 15 to 20 almonds, so I have soaked all these ingredients,

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3. Now we have to peel then so peel the almonds, I have peeled the almonds, similarly you have to peel the skin of the pistachios as well, so I have peeled the pistachios as well, After that you have to rub the soaked chironji, I had washed the chiraunji before soaking once soaked its skin come of really easily,



4. Now to separate the skin what you have to do is spread them on the plate, and let it dry out or keep it in the microwave for 30 second and the skin will dry out, and discard the water that the cashews were soaked in, along with that I have taken 1 table in spoon raisins, now you have to chop the nuts on a chopping boards,

5. so take the almonds and cut them into silvers or you can even chope them any shapes, transfer the chopped almond into a bowl, now you have to chop the cashews similarly as well, Once chop  transfer the cashews to the same bowl as well, and chop the pistachios similarly and transfer them to the same bowl, now at the clean chiraunji seeds to the same bowl, now take the dried dates that we had soaked,




6. Now you have to de seed them and chop them, if you don’t find the dried dates then you can use regular dates as well try to get the harder variety of the dates, if you don’t find them use any dates but dates are essential for this recipe, once chopped transfer them to a bowl too,

7. Here I have taken 30 g of whole wheat vermicelli, break the vermicelli and using your hands whole vermicelli is not added the sheer khurma but crushed vermicelli is added so crush them,
so once you have prepared for sheer khurma like this then you can quickly makes sheer khurma,

8. In a lot of recipe nuts are not soaked but use directly so there are a lot of ways, I am telling you this method today, this make a very delicious sheer khurma, once you have made this preparation then we have to boil milk on side and then we will roast the nuts and vermicelli in ghee,



Heat Milk

9. Let’s learn how that process is done, two boil the milk take a thick bottomed pan, now you have to add two litres of full fat milk with full cream, after adding the milk keep the flame high and bring the milk to a boil, keep steering in between too avoid the milk from sticking to the bottom of the pan, and bring this milk to a boil, once boiling you have to transfer this vessel containing milk to a different stove top, and let the milk reduce on low to medium low flame, you can keep stering in between,

Sauté Nuts, Dates and Dry Fruits

10.Now we will take another pen and add two table spoon desi ghee, once the ghee is hot then add the nuts that we had chopped, and continue to roast them for 3 to 5 minutes on a low flame until they change their colour just slightly and not to Deep, so nuts so have got slide colour on them take them out and transferred them to a bowl,

11. Now keep the same pan on stove and add the same residual ghee in it we will roast everything in the same ghee, now to this we will add the dates that we had chopped, and add raisins too,
And roast both these things for 2-3 minutes on medium flame, after roasting them for 23 minutes transfer them to a bowl too,



Roast Vermicelli

12. Now put the same pan back on flame and we will add 3 table spoon desi ghee, once the ghee is hot then we will add the vermicelli, l that we had crushed earlier, and on low flame patiently roast them until they get a golden brown or a dark brown colour, so rost them on low flame otherwise the vermicelli can easily get burnt,

Cook Vermicelli

13. So I have roasted the vermicelli on a low flame, now transfer these hot vermicelli in hot milk immediately, and along with that we will add the dried soaked dates and raisins as well, and also add the toasted nuts that we had prepared earlier, I am keeping some nuts aside for the garnish, now add a few strands of saffron to it this is optional,

Make Sheer Khurma

14. Now stir everything very well, now I am shifting this part on the bigger stove, now you have to cook and reduce the sheer khurma on medium flame nicely, so that the flavour of dates vermicelli and all other things melts into the sheer khurma, and our milk thickens nicely, we will reduce the milk up 2/3 as in let the 1/3 of the fluid evaporate to get the thicker consistency of the milk,

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15. Now for the next 10 to 15 minutes cook the sheer khurma and let the milk thicken nicely, so cook the sheer khurma while stirring and let it reduce, so that it becomes rich and creamy, now at this stage if you do want to use condensed milk then you can add 200 grams of condensed milk to it,

16. It will make your job a little easier, the condense milk will give that richness and creaminess, and the condensed milk will also add sweetness to it so you would not need to add any additional sugar to it, if you like your desert slightly less sweets if you like it very sweet then you may need to add additional sugar,  so you can add condensed milk at this stage,


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17. but today we are not using condensed milk, that’s why I am still going to cook it down further, it would not take to long if you cook your sheer khurma for 30 minutes then your job will be done, and it will result in a perfect sheer khurma without any condensed milk, so we are not adding any today so we will cook the sheer khurma for 10 to 15 minutes more, then we will add sugar and cook it even for other for 10 to 15 minutes so in total you have to cook sheer khurma for 30 minutes,

Sugar and its replacements

18. If you use condensed milk milk will make the process shorter and your work will be done in 10 minutes,I have told you both things once you have cooked the sheer khurma for 10 to 15 minutes, after that let’s learn the process of adding sugar and cooking further,

19. You will see after cooking for 10 to 12 minutes that it has reduced slightly, at this stage I am adding 120 gram of sugar to this, along with that I have added half teaspoon of cardamom powder, now cook the sheer khurma for 10 to 15 minutes while stirring in between, so that it reduce and thickens further more, so after 10 to 15 minutes it has reduced further,

20. the milk has reduced quite a bit and you will see how rich and creamy the consistency has become, at this stage you can serve it hot as it is, or you can chill it and serve it cold, and our sheer kurma is ready, so you have learn how easy it to make sheer khurma, sheer khurma can be served hot cold or lookwarm, it’s each own preference,

21. now personally I love chilled sheer khurma so I am going to refrigerate it and chill it, just remember that if you want to serve it hot and you like the consistency thicker than this,then cook it for 5 to 10 more minutes and once it reduce a little more than you can serve it hot thick and creamy, if you are going to serve it chilled then stop cooking at this stage as after cooling down the sheer khurma  will be thicken more,

22. and you can serve that thick sheer khurma, so if you want to serve it cold then don’t cook it any further I have informed you about that, and I am going to chill it now after chilling let’s plate and serve it,



Use high-quality ingredients: The flavour of the dish is greatly influenced by the quality of the ingredients. Use vermicelli, almonds, and fresh, high-quality milk to provide the greatest flavour.

Vermicelli tastes better and has a nicer texture when it is well-roasted, which also improves its texture. Roast it until it gets golden brown, taking care to do so.

Sheer khurma necessitates a lot of stirring and simmering, so use a skillet with a hefty bottom. Therefore, it is better to use a heavy-bottomed pan to prevent the milk from scorching and sticking to the bottom.

The proper amount of sugar should be used because sheer khurma is a sweet dish and too much sugar can overpower the flavour. Add sugar to taste, keeping in mind that the vermicelli will absorb it.

The nuts should be soaked for a few hours in water before being used. They’ll become softer, and their flavour will be improved.

Vermicelli can become mushy if overcooked, so be careful not to overcook it. Therefore, be sure to cook it just until it is tender.

Sheer khurma looks and tastes fantastic when garnished with saffron and dried fruits like almonds, cashews, and raisins. So generously top it off with these ingredients.


sheer khurma
sheer khurma

seer khurma is very delicious and I hope you all love this recipe,for all my brothers and sister celebrating Eid there was no recipe for sheer khurma but now it’s here, so make sheer khurma with this recipe at your home and celebrate eid, wishing you EID mubarak,and definitely try this recipe and tell me in comment box how did you like this recipe if you like this recipe please like and subscribe my blog and share this recipe with your friend and family take care bye bye see you again,


Expert Tips & Optional Variations

  • Vermicelli- We use vermicelli in sheer khurma it is thin,long, and very fine strands and it should be made from whole wheat vermicelli, remember it has long strands so we have to break them before we roast them, so remember sheer khurma always make with whole wheat vermicelli not use refind flour,
  • Dates : In this sheer khurma recipe we will use good quality dates, there are seeds in dates so discard the seeds when we will use, if you are using dry dates then soak these dates in water for a two hours or until they soften after that you can use these dates but roasted these nuts in ghee
  • Nuts & dry fruits: We use many nuts and dry fruits in sheer khurma recipe and if you have any problem with dry fruits so you can avoid them and you can also use your favorite nuts in sheer khurma recipe
  • Condensed milk or Khoya: if you want inhance taste your sheer khurma so you can use condensed milk and mava whis is called khoya it will make sheer khurma tade very awesome
  • Coconut powder : if you like coconut so you can use 2tsp coconut powder in your sheer khurma

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