Butter Naan Recipe

Naan Recipe | Butter Naan Recipe | Garlic Naan Recipe

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Butter Naan recipe is a very popular recipe in india and naan is made with refined flour, naan can be very verity like butter naan, garlic naan recipe, chur chur naan recipe, and this butter naan recipe is very famous in restaurant, hotel, and street food,

Hey what’s up guys you are welcome on my new blog so friends today we are making naan recipe without tandoor

Butter Naan Recipe
Butter Naan Recipe

So friends today is blog is really very special because today I am making restaurant style Naan many times we say that we don’t have tandoor and can’t make naan and it does not get the effect of the tandoor how to make that non with tandoor effect at home without tandoor oven or any equipment you just need a skillet with a handle and your non will be ready perfectly,

Prep time: 15-20 mins Cooking time: 10-15 minutes (excluding resting time) Serves: 4-5 people

so friends today I am making three types of naan butter naan recipe, garlic naan recipe , and cheese chilli garlic Naan, and all these three types of naan turn out mind blowing, I have already said the recipe of naan on skillet with you all before, all those its result are good when I keep making any recipe I keep doing many trials and after many trials of naan I have made a perfect recipe for the dough, by which your naan will be crisp from outside and soft from inside, and if you make the naan ahead of time then long they will remains soft and not turn elastic,

how to make tandoor style naan at home

Dough Ingredients:

  • WATER  1/2 CUP + 1 TBSP MILK 1/4 CUP
  • CURD 1/2 CUP
  • OIL  1 TBSP

And I will also add whole wheat flour along with the refined flour, so even that’s a plus point for this recipe, it is a very simple method with all tips and tricks let see how to make tandoor style naan at home,

1. Prep:- In a Big Bowl we will take half cup plus one table spoon water, 1/4 Cup milk, 1/2 cup curd, one table spoon oil, and two table spoon powder sugar, now we will mix everything really well once you have mixed it nicely then we will add two Cup refined flour, one Cup whole wheat flour, one tsp spoon baking powder, 1/4 tsp spoon baking soda, and salt according to test after adding all the ingredients using a spoon or your hand mix it very well until the water is soaked by the flour, once the water is soaked then mix it using your hands, and combine the dough,


2. Once the dough is combined then transfer it to your kitchen platform, after transferring it to kitchen platform knead it nicely, hold it with one hands and stretch it like this with other hands, and using the same process you have to knead it nicely for 10 minutes, now you can see that you are dough is looking slightly rough and sticky, slowly the dough will turn smooth stretchy and not be sticky at all, Until then you have to nicely knead  this dough, while kneading the dough then refined flour has gluten which will start developing,

3. And that gluten is what makes your dough really stretchy and that is reason with you have to knead it for 10 to 12 minutes, after 10 to 12 minutes you can see that the dough is smooth stretchy and not sticky at all, at this stage make a big ball of the dough, and then we will take a ball and we will add some oil in this ball and place the dough in it, and we will apply some more oil on the dough and cover it with a damp cloth, now you have to rest this dough nicely,

4. So friends the dough for our naan is ready, now you have to rest of this dough really well really well means minimum for two to 3 hours, when you rest the dough for 3 hours then the dough will relax and the gluten in it will loosen out a bit, and you would have noticed when you roll out the refined flour roti it usually retreats or contracts, but when you rest the door and then roll it out then it will not contract,

5. so it will be easy to roll out the dough as it will be soft and easy to work with, and your none will be soft and a not elastic, So the resting process is important minimum for 3 hours, it’s even better if you do it for 5 to 6 hours, once your naan  dough is rest well I will tell you what is the rest of the process,

6. I have rested the dough for 3 hours and you can see that your dough is soft and smooth, now you have up to divide this dough into smaller dough balls, now we will using my index finger and thumbs I am going to cut dough balls like this you can see it’s a easy to make it dough ball, similarly cut all the dough balls you will get around 8 to 10 dough balls,

7. Then we will take a tray or plate and apply some oil on it and place all the dough balls after that again drizzle some oil, to avoid drying of your dough surface then cover it with a moist cloth, and you have to rest these dough balls for 15,20 minutes before rolling out the naan,

8. After making the dough balls rest again as minipulating the dough can again result in gluten tightening, so when you rest it again the dough will relax further and it will be easy to roll it out, Until the dough balls are resting till then we can make the preparation to cook it,

9. I had told you before that we are going to cook it on a skillet your skillet is important for this recipe, so friends I have a skillet with a handle this handle is important as you have to move the skillet as different angles, so if your skillet doesn’t have a handle then rolling it will be difficult,

10. the second important thing is that your skillet should not be non stick, it should be a cast iron pan you cannot use a non stick Pan at all, if your skillet is non stick then your naan will not stick to it so keep these two important things in mind,

11. And third point is that you have to nicely clean your skillet, so nicely clean away the Greece from the pan using soap otherwise the naan will not stick to it again so wash it properly so keep these three things in mind once you are skillet is ready then you have to nicely heat of the skillet,


12. So I am keeping this skillet on the stove your skillet should be nice and hot, to check if the skillet is hot splash some water and it should immediately evaporate, that is very important so our skillet is nice and hot, so all these things that I just told you are very important as in many earlier recipe of naan or tandoori roti there were a lot of comments that our naan falls down and doesn’t stick,

13. so these are a few reason like this the skillet is a non stick or there is pre existing Greece on the pan, all the pan is not hot enough so keep all these points in your mind, only then you are non will come out nice they are simple but important pointers now the skillet over is hot and the dough balls have rested well too,

How To Cook Naan

14. Now let’s start how to roll out and cook the naan so we will take a dough ball and coat it with dry flour, now please eat on a platform or rolling board and press it lightly now role it out using a rolling pan until a thick disc is ready, once you have a thick disc then I am sprinkling some onion seed or you can even use black sesame seed, and sprinkle some freshly chopped coriander leaves, after sprinkling it again role it out nicely,

15. now roll it out like a round thick chapati, once you have rolled out a chapati than pull it carefully from one side, and make it elongated from one and give it a shape of a naan, and pick up carefully on your palms,

How To Make Butter Naan

Butter naan Ingredients:


16. After placing it on your palm apply some water on its reserve side, this process of applying water is very important as if you don’t apply water properly even then the naan will not stick, after applying the water carefully flip the none on the skillet and let it stick, and quickly press with your fingers to get the naan stick properly, and it will also prevent your naan from puffing up, and we careful as your skillet is hot,

17. At this stage you have to cook this Naan for 10 to 15 second on high flame until you get the bubbles on top, after 10 to 15 second once you get the bubbles then left the skillet and place it at an angle,

18. And you will have to hold it, and doing the whole process you have to slightly keep changing the angle, so that your naan cooks from one side properly, so it takes about three four minutes for one naan to be cooked, slowly slowly you will see brown spot forming on the naan and it might puff up a little bit too, once your Naan is nicely cooked then hold skillet on top of flame moving it like this to get some colours on naan, so that you are naan picks some nice colour,

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19. So friends our naan is perfectly cooked and the colour is amazing too, and we will remove the Naan using a spatula I will also flip it to so you how good tandoor like affect has come and its cooked well, now you can serve the Naan as is but for butter naan apply lots of butter on top, and your restaurant style butter Naan is ready, so friends our naan is perfectly made and we have got such a great result on the skillet,

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20. It seems as those its come out hot from the oven and I can guarantee you about a perfect man just keep one thing in mind that you have to keep rotating the skillet is every angle, so that your naan cooks well from every angle and your flame should always be on high, so keep that in mind now I have tell you how to cook the naan now there are two versions,

How To Make Garlic Naan


Garlic butter naan Ingredients:


21. One is where we will apply garlic on top to make garlic Nan and other is cheese chilli garlic naan process is almost the same just let me quickly tell you how to cook them take the dough ball just it with dry floor and roll it out nicely,

22. After rolling it stretch it from one side to give it a naan shape, after shaping it like a naan apply some water on top, then on top Smear some chopped garlic on top and apply lots of garlic, and then sprinkle some freshly chocked coriander on top and press it lightly press it well to stick the garlic and coriander to the naan nicely,

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23. once your Naan is ready left it and apply some water on reverse surface, and then carefully flip it on the skillet to stick it carefully press it to help it stick on pan nicely, and the rest of the cooking process will be the same so you can see that our garlic naan is cooked nicely take it out and apply lots of butter to it, so our garlic butter Naan is ready,

cheese chilli garlic Naan

Cheese chilli garlic naan Ingredients:


24. And now finally to make cheese chilli garlic Naan grate 50 g processed cheese in a bowl, three chopped green chillies 2 table spoon chopped garlic mix everything very well in a way we are making a filling of this was that’s done take a dough and shape it into a cup with your thumbs and fingers, after shaping it into a cup take your cheese chilli garlic filling in it press it and seal this dough ball, after ceiling the dough ball press it gently and then coat it with dry flour,

25. And similarly like we rolld out a non roll it out and shape it like a naan, now we will apply some butter on top apply plenty of chopped garlic chopped green chilli and chopped coriander after applying everything press it nicely So that the stick bell on the naan,

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26. Now carefully lift the naan apply water , stick on the skillet and cook it in the same way, so friends you are cheese chilli garlic naan is ready and is looking amazing, now we will remove it and apply lots of butter on it after applying the better I have cut it into the triangles you can even cut it into squares this naan is ready too let’s plate it

27. So guys did you see how amazing the naans have turn out and when you serve these naans to your friend or family at your home no one will be able to guess that these non are not from tandoor it is definitely time consuming to make the naan one by one, so friends the non turn out to be awesome so make naans this way,

28. with toppings you can be innovative like sometimes I used sunrise tomatoes olive or mushrooms, you can make a stuffed naan so you can make different varieties of naan,


your dough will be the same this dough turn out amazing, so friends follow each tips and tricks to make none like this and whenever you make amazing naans tell me in the comment box how did they turn out share this recipe with your friend and family and hit the subscribed button if you have not hit the button and follow my blog have an amazing time with this beautiful naan recipe at your home cheers



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