jalebi recipe

Golden Spirals of Sweetness: A Delicious Jalebi Recipe | Jalebi Recipe

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A batter comprised for Jalebi recipe all-purpose flour, yoghurt, and water is deep-fried to create the popular Indian dessert alebi recipe, which is then dipped into a syrup of sugar, water, and saffron. The outcome is a sweet that is juicy and crispy, ideal for sating a sweet taste. Jalebi is frequently offered at special events like weddings and festivals, but it is also a well-liked street dish throughout South Asia, particularly in India. Making jalebi recipe can be challenging even with its straightforward components since it takes some finesse to achieve the ideal spiral shape and texture. However, anyone can perfect the technique of producing delectable jalebi recipe at home with a little perseverance and practise.


jalebi recipe
jalebi recipe

Jalebi Recipe

What’s up guys you are Welcome to my new blog Today, I’m going to show you a Perfect Jalebi recipe at home, the kind that confectioner’s make. It’s going to be festival & during this festival, at my home we make amazing Jalebi & Fafda. But the Jalebi that is available at the confectioners is not prepared in the instant way. There is a particular way of preparing the Jalebi batter,

where the batter is fermented & that is what gives it the perfect shape, texture and consistency. & gives it a slight tartness for that perfect Jalebi texture & flavour. That process is very simple & I’m going to tell you how that is done today. Along with that all the troubleshooting for your Jalebi will be done. Your Jalebi will be crisp, hollow from within & filled with sugar syrup inside. & it will be crispy & stay crispy for really long time. & will be perfect in taste. & you neither have to add yeast nor baking powder in this, nor any additional chemicals, & your best homemade Jalebi recipe will turn out absolutely perfect, every time.

How To Make Best Jalebi

Prep time: 10-15 minutes (excluding fermentation time) Cooking time: 20-25 minutes Serves: 6-8 people

Ingredients For Jalebi Recipe:

  • WATER  80 ML
  • WATER  325-350 ML
  • SUGAR  1 KG
  • WATER  450 ML


Making Battar For Jalebi

So, first of all, let’s learn how to make the batter for the Jalebi recipe. To make the batter, take a deep vessel, then to this, add 100 grams sour curd to this. & along with that add 80 ml water. Now, churn the water & curd well together
as though making buttermilk. Once it is mixed well, then add 500 grams refined flour to it. After adding the refined flour, mix it well with the sour buttermilk.

Once mixed, then add 325-350 ml of water to this. Here, I’m adding the water in two batches. Firstly add half of the water & incorporate it well, then add the other half & mix it well again. Incorporate the water with the flour nicely. so that there are no large flour lumps in it. Once all these things are incorporated then start whisking it together.

The way in which you have to whisk it is with your hands, like I’m doing here. as you continue to whisk this batter,
it’s consistency will continue to change. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is,
that sometimes, the moisture in curd is variable, & according to that you may have to adjust the water,



But after whisking, you can see how it’s consistency has become. We want a flowing consistency, somewhat like this. So, when you drop your batter, then it should flow & not break it’s flow. If you don’t see this consistency & feel that the batter is slightly thicker, then splash some water & continue to whisk. So, our batter is ready now.

What you have to do this at this stage is – Firstly wipe the edges well, Wet your hands with water & then with wet hands, pat the surface of the batter to make it levelled or smooth. I’m lightly tapping it’s surface with my wet hands. & I’ve smoothened the entire surface. So, do this process. After doing this process, cover the vessel with a lid.& after covering let it rest to ferment.

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So, half of the preparation for the Jalebi batter is done. Now, we have to let it ferment. Your batter will rise a little bit & become slightly acidic. & this process will take about 12-15 hours. Now, this time may differ seasonally. Now, since it’s cooler & winters are around, it may take upto 12-15 hours to ferment. But if you are making the same batter in summer season, then it might take just around 8-9 hours. If you leave it for longer then it will get spoilt.



Tips & Tricks

So, whenever you are making this in warmer season, after 7-8 hours, check it once, If it starts smelling sour & if the batter is risen up, which means your fermentation process is over. Don’t leave it for too long otherwise your batter will be spoilt. So, keep these things in mind while fermenting.

The fermentation happens due to the bacteria in sour curd & the resting process, There’s no need to add yeast. The process is exactly similar to fermenting the batter for idli or dhokla. It will rise & become acidic because of fermentation, & later when you check the batter, it’ll be super-flowy. which is essential to make a perfect Jalebi.

Secondly, the moisture of the curd, can be fluctuating at times. & coz of that the additional water used to make the batter will vary too. Approximately it takes from 325 to 350 ml water, Don’t worry even if it’s variable about 10-15 ml. Even later on we’ll add more water to adjust the batter. So, use upto 325-350 ml water, & then make the batter just like how I explained you the entire process. & then leave it on your counter or a switched off oven or a shelf to ferment,



And your batter will be perfectly fermented. Now, after about 15 hours, I’m checking the batter, that our batter is fermented. & when I’m sniffing it, it smells like a sour fermented batter. I’m nicely mixing it with my hands, You have to mix it nicely. After mixing, we have to check it’s consistency now. When you feel the batter like this, then you’ll come across a very flowy & smooth consistency.

Here, I’m going to add water to it 1 tbsp at a time, & I’ll mix & whisk it well, to make the consistency of batter, perfect. Add water, 1 tbsp at a time, & then mix it well & whisk it.  I’m whisking it with my hands. This whisking process will also incorporate air into our batter, which is very important.

So, like this, I’ve added 8 tbsp of more water, here. After adding 8 tbsps of water & after whisking it nicely,  how it’s consistency has become. It’s become a flowy consistency & it’s got a smooth texture. This is very important for your Jalebi batter. Now, our Jalebi batter is ready.




At this stage, I’m adding it to a piping bag. Like this take a tall glass or a jar, & fix the piping bag into it like this. It makes it easier to pour batter into the piping bag. & then add the as much batter as you can into the piping bag.& then tie a knot on the top. Our Jalebi batter is ready to fry.

So, how you have to adjust the consistency finely by adding water. Just be careful that the consistency of your batter is not too runny. If it is runny, you won’t be able to shape it. & your Jalebi will be too flat. If the consistency is too thick, even then you won’t be able to shape it. & then your Jalebis will turn out soggy & not crispy. It’s vital to have perfect consistency.

So, to check, when you drop the batter, it should be flowy in consistency. but it should have some viscosity to it. But the batter should not break the flow. If the batter is too thick, it’ll break the flow & won’t be of flowy consistency. & if it’s too thin, you will be able to tell that it’s too thin. It should have a batter like consistency.
Keep that in mind to make perfect Jalebis.



Now, before frying the Jalebis, we have to prepare the sugar syrup. as it should be ready before frying the Jalebis.So, keep this in mind. As soon as the Jalebi is fried, we have to
immediately, while it’s hot, dip it into sugar syrup. If we immediately dunk it into the sugar syrup, only then will it soak up the syrup well. Now, firstly, before frying,  how to make the syrup for the Jalebi.

Sugar Syrup For Jalebi

To make the sugar syrup, take 1 kg sugar, Now, you have to add 450 ml water to it. Now, turn the stove on & you have to cook the sugar, until it melts completely. Once the sugar melts, then add some strands of saffron, along with it, I’m adding organic food colour here. You can add yellow or orange. In the end, I’m adding 1/2 tsp lemon juice here. which will prevent your sugar from crystallising. Stir everything very well.

Now, you have to cook the sugar syrup until it reaches or almost reaches 1-strand consistency. Don’t worry, I’ll nicely explain you what exactly is 1-strand consistency. As soon as you see that your sugar syrup is started to thicken, then take the spoon, let it rest for some time, the syrup might be too hot. & then when you can touch it, take a little amount of syrup, & check it between your fingers. You’ll see that it’ll form a strand between the fingers & then break.

This is what a 1-strand consistency is called. This should be the consistency of your sugar syrup. Our sugar syrup is ready. Now, let’s turn the stove off. So, this is how the sugar syrup for Jalebi is made. Now, if this syrup is too thick or too thin, then it won’t work.It’ll have different impact on your Jalebis. So check it like I told you. It should be
almost 1-strand consistency. Keep that in mind. It’s optional to add colour to it.

Zarda Pulao 

Sindhi Pakwan

Matar Kulcha

Now, I try as much as possible to use organic colours. It’s okay, if you don’t want to add colour. Look might be different. The flavour & texture will be perfect. Our sugar syrup should be warm when we are dipping the sugar syrup into it. So, right now, I’ve kept it aside & I’m going to fry Jalebis in another vessel here.

When you start frying the Jalebis, then check if your sugar syrup is warm, If it’s cooled down, then turn the stove on to warm it up a little bit. & only then start frying your Jalebis. This is very important. Now, finally, we have to fry the Jalebis. Everything else is ready.

We have to prepare a set-up to fry the Jalebis. I’ve kept a pair of tongs ready. You can use the tongs that you use to make chapatis. We’ll use this to fry the Jalebis. After that, you have to keep a strainer  ready. We’ll use this to dip & take the Jalebis from sugar syrup. Keep a sieve ready, which will be used to rest
the Jalebis when you remove them from the sugar syrup.

Frying Jalebi

& lastly to fry the Jalebis, use a flat bottomed pan. Now, you have to add oil & heat it. The oil should be just 1 inch above the base of your pan. I’ve added oil to it. You have to heat the oil now. Your oil should be at 160 degree Celsius. 160 degree Celsius as in your oil should be moderately hot.

Now, many times I tell you about the temperature of the oil while frying. Now, I use digital thermometer
in my recipe whenever I’m cooking. It tells the exact temperature. It’s not very expensive. & this makes it very easy to gauge how hot the oil is.  the oil should be moderately hot. Not too hot or cold. Keep this in mind.

Keep the sugar syrup, next to the vessel in which you are frying. & I’ve checked the sugar syrup. It’s warm.

& our setup is ready.

To fry the Jalebis, snip the tip of the piping bag. Hole should be medium sized. Now, what you have to do is, keep the flame on medium & start frying the Jalebis. So, how I shape it is that I made 2 concentric circles
& then cut it lengthwise from the third half circle. make 2 circles & then cut it lengthwise.

Now, everyone has different styles of shaping the Jalebis. Slowly keep making concentric circles & continue going further. when you drop the Jalebis in oil, they will automatically rise on the surface. Now, you have to fry the Jalebis from one side, i.e; bottom side.

Once they get a light golden brown colour, then turn it & fry it from the other side. Keep in mind not to fry them until
they become too dark or dark golden brown. Just fry until they get a light golden brown colour. Now, you have to remove them from the oil. & as soon as you take it out of the oil, immediately dunk them in the warm sugar syrup. & using a spatula, push them down in the syrup.

Soak Jalebi In Sugar Syrup

Push them & let them be submerged in syrup for 30 seconds, This is very important to make that juicy Jalebi, So that the sugar syrup is nicely soaked in the Jalebis. After 30 seconds, using a strainer remove the Jalebis
and let the excess sugar syrup drip off. & then place it in a sieve so that the extra sugar syrup will get drained out. & your Jalebis will be perfectly ready.

So, our Jalebis are ready.

Now, even I was quite scared of shaping them initially too, But slowly & gradually you will get the hang of it
& once you learn it you’ll be able to shape them perfectly. Instead of a piping bag, you can even use a squeezy bottle. that also makes the shaping of Jalebis quite easy. Fear not, keep trying.

One tip that I gave is shape it on a plate & then fry it. That will help build your confidence a bit. Usually the confectioners make 2.5 concentric circles. Meaning after 2 circles, they make half a circle & pull it straight. So, the vertical line in the centre holds the shape of the Jalebi nicely. So, that is the technique that they use. But even you’ll be able to do it. Keep trying.

You’ll get a perfect Jalebi. Don’t fuss around with the shape too much. There’s a phrase- Crooked like a Jalebi, So, the shape of the Jalebis don’t matter much. The taste & texture should be perfect. Our Jalebis are ready.
Let’s plate them and serve.

How to Serve Jalebi

So You Can Serve This Jalebi with rabdi, curd, and milk 

So, you learn how perfect these Jalebis have turned out. I even tell you while breaking it. It’s absolutely crispy from outside. & it was hollow in centre & the sugar syrup was oozing out of the centre. It had perfectly soaked up the sugar syrup. It’s so tasty. I’ve even left the Jalebi out for some time. I had kept it for 2-3 hours & it stays absolutely crispy & doesn’t become soggy. Jalebi is perfect.

I’ve shared all the tips & tricks. No need of using hydro powder, chemical, baking soda, yeast etc. By using simplest of ingredients you’ll get an amazing Jalebi. So, definitely make Jalebi . 


jalebi recipe
jalebi recipe

Instead of oil, if you want to fry these Jalebis in desi ghee, you can do that too. They’re amazing too. So, definitely try this recipe at your home & tell me in the comments how did you like it. Share this recip with your friends & family. Hit the subscribe button if you’ve liked this recipe. Have an amazing time with this beautiful Jalebi recipe at your home.


Q: What are the main ingredients used in jalebi?

All-purpose flour, yoghurt, sugar, water, saffron, and oil or ghee for deep-frying are the basic components for producing jalebi.

Q: How do I make the batter for jalebi?

All-purpose flour, yoghurt, and water must be combined to create the batter for jalebi, which should have a smooth and runny consistency. It’s crucial to let the batter to ferment for at least 8 to 12 hours to improve the texture and flavour.

Q: How do I make the syrup for jalebi?

You must cook water and sugar in a pot until the sugar dissolves to prepare the syrup for jalebi. Saffron strands can be added for flavour and colour.

Q: How do I fry the jalebi?

Heat ghee or oil in a deep frying pan before frying the jalebi. Transfer the batter to a piping bag with a small round tip once the oil is hot. Spiralize the batter before adding it to the hot oil and frying it till golden brown.

Q: Can I make jalebi without a piping bag?

You can create jalebi without using a piping bag if you use a squeeze bottle with a tiny nozzle or even a plastic bag with a little hole cut out of the corner.

Q: Can I store jalebi?

Yes, you can keep jalebi at room temperature for up to 3–4 days in an airtight container. The best practise is to reheat jalebi in the oven before serving even though you may freeze them for up to 5-10 days.



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