paneer paratha

Paneer Paratha Recipe | Paneer Paratha | How To Make Paneer Paratha

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This paratha is a very famous recipe of the Indian subcontinent.This Paneer paratha is made from wheat flour and is stuffed with crumbled paneer (cottage cheese) and spices. To make Paneer parathas, a soft dough is made by mixing wheat flour, salt and water. The stuffing is made by mixing paneer, chopped onions, green chillies, coriander leaves and spices like cumin powder, coriander powder and garam masala. This stuffing is used to stuff dough balls, which are then rolled and cooked on a hot griddle with ghee or oil.


paneer paratha
paneer paratha


Prep time: 10-15 minutes Cooking time: 15-20 minutes (excluding dough resting time) Serves: 5-6 people

How To Make Paneer Paratha

So friends today I am making paneer paratha now our house is of Punjabi origin so we make a lot of variety of Parathas, but today paraathe recipe is a little different,

My Paneer Paratha Recipe

We will use green garlic is in season doing winters and its flavour is really refreshing and it’s an excellent flavour, so today we will make paneer Paratha in a green masala, we will add green Masala to the stuffing and the base for that will be use green garlic, and this recipe turn out really delicious and tasty, and it is very easy to make at home and also tell me in the comments as to which is your favourite paratha,


  • Dough
  • OIL  1 TSP
  • Filling
  • GREEN GARLIC  15-20 NOS.
  • Cooking
  • GHEE 1/2 TSP

How To Make Paneer Paratha Dough

1. To make the dough for Paneer paratha we will take three cup of wholel wheat flour, we will add A pinch of salt and mixed gently now you have to slowly Add water to this, and we will prepare a semi soft dough, your dough should not be either too stiff or two loose, keep this in mind nicely add water slowly and knead the dough, once your dough is combined then we will add one table spoon oil to this, after adding the oil nicely knead this do for 4 to 5 minutes,

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2. Kneading really well is very important because if you don’t then the paratha will tear apart while rolling it out,and it’s difficult to shape so it is very important to knead for 4 to 5 minutes, once you have knead the dough very nicely then it’s texture will become really smooth, and make it into a big roundal and apply some oil on the surface to avoid it from drying, then we will cover it with a moist cloth and then rest this dough for about half an hour,

3. So I have prepared the dough and let it rest, whenever you are making a paratha not just paneer Paratha but whichever paratha you like, your dough should be made really nicely it’s a simple process just remember some points

4. The dough should we semi soft neither too loose not too stiff, otherwise after stuffing it when you roll it otherwise your stuffing will come out or your paratha will tear, so semi soft dough is very important, after that knead it nicely knead it properly until the texture of your dough becomes really smooth, and thirdly let it rest nicely as well, when you let your dough rest it kind of relaxes a bit, then it becomes easier to shape so that after stuffing the paratha you can easily roll it out, so keep these thing in mind,

How To Make Paneer Paratha Stuffing

5. Next we are going to make the stuffing, after making the stuffing I am going to tell you two method of making the paratha,
First one is how to stuff the dough and make a dough ball and roll it out into a paratha, and for people who find this method difficult I am also going to tell an easier method to make this paratha,

6. So let’s prepare to make the stuffing with a green masala for this paneer Paratha, So hare we have to prepare a green masala, here I am taking green garlic, I have taken 15 to 20 cloves of it, snap out the roots of this green garlic, so prepare them, now take a chopper and add this green garlic to the chopper, along with that we will add 3-4 green chillies, handful of fresh coriander leaves, few mint leaves, and we will add one inch ginger, and grind it coarsely, don’t make a fine paste otherwise the filling will become too Runny, so you have to grind it very coarsely, so our green Masala is prepared,

7. Now I have taken 200 gram paneer in a Big Bowl, you have to grate it, use the larger bore in the grater to grate the paneer, Keep in mind not to grate it with the fine bore otherwise the texture of the paneer will be spoilt, I am not crumbling it with hand because the larger pieces while crumbling usually and up tearing from the paratha, so grate it like this and your stuffing will turn out to be perfect,



8. Now we will add the green masala that we made earlier, and now we will add salt according to test, a large pinch of freshly cracked black pepper, 1 table spoon coarsely ground coriander seeds, one table spoon roasted dried pomegranate powder, or you can add dried mango powder, one table spoon cumin powder, A pinch of black salt, and we will add a handful of spring onion greens, now you have to mix everything together,and I am going to add onions too but I will add onions just before I am going to shape the parathas, otherwise the onion start stepping water into the stuffing, so mix everything very well together, after mixing taste the stuffing and adjust the salt to taste,



9. So our stuffing is ready just onion are to be added but like I said we will add them towards the end just before shaping the parathas, no matter which stuffing you are making either paratha aur something else taste it at this stage itself, this is the right opportunity to adjust the salt, adjust the heat and other spices too,

10. Once you have made the paratha then you won’t be able to adjust them, whenever making the paratha keep the seasoning and spices lightly on higher side, so that when combined with dough the flavour is balanced keep this in mind,



11. So our stuffing is ready and our dough is rested now we have to roll out the parathas,

How To Roll Paneer Paratha

12. So I am adding the onion first I am adding one finally chopped onion hare, after adding the onion stir it nicely to mix everything, and our paneer filling is finally ready, our dough is rested now, now you have to make a big dough ball of the dough, take the dough ball and make it into a roundel, once the roundle is made and using your thumb prepare a bowl shape between your hand, once you have prepared a bowl then take the stuffing and nicely fill the stuffing into it, fill appropriate amount of stuffing neither too much not to Little,

13. After filling the stuffing you have to make the edges meet to seal this dough ball, and press the stuffing with your thumbs and using your hands bring the dough edges together, now seal it properly after cealing if you think that there is some extra dough then you can pinch it out, once you have made a stuffed dough ball then coat it with dry flour,

14. After coating it with dry flour you have to keep the sealed part on the rolling board this is very important, keep it and gently press it to flatenn out a little bit, once you have lightly pressed it then using a rolling pin you have to roll it out, roll the paratha of medium thickness it should not be too thick or too thin, make sure that the dry flour is nicely coating the paratha, if these is enough coating of dry flour than you will be able to easily roll it out, So friend I have rolld out a medium thickness paratha our perfect paratha is ready, now let’s cook it,

How To Cook Paneer Paratha

15. For cooking take skillet to cook it, firstly hit the skillet very nicely, your skillet should not be cold, once your skillet is hot we will add a little bit of ghee on it, and then wipe it with a napkin to avoid the paratha sticking to the skillet, and carefully lift the paratha and flip it on hot skillet, and now you have to cook the paratha keep the flame on medium don’t keep the flame too high, otherwise the paratha may stay Raw in middle, take a napkin and keep pressing the paratha and rounding it in a circular motion, and cook the paneer Paratha,

16. Once your paratha is cooked from one side nicely then turn it around, similarly you have to cook the paratha from the other side too, once your paratha is cooked nicely from both the side then we will apply ghee on it, apply ghee and turn it over, and apply ghee on the other side too, now cook the paratha nicely with ghee the paratha should be nice and brown and Crisp from outside, so friends our paratha is perfectly ready,

17. So friend our paratha is ready you can serve it with white butter serve curd and pickle on site, its a treat to eat,

Second Method Of Paneer Paratha

18. Now a lot of people find this is stuffing method a little difficult, even at our home if the paratha has to be made quickly then a sandwich method is used, too rotis are made and then the stuffing is added between them, a lot of people find that method easy,
So make two small dough ball of the dough, make to spheres of these dough ball and then flatten them slightly, now you have to coat it with dry flour, after covering with dry flour you have to roll it out into a thick chapati, we will prepare thick disc,

19. Once you have prepared disc, prepare a similar disc with the other dough ball. keep the other disc slightly larger in size it should not be two large just slightly bigger than the previous one, now take the first roti and spread the stuffing on it nicely, once you have spread the stuffing place the larger roti on top, and you have to seal the edges, we have made one disc larger so that after adding the stuffing if it is of the same size than you won’t we able to seal it, once you have sealed the edges,



20. Now apply some dry flour on it, after applying dry flour you have to carefully roll it out, nicely role it while roating it until you have a medium size paratha, so our paratha is easily shaped, now we have to cook it in the same way as we cooked the first paratha, so our second paratha is ready, now we will serve it,


paneer paratha
paneer paratha


 So tell me in the comments how did you like paneer paratha recipe with green masala and green garlic, and it taste really delicious its winters and until green garlic is in season make it paneer ka Paratha, eat it with white butter and curd and pickles, you will enjoy having this paratha definitely try this paneer paratha recipe and share this recipe with your friend and family and hit the subscribed and if you have like this paneer paratha recipe and  follow me and have an amazing time with this beautiful paneer Paratha recipe at your home cheers take care bye bye


Q: What is paneer paratha?

An Indian flatbread called a paneer paratha is baked with whole wheat flour and filled with flavoured paneer, or Indian cottage cheese.

Q: What are the ingredients needed for paneer paratha?

Whole wheat flour, paneer, onions, green chilies, coriander leaves, cumin powder, red chilli powder, salt, and oil are required components for paneer paratha.

Q: How do you make paneer stuffing for paratha?

Crumble the paneer in a bowl and add finely sliced onions, green chilies, coriander leaves, cumin powder, red chilli powder, and salt to make paneer stuffing for paratha. To mix, thoroughly combine.

Q: How do you make the dough for paneer paratha?

Whole wheat flour and salt should be combined in a bowl to create the dough for paneer paratha. Make a soft dough by gradually adding water and kneading. Give it 15 to 20 minutes to relax.

Q: How do you assemble and cook paneer paratha?

Create equal amounts of the paneer stuffing and dough. A little disc of paneer stuffing should be placed in the centre of the dough section. Roll out the paratha gently after folding the dough over the filling. Golden brown on both sides, cook the paratha on a hot griddle by tossing it over a few times.

Q: What are some variations of paneer paratha?

Addition of additional veggies, such as spinach or grated carrots, or the use of different spices, such as garam masala or turmeric powder, are a few variations of the paneer paratha.

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