aloo ki sabji

Aloo ki sabji | bhandare wali aloo ki sabji | aloo ki sabji recipe

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Hello friends, once again you are welcome to my new blog today we are makin aloo ki sabji

aloo ki sabji
aloo ki sabji


1-Bhandare wali aloo ki sabji

Friends, nowadays the season of festivals is going on and Ganesh Chaturthi, sometimes Navdurga, we get to see Bhandaras at various places and when we eat food in those Bhandaras, then only one thought comes in our mind that why we do not make such aloo ki sabji recipe vegetables at home. If you find, then in today’s blog, we will learn that we can store potato vegetable at our home.

2- How to make spicy potato curry, let’s learn aloo ki sabzi


 ingredients we need to make Bhandare Wali Aloo ki Sabzi

3- Here we are making this vegetable for 10 people.


1-1 kg potatoes

2-5 green chilies

3-250 grams tomato

4-4,5 bay leaves

5- 4,5, longe

6- 8,10 black pepper

7- One teaspoon red chili powder

8-two spoons coriander powder

9- One teaspoon turmeric powder

10- One spoon garam masala

11- One teaspoon cumin

12- little asafetida

13- Green chopped coriander

14- Salt as per taste

Mustard oil 100 grams

Lats start making aloo ki sabji

So friends here, first of all we will boil the potatoes and let them cool down, after that friends will snatch half of the potatoes and leave the skin on the other half of the potatoes, we will cut some potatoes into big pieces. Will cut and some we will mash with hands like this


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Friends, we will keep the pan and now we will put mustard oil in the pan, if you use mustard oil, it will be better.

भन्डारे वाली आल् की सब्जी
भन्डारे वाली आल् की सब्जी


Friends, after heating the oil, we will first put a spoonful of cumin seeds in it, after that we will put the 4 green chilies we have taken and after adding them, friends will put bay leaves in it.

Now put clove and black pepper in it.

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Click on this link to watch full video of Bhandare wali aloo ki sabzi



Friends, we will not put the spices that we have taken directly inside the oil, we will take a bowl and in that bowl, add one spoon of red chili powder, two spoons of coriander powder and one spoon of turmeric and make a slurry by adding a little thick water and When it becomes round, friends, we have roasted cumin seeds inside the oil.

Now we will put it inside it, after adding it, cook a little bit, after making it a little bit, we will put a sip of water in it, so that our masala will be cooked well, after this masala is cooked, after that we will put 250 grams in it. We had given tomatoes and we will cut the tomatoes and put them in it.

aloo ki sabji
aloo ki sabji

Now after adding tomatoes, we will add salt according to the taste, so that our tomatoes will be cooked a little, we do not have to cook much, because tomatoes remain whole in Bhandara’s vegetable, only then they taste good, so friends, now this masala is ready. It is done, now look, we will put the potato fees that were done here and the checks that were from some time.


And we will put in it, after this we will mix this spice with potatoes and friends, we will put water in it, according to the amount of sugar you want this vegetable or wife, you can add water to it, now we will put it on medium, friends 15 to 20 give for a minute

So see, your vegetable  is done,  now you will put garam masala in it.

aloo ki sabji
aloo ki sabji


See friends, your bhandare wali aloo ki sabzi is ready, serve it back hot and make bhandare ki aloo ki sabji at home and eat this vegetable with puri

aloo ki sabji
aloo ki sabji

and tell me by commenting that you like this bhandare wali vegetable blog. How did you like it, if you liked this blog, then subscribe to the block and share it, see you again with a new recipe, bye bye

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