kadai paneer recipe

kadai paneer recipe | kadai paneer | kadai paneer ki recipe

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Kadai Paneer Recipe is a very famous recipe all over India, although we get to see many varieties of paneer, but Kadai Paneer curry has its own distinct taste.

Today I have come up with a very delicious Kadhai Paneer recipe for you, you get it everywhere in restaurants, dhabas, hotels, but today I will tell you how to make this Kadhi paneer recipe in a new way.

kadai paneer recipe
kadai paneer recipe

in this recipe masala is very interesting recipe a kadai masala is made very spicy after that kadai paneer is made

Then a gravy is made, forgetting the vegetables, the gravy is made by frying the paneer together.

Then somewhere a very special delicious Kadai Paneer is made.

First of all, let us see how to make Kadai Masala for Kadai Paneer recipe .

Time to make 30 miniuts

kadai paneer recipe
kadai paneer recipe

Ingredients for kadai paneer masala

  • We have to heat a  fry pan well and after that we have to low the gas.
  • And Now we add two kashmiri red chillies in it

  • 2 tsp cumin seed

  • 2 tbsp whole coriander seed

  • 2 tsp fennel seeds

  • 8 to 10 Whole black pepper

We have to roast all these spices well in this time. until these spices start to smell.

Whole coriander and fennel in flavor should be more in kadai masala.

Now the aroma has not started from the spices, now we will cool them and after that we will grind them in the grinder.

We have to make coarse powder of these spices, Friends, the masala for our Kadai Paneer is ready.

kadai paneer recipe
kadai paneer recipe

Ingredients for making kadai paneer recipe kadai paneer

Now let’s cut the vegetables, here I have taken one capsicum.

We will cut this capsicum in triangle shape

In the same way, we have taken two onions and cut them into triangle shape.

In the same way we will take two tomatoes and we will also cut the tomatoes in triangle shape.

In the same way, friends, we have taken 500 grams of paneer here, we will also cut them into triangle shape.

You can cut tomatoes, capsicum and paneer and onions in any shape you want.

So friends, our vegetables have been cut, our paneer has been cut and we have prepared the kadhai masala,

kadai paneer recipe
kadai paneer recipe

So let’s make kadhai paneer.

So friends first of all we are going to make Kadai Paneer Gravy

Friends, we have taken a pan and in the pan we have taken

around 100 grams of desi ghee.

Let it heat up well, after that we put one teaspoon of cumin seed in it.

And let’s put the two onion which we have chopped it well

We have to cook the onion till it becomes light golden brown

Now we will put 2 tbsp shop ginger in it.

2 tbsp garlic paste

Now we have to cook them properly till the interest turns golden brown.

Garlic ginger and onions are well fried now

kadai paneer recipe
kadai paneer recipe

Now inside it we will add spices

  • We will keep the gas flame of course
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 2 tsp Kashmiri red chili powder
  • 1 tbsp coriander powder
  • 3 tbsp that we made kadai masala
  • 2 chopped green chilies
  • we will add them all

We will cook all these things properly and after cooking we will add some water to it.

We have put water in it because we can mix our spices well and the spices will not burn.

We have to fry these spices until the ghee separates from the spices.

Now add four chopped tomatoes to it.

Now add salt according to taste

We will cook these tomatoes well with spices till the ghee leaves the gravy.

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kadai paneer recipe
kadai paneer recipe


You can mix the intermediate ones with the help of a masser, so that your tomatoes will cook quickly and your gravy will cook quickly.

The more you roast this gravy over low flame, the better our Kadai Paneer will be.

It’s been about 20 minutes and the ghee has separated from the gravy, our gravy is almost ready.

You can test it, if the salt seems less, then you can add more salt to it.

So our kadhai paneer gravy is ready.

lets start kadai paneer recipe


Now we also fry the vegetables which we had cut in the triangle shape a little.

Take a fry pan and put three to four spoons of desi ghee in the pan.

Now we will toss these vegetables over the highflam

We have to toss these vegetables only on high flame, only then the crunch will remain intact in the vegetable.

Now we will add paneer to the vegetables and add a little salt and a little pan cheese masala.

Now we will mix it by tossing it lightly.

Now we will mix the gravy that we made by pouring it over these vegetables and paneer.

Now we will mix these vegetable paneer and gravy well and cook for 2 minutes.

Now we will put a lot of chopped coriander over it

and grated ginger

And cook it for 2 more minutes,

kadai paneer recipe
kadai paneer recipe

keep in mind that paneer is soft so that it does not break.

Now we are going to put two spoons of fresh cream in it.

And after adding a pinch of fenugreek leaves, we will cook it for 1 more minute.

Friends, restaurant style kadai paneer is ready.

We heat the paneer inside a small pan ( kadai paneer ) and serve

And to garnish, put a spoonful of fresh cream, a little chopped coriander and grated ginger

kadai paneer recipe
kadai paneer recipe


So friends, eat with roti, eat with naan, eat with tandoori roti, teach Rumali roti, eat this Paneer with whomever you wish.

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Friends will meet again with a new recipe blog till then take care bye



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