khichdi recipe

Khichdi Recipe | Khichdi Recipe: A Comforting and Nutritious One-Pot Meal You Need to Try

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This is very popular an famous in Gujarat and all aver india Gujarati khichdi recipe is served with Kadhi this recipe like by many indians it does not meet in hotels and rastourant you can this recipe in your home it taste is very delicious this famous recipe is made with rice and moong dal and kadhi is made with curd and gram flour,


khichdi recipe
khichdi recipe


Hi guy you are welcome back on my new blog so friends today I am making Gujarati khichdi recipe with kadhi, this recipe is so delicious soothing and comforting recipe and this comes in the top 3 of my list of most converting recipe, and I make a Kadhi khichdi recipe minimum twice in a week for sure, althose I eat this recipe so many time but I have not share with you all before and it is being made on my kitchen,



And it is a very simple recipe thick khichdi recipe will be with rice and moong dal and it is also called dal khichdi , and the kadhi recipe will be made with curd which is very delicious, this is one of those recipe when the curd turns sour and you wonder what to make of that curd then you can make Kadhi recipe ,
Let’s learn how to make Gujarati kadhi recipe and khichdi recipe in my simple method,


Prep time: 10-15 minutes Cooking time: 35-40 minutes (including soaking time) Serves: 3-4 people

Kadhi Ingredients:

  • WATER  3.5 CUPS
  • GHEE  3 TBSP
  • CLOVES  4.5 NOS.
  • CURRY LEAVES  8-10

Khichdi recipe Ingredients:

  • RICE | चावल 1 CUP (KOLUM)
  • GHEE  2 TBSP

How To soak Rice And Lentils For Khichdi

1. First of all to making dal khichdi in a bowl we will take one cup colam rice, and we will add half cup split moong dal with skin, now will add water to it and nicely wash the rice and lentils, and when you will wash this you will see that the powder on the rice and lentils will come out,

2. So wash these rise and lentils 3 to 4 times or until the water becomes clear, now our water has become clear now you have to soak this rice and lentils for 30 minutes,



3. We have let the rice and lentils to soak no need to soak them for a long 30 minutes is enough and then we will make khichdi recipe in cooker, while these are soaking let’s prepare for the kadhi recipe , the rise that we have use today I have used column rice as that is what is available at my home you can use any kind of good rice,

4. But don’t use basmati rice to make khichdi as a basmati rice has a fragrance of its own which is not needed for khichdi recipe, So you can use any rice that is available at your home,

How To Male kadhi recipe




5. Now is the next step let’s learn how to make kadhi recipe which is served with the khichdi recipe6. Now in a bowl we will take one Cup Sour curd, 1/4th cup gram flour, taste of doing ginger and two green chillies and we will add the salt according to teste, now you have to whisk it now you can use a whisk for that, you can use a hand blender if you have one or you can even add it to a mixture grinder if you want,

7. That is not problem either, the main funda is that there should not be any lumbs of curd or gram flour and it should have a very smooth texture, so remember this you have to whisked it nicely and got a smooth texture,

8. Now we will add water to this I am adding three times the quantity of the curd that you have taken so I am adding three cup of water, after adding the water whisk it again nicely so as to mix the curd gram flour and water nicely with one another,



9. So my mixture is ready there is no lumps and our mixture for kadhi recipe is nicely formed, now we will transfer this mixture in a cooking pot, then turn the stove on, keep it on a high flame and while stirring in between bring this kadhi to a boil,

10. Once the sol kadhi comes to a boil and lower the flame to lowest and let the Simmer on low flame, now we will prepare for the tempering on another side,

11. Now we will take is small fry Pan for tempering, now we will add two tablespoon of the ghee and the heat the ghee nicely then to it you will add half table spoon cumin seeds, 1/4 tablespoon mustard seeds, one piece of cinnamon stick, 2.3 cloves, 2,3 dried Red chillies, 1/4th tsp asafoetida, 8 to 10 Curry leaves, 1/4th teaspoon Fenugreek seeds and add the tempering to the kadhi,



12. And cover it with the lid, and keep it covered for 2 minutes to let the flavour of the tempering seep into the sol kadhi,

13. Some people also add one star anise to the tempering so if you want you can add that too, after 1 minute lift the lid and mix the kadhi recipe nicely with the tempering, after mixing the kadhi I am adding one table spoon jaggery for sweetness,

14. Gujarati kadhi is sweet and sour, stir it nicely so that the jaggery dissolve well into our kadhi, after 2,3 minutes taste this kadhi, now adjust the salt and jaggery you can keep the sweetness as per your preference, and stir it nicely,

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15. Now cover it and let this kadhi cook on low flame for 5 minutes nicely, only then the flavour and consistency of our sol kadhi will be perfect, after cooking for 5 minutes on low flame lift the lid, stir it a nicely and you will see that the consistency of your gujarati kadhi has become slightly thicker,

16. Some homes prefer is slightly runnier gujarati kadhi whereas some homes prefer slightly thicker curry, you can do that adjustment as per your preference, according to my preference thicker consistency of the gujarati kadhi is perfect, now lastly we will add some freshly chopped coriander leaves to the gujarati kadhi, and mix it nicely and you will see that you are Gujarati kadhi is ready,

17. So Gujarati kadhi making is a very easy, remember that use sour curd to get that sourness in teste, and if you are using fresh curd then the difference between that you wont get the tartness in teste, and Gujarati kadhi should be sweet and sour in taste so try to use sour curd for this recipe,

18. The ratio of the curd to water is 1: 3 so use 3 cup of water for one cup of curd use that ratio for perfect consistency,

Now the rice and lentils that I hade left for soaking have soaked nicely,

#Let’s learn how to make khichdi Recipe

#How to coock Khichdi Recipe

19. Now discard the soacking water of rice and lentils, after draining the water we will add two table spoon desi ghee to a cooker, once the ghee is hot now we will add half tsp cumin seeds, 1/4th tsp asafoetida, and then we will add the rice and lentils to it, and then cook the rice and lentils with ghee and cumin seed for 2 minutes on medium High flame while stirring,

20. And after that we will add 4 cup of water rise and lentils were one cup so add 4 time that water to it, to get a thich dal khichdi, after that we will add salt according to teste, and we will add half tsp turmeric powder, stir nicely and let the water come to a boil, cooking it on high flame for just 5 minute and bring the water to a boil,

21. Now waterr is boiling after it comes to a boil cover the lid of the cooker, after putting the lid on you have to cooked this Khichadi recipe medium High flame for 4 whistles, once 4 whistles are done then turn the stove off, and let the cooker naturally depressurise and let the steam settle on its own,

22. Once the pressure settle check the whistle and carefully open the cooker, now you will see that your dal khichdi the rice and lentils have perfectly cooked, stir it nicely to mix the rice and lentils within themselves and lightly get mashed too,

23. If you prefer khichdi thicker than this then use 5 cup of t water instead of 4cup, if you prefer a runnier khichdi, then even at this stage you can add some hot water to adjust the consistency, but I like this consistency so I use only 4 cop of water, so we have got perfect consistency, our Gujarati khichdi is also ready let’s plate it,

Believe me this recipe is soothing calm and comforting, that even if I am not mood of eating but if this is on the table then I definitely eat it, along with it some papad and then eat the dal khichdi and kadhi with your hands and than drink kadhi from the bowl,


khichdi recipe
khichdi recipe

So definitely try this khichdi recipe in your kitchen and tell me in comment box how did you like this khichdi recipe if you like this recipe please like and subscribe my blog take care bye bye see you again

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