Namak Para

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Hello friends, I welcome you once again on my blog renuthekitchen, today I have brought the recipe of Namak Para for you.

Namak Para
Namak Para

So friends, Diwali festival is coming and Diwali festival is a festival of happiness, it is a festival of happiness, all the family together celebrate it with happiness, we go to people’s house and guests come to our house and share their happiness with each other.
So in today’s blog I have brought a Diwali special recipe for you, in the recipe I am telling you today, I have made some namkeen recipe, you can also call it Namkeen Mathri, namak para ( namkeen recipe ).

Namak Pare
Namak Pare

If you make it like this once, then your guests who come will leave with a bang, so let’s see how we will make this Namak Pare recipe.

How to make name para


• 500 grams all purpose flour,
• One  teaspoon celery
• salt to taste
• 500 gram oil for deep frying
• Fenugreek seed

Make Namak Para Dough

Friends, first of all, we will take maida all purpose flour in a bowl and put one tea spoon celery in it after crushing it and add a little about four to five spoons of oil in the form of Mohan and add one spoon of Kasuri Methi Salt according test.

Namak Pare
Namak Pare

After adding oil add little water and make a smooth dough out of it.

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And we’ll keep it at rest for one hours a while

After this, friends, in a small bowl, we will take some oil and mix some flour in it and make a little solution of it.

Roll and Cut

Friends, the dough is ready, we will break it into small lohiya and after breaking the lohiya, we will roll it in the same way as we roll bread and apply the batter we had made on it, then we will make samosas from it. If you fold the shape once and fold it twice, it will become like a samosa and with the help of a fork we will make small holes in it.

Deep Fry Namak Pare  ( namkeen recipe )

Now we have kept the pan on gas and we will put oil in it for frying, the oil is hot.
Now we will deep fry the samosas like Namak pare that we have prepared.

Namak Pare
Namak Pare


While frying NAMAK PARE Keep in mind that the flame of the gas should be very slow, otherwise the NAMAK PARE  will burn.
Now friends, we will deep fry it and till it becomes golden brown, we will deep fry it.

So our Namak Pare has become golden brown, now we will take them out of the pan and our Namak Pare is ready.

We can store these NAMAK PARE  in a container for 10-15 days.

Namak Pare
Namak Pare

So friends, this Diwali, for your friends, for your relatives, try making this Namak Pare in this way, you will like this recipe, if you also like it, then like, comment and also follow me. not with recipe

I hope you would like this Namak pare recipe ( namkeen recipe ) 

If you have any query about this recipe you can ask me in comment box i will give the answer of your query

thanks once again take care by by see you again next recipe

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