khandvi recipe

Khandvi Recipe | Khandvi Recipe: A Delicious and Nutritious Gujarati Snack You Need to Try

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This is a very popular and famous Khandvi Recipe or appetizer mostly in state of Gujarat. it is also known as in india PatuliDahivadi or Suralichi Vadi, But also khandvi recipe like  all over india,  gujarati Khandvi recipe is  made from a batter of gram flour (besan) and yogurt that is cooked on a stove or until this batter becomes a thick and smooth paste. After that  paste is then spread thin layer and after 10 -15 minutes it is set and rolled into cylindrical shapes,and  which are cut into bite-sized pieces and khandvi ki recipe is served with a flavorful tempered garnish of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and grated coconut. Khandvi recipe  taste has a slightly tangy and mildly spiced flavor and is often enjoyed with a cup of hot tea and breakfast, and whenever you like this wonderful khankvi ki recipe,


khandvi recipe
khandvi recipe

# khandvi recipe

So what’s up guys you are welcome once again on my new blog, now today I have come with another Gujarati special recipe khandvi recipe, I really love eating this Gujarati khandvi and its so easy to make at your home lots of people think that the process is complicated but it is not at all complicated,

But if you follow some tips you can make perfect Gujarati khandvi at your home so friends let’s learn how to make perfect khandvi recipe at home with all tips and tricks,

Prep time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 35-49 minutes Serves: 3-5 people

# khandvi recipe ingredients

  • SUGAR  1 TSP
  • Tempering
  • OIL  5 TBSP
  •  For Garnish


# How to Perpare Khandvi batter

1. For making khandvi recipe I have take a bowl into a bowl I have taken 2 cup sour curd, 2 cup ground gram flour, and I am adding paste of 2 inch ginger and a two green chillies, and salt according to test half teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon turmeric powder and nicely whisk it,

2. So I am using a whisk but you can even use a fork, whisk is nicely to avoid any lumps of the gram flour, and prepare a smooth batter for khandvi recipe, now our smooth batter es is ready for khandvi recipe,

3. Now we have to add water to this so I am adding 4 cups of water here, now add water and mix everything together again to prepare a very smooth mixture, so you will see that the batter for your khandvi is ready,

#How to cook khandvi batter

4. Now we will take a non stick Pan and strain this mixture through a sieve and transfer it to a non stick pan,
Now turn the stove on and on low flame cook it while stirring continuously,

# Prow tips

It is very important to continuously keep stirring as the gram flour can start sticking to the bottom of pan and forms lums, so it is important to continuously stir it,



secondly it is very important to cook it on low flame if you cook it on high flame then the batter of khandvi will not cook properly, and it will thicken early and the gram flour will remain raw, and then when you try to apply the layer it will not properly form a layer, so it is very important to keep the flame low and to continuously stir this mixture,

5. And cook it’s slowly it can take 25 to 30 minutes for this batter to coock properly, so cook this better for 25 to 30 minutes on low flame while stirring continuously, so I have cooked this batter while stirring continuously, and this better has reached a dropping consistency, so friends our better is ready,




6. Now we have to spread it, I have up turned the backing tray and I will spread it on that, take some batter on it, take it on the sheet and cover the rest of the batter so that it does not cool down to quickly,

7. Now I have taken a dough scraper and I am spreading it using that, youcan use a spatula or a big spoon as well, Using a scraper I am spreading it into an even layer, you have to make an even layer don’t make a very thick layer make a thin layer, if it’s super thin then it will be difficult to roll make a reasonably thin layer, so that your khandvi rolls out perfectly,

8. Again lift the lid and take some better on another tray and spread it into an even layer by same process, and use your entire better to spread on the trays or plates, once you have spread the better than let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes, before cutting it and rolling it out,



9. So this process of layering the khandvi is a little tricky, Let me just tell you, before your better is ready prepare the trace or plates on which you are going to set the khandvi, so that you don’t get flustered, so that is very important today I have used baking trays, if you are not going to use baking trays then there are another ways too, you can use plates or platter too, so you can spread it on a plate or platter,

10. Other way is if your kitchen platform is made of Marvel then wash and clean it and dry it nicely, and then spread a big layer on the platform, so you will not need to apply it in batches, spread it on a clean platform once rest it and then you can roll it out all at once,



11. Even that is a good way to do it and that’s how it’s done in many household, so you have a lot of option but you have to keep in mind that once you have cooked the better you have to layer it in 3 to 5 minutes, if you stop or leave the batter for long than it will set, and after that you cannot layer it, so you have to note this and it is very important,

And I said you have to cook it on low flame, patiently while continuously stirring for 25 to 30 minutes, once then you can roll this layer after setting, otherwise the gram flour will stay raw and will not set properly, so note this as well,

12. If you want to test it after 25 minutes takes some batter and apply it on a surface, and keep stirring until then after two three minutes try rolling it if you can roll it out then it is cooked, but if you follow this for 25 to 30 minutes like I tell you your khandvi recipe will set a hundred percent,


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13. Once it sets for 10 to 15 minutes, then we will learn how to cut and role it out, I am directly going to cut it and roll it, at some places some coriander, coconut, and some other things, are sprinkled to and then rolled, but I am going to add tempering coriander and coconut from the top,

14. So this step is done differently in different households, so after it sets let’s learn how to cut and roll it,

# How To Cut Khandvi And Roll It

15. Our khandvi is set if you feel like trimming the sides then you can trim it, then make a cut in the centre after cutting in the centre you have to cut long strip of about 3 to 4 inches, so cut the strip of 3 to 4 inch once you have cut the strips than you have to start rolling it from one end, it will roll out easily and like this you have to make a khandvi roll,

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16. So similarly cut and rolle the rest of khandvi so our khandvi roll is perfectly ready, and transfer it to a plate, so I have rolled all the khandvi now we have to add the tempering on it,


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# How to make tempering for khandvi recipe

17. For the tempering in a fry pain I am taking 3 tablespoon oil then to this we will add half teaspoon mustard seeds, two chopped green chillies, A pinch of asafoetida, and we will add half teaspoon white sesam seeds, and lightly toast the tempering, and now you will add 10-15 curry leaves to it, and immediately take the tempering out and pour it on the khandvi recipe,

18 And we have tempered the khandvi and let’s plate our khandvi recipe,

# How To Serve Khandvi Recipe

Now we will transfer this khandvi recipe in a plate and sprinkles some fresh coconut powder and sprinkles some fresh coriander leaves,

So you have to learn that the khandvi recipe is perfect it was easy to roll and was so delicious so follow all the tips and definitely make  gujarati khandvi recipe at your home and it is also called Patuli d infect in Maharashtrian household and similar dis is made which is called surali chi vadi, and it is cut in diamond or rolled it,


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If you make it at your home or other customs than definitely let me know in the comment box, what is it called and how it is made and what are the differences I would like to know so definitely try this recipe at your home and tell me in the comment box how did you like this khandvi recipe,


khandvi recipe
khandvi recipe


And share this recipe with your friend and family and press the subscribe button if you have like this khandvi recipe, so have an amazing time with this beautiful khandvi recipe at your home cheers take care bye bye,

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