banana cream pie recipe

Banana Cream Pie Recipe | Banana Cream Pie Recipe: A Classic and Delicious Dessert for Any Occasion

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 The traditional dish, banana cream pie recipe, has a sweet and creamy custard filling stacked with banana slices and finished with whipped cream. The pie is a well-liked dessert for holidays, special events, or any time you feel like indulging in a decadently sweet delight. It is often served in a flaky pie crust. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar, cornflour, salt, whole milk, and egg yolks to make the filling for banana cream pie. The liquid is heated until it begins to thicken and boil, at which point butter and vanilla extract are added to produce a silky, creamy custard. The custard is then poured over the sliced bananas, which are placed on the bottom of the baked pie crust. After that, the pie is chilled in the fridge until it hardens.Whipped cream is added to the banana cream pie before it is served, giving the rich, creamy filling a light, airy feel. Everyone’s sweet tooth will be satisfied by this classic dish because it is delicious and cosy.

banana cream pie recipe
banana cream pie recipe



Banana Cream Pie recipe

hey bakers how are you today you are welcome on my blog so today we’re making this wiggly jiggly dreamy and delicious banana cream pie recipe,  it is so refreshing no artificial flavors just lots of loveliness

let’s get started

Banana Cream Pie Ingredients

 Sugar: The sweet banana cream pie filling starts with white sugar.
· Flour: All-purpose flour helps thicken the creamy filling.
· Salt: A pinch of salt it enhances the flavors of the other ingredients, but it won’t make your pie taste salty.
· Milk: Two or three cups of milk lends moisture and thins the filling.
· Egg yolks: Three egg yolks help create a rich, decadent texture.
· Butter: Butter adds even more moisture and richness.
· Vanilla: A dash of vanilla enhances the overall flavor.
· Pie shell: Use a store-bought pastry crust or you can make it home. 
· cream and Bananas: Of course, you’ll need freshbananas and About four, to be exact.



What Is Banana Cream Pie?

Banana Cream Pie– the combination banana cream pie combines homemade pie pastry crust, fresh bananas, and vanilla custard, and lots off fluffy whipped cream,


How to Make Banana Cream Pie

you’re gona to be pouring that delicious filling into the pie crust of your choice, i suggest a beautiful homemade butter crust,

How To Make Pie Crust

here for my perfect pie crust recipe it has all my tips and tricks, on how to get it right every single time but let me take you through it real quick,


First, Bake Your Pie Crust

i have taken 300 grams or two and a half cups of all-purpose flour right into the bowl of your food processor and add one quarter cup of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, now whizz it up, just pulse soap mixes everything together, now i’m adding one cup or 226 grams of cold cubed butter, okay let’s pulse this up a couple times, now drizzle in a quarter cup of ice water, and  mixed with some vodka


all right we’re gonna dump this out right onto our pastry mat, i like to just now use the pastry mat, to bring it together a few times. flatten it out into a disc, now wrap it well in plastic, you don’t want to be exposed and dry out in the fridge, chill it, you can chill it overnight if you want, at least give it i would say an hour in the fridge once it’s chilled, now you’re going to roll it out plop that into your pie tin, i’m just going to trim the excess pie dough off with some scissors, i’m going to hold my thumb out and then press in,

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so i’m going to get a nice kind of rustic edge, but the pie will still be clinging to the glass edge, now add some parchment paper, some tin foil to support the edges, fill it with pie weights or beans, whenever you want, and  bake at 425 for about 15 minutes, now remove it from the oven remove all of that tin foil, the beans, the paper, now give it an egg wash, and  tent the outside, and bake it again for another 15 minutes at 425 and then reduce the temperature to 375 and bake until it is golden brown,


Now for the filling we’re gonna add two eggs, one, two,  and then two egg yolks so we can separate those whites, you can add them to your morning omelet, use them to make a meringue, whatever makes you happy. one yolk and two yolks, and wash those hands, and whisk up your egg mixture if only alive for as easy as whisking eggs,

Now Let’s Work on the Filling

okay now let’s deal with the rest of the filling,  so into a kind of larger heavy sauce pot when you say heavy sauce pot you mean one with thicker walls doesn’t have to be copper, it has thin walls and they get really hot when you’re heating things up and they will scald your milk mixture or whatever you’re using so when you’re buying pots and pans the ones with the thicker walls are gonna be better for you.


so into that pot i’m adding one and a half cups of sugar, using white and cane sugar because i ran out but any granulated sugar works,  a third of a cup of corn starch, this stuff feels horrible when you touch it, but it’s really great for thickening things up so a third of a cup is going to be about 50 grams, 50 grams of corn starch, you can take out maybe 10 grams if you want to have it’d be a little bit more runny, the consistency is kind of more silky if you now add more in it’ll be more almost gelatinous and you’ll get really clean pieces but the mouth feel isn’t as nice,

Homemade Custard Filling

so it’s kind of up to you and personal taste, now i’m adding in a quarter teaspoon of salt, plus a pinch there we go and now three cups of cold whole milk,  now whisk it all together, save your scale banana cream pies are so delicious, but i’ve been scarred by having bad ones and my youth as like in diners, where they added in i think banana extract or banana essence,


  the filling we’re making is actually going to be a really nice vanilla custard and you’ll have pieces of banana throughout on the bottom, on the top with the whipped cream, and it’ll be really delicious and having those banana and vanilla notes without any artificial flavors,

once your ingredients are all whisked up place it on medium high heat and get to stirring, you don’t want to let any of the milk burn so just keep on moving keep on moving, it’ll warm up slowly, but then you’ll see it start to thicken so keep an eye on it it’ll take maybe five or seven minutes,


you really want to keep the mixture moving because the bottom is going to thicken up first, so when it starts to thicken you need to really so really whisk whisk whisk those whisk so that you get a nice uniform thickness, otherwise the bottom will just burn in the top is going to be liquidy which is sad.


so it’s getting really frothy but underneath look, you will look at this it’s starting to thicken okay there we go, so now that it’s thickened, now i’m going to reduce the heat to medium oof my hand this heat to medium, and then this keeps stirring, we really want to make sure now it thickens up, and we’re going to stir on medium for about five minutes, so right now i’m going to add in about you know half a cup or so of my hot mixture into the eggs while i now whisk whisk whisk whisk whisk, now we’re tempering the eggs,


so we’re heating them up so that we can now add them into our hot milk mixture without anything scrambling,  losing the consistency that we want, once your eggs are tempered, now we can add them back in while we’re whisking, okay we’re going to cook on medium for two more minutes while we whisk these eggs doesn’t get cooked up and it’s an additional thickening agent as well it’s making it taste delicious, two minutes off heat, we’re gonna transfer our hot hot mixture into a bowl, now get all that delicious custard out,


and we’re gonna now whisk in a tablespoon of vanilla, you can use vanilla bean paste, if you want if you’re doing that i would reduce it to maybe three teaspoons


all right one tablespoon of vanilla and four tablespoons or like what 60 grams of butter whisk that together, the butter is gonna melt in there make it really really smooth and creamy, and the vanilla of course is just like stinking amazing, all right nice creamy mixture, now we’re gonna cover this up i just want to eat this right now all like cover that up with some plastic, and when i say that i don’t mean cover the top i mean place the plastic onto the surface, so that you’re preventing a skin from forming, it’s not the end of the world if you get, a skin it just means you’re kind of like, having to snack on that custard skin instead of using it in your pie,

this can go into the fridge for a little while it’s really hot you could just put it directly into the pie crust but it’s better to have it be a little bit more room temperature, custard is cooled or my swap out is that’s still a little piping hot


Layer in Your Banana Slices

and we’re gonna add some bananas in now it’s time for bananas let’s cut them out a little bit of a diagonal, if you want to make this pie a couple days in advance make the pie shell fill it with your vanilla filling and then, when you’re ready to serve it pile on a bunch of bananas on top now add some more whipped cream bananas on top of the whipped cream, you don’t want them to be like really brown and kind of like lose, that ripe banana consistency so that’s my hint to you if you’re making it the night before put the bananas on the bottom too cooled pie crust at the ready,


i’m going to add in a little bit of my vanilla custard, just on the bottom, it’ll be like an anchor for my bananas smooth, it out so you have a thin layer now let’s add a layer of bananas, in this pie will have a beautiful fresh banana taste with that vanilla and it’s just gonna be amazing if you’re using artificial ingredients it there’s no point in my humble opinion,


now we can pour in the rest of the filling, if you want you can do a couple layers of bananas and pie filling, but i like just one on the top and one on the bottom, there we go look at all of that so once again this will be totally covered so i should just stop, what am I doing,


i can’t help it i can’t give a little wiggle and you’re ready to serve except this needs to set i would say overnight, so if you’re gonna do this in the morning, it’ll be ready in the evening give it like four to five hours, if you want to do the night before, I think even better do you think i have a swap out i do i almost forgot to tell you make sure you cover with plastic before you put it in the fridge there we go nice and set,


little jiggle but it’ll hold when you cut it let’s whip up some whipped cream, because it is a banana cream pie you need a big giant mound of whipped cream to finish this off the amount of whipped cream is totally up to you it’s a very personal choice,


but i’m gonna go for about two cups of cream whip it up, with a little bit less than a quarter cup of confectioners, sugar the corn starch in the confectioners sugar will help stabilize whipped cream, as well okay keep an eye on this you don’t want it to over whip totally lost track of time, 


that almost went too far okay add a splash of vanilla in just whip it on low there we go all done



now top with a generous mountain of whipped cream, and then i’m finishing my pie with a ring of banana slices, it looks really classic and it’s so easy if you want you could just dump them all on there all the bananas for everybody,


okay i’ve been dying for this bite love that crisp pastry crust, i just want to give it a hug and really just shove it in my mouth, it’s so good all the bananas first of all how many bananas and whipped cream is a snack now that is delicious but with the pastry cream and the crispy pastry crust perfection if you like this recipe check, out my dreamy indulgent chocolate silk pie it is just heavenly,


banana cream pie recipe
banana cream pie recipe

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